Scribie: Jobs, Review, Payment, & Practice Test

Scribie Review:

Scribie is a Website. We all know that an App can have various Pros & Cons. The List of all Pros and Cons is given in the listed format:


  • Less Expensive
  • Accurate Record of your Testing
  • Company will sign an NDA upon any request


  • No Mobile App
  • Confusing Web Interface

Scribie India:

The Scribie is a Website which is available for every country. There is various Profile which is given on the Site, their will be the List of Employees whicih is given in the Listed format on the Site and the Link for the Employees on Scribie India is given here.

Scribie Payment:

There is various Payments method which is available in on it. The Payment on the Website is very Simple and Speedy. It also works on the Pre-Payment. Multiple cards can be used: Visa, Mastercard, American, and Discover. Online Payment also allows the PayPal application.
We are Installment Card Industry Information Security Standard (PCI DSS) consistently intended to safeguard organizations and clients against instalment card burglary and extortion and You can put away instalment data can be overseen from the settings page. They don’t store your Mastercard data, passed to Braintree, our instalment processor.

Scribie Transcription:

Users can Transcribe your Depositions, Phone Calls, Recordings, Audio/Video Calls, Interviews, Podcasts, Sermons, lectures, etc. The Starting Price at $0.10/min of audio. There are various ways of Conversion which are given below:

  • Confidential: Access is limited and rigorously updated as needed. Every one of our typographers is under NDA.
  • 99% Accuracy: Our 4-step transcription process is designed to achieve a 99% accuracy consistently.
  • Online Editor: Our program-based supervisor permits you to confirm the record and make changes rapidly.
  • Add-Ons: We additionally give SRT/VTT records, harsh word-for-word records, good time coding, BITC, begin/end time, and so on.

Scribie Practice Test:

The Website provides the Practice Test. In it, they also provide Practice Files along with Instructions which are listed here:

  • Click the blue play button to preview the audio quality, accents, etcetera and select the easiest one.
  • Press F10 and listen for 5 seconds.
  • Press F10 again to delay and type what you hear.
  • Repeat the interaction until the end of the record
  • Then press F7 to return and F12 to insert a blank in the Inaudible Parts.
  • Spell Check will automatically start when submitted, and it needs to be Completed to Finish and on Submission, your Transcript will be compared with our Version, and the difference will be shown here.
  • Look at the significant changes and evaluate the Accuracy yourself.
  • Please use the Supported Browser (i.e. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Please note that these files are provided for practice purposes.
  • The Real test is more complex than this files test.

Contact Details:

  • Support Team:
  • Sales Team:
  • Telephone Number: +1 866 941 4131
  • Address: 44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105


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How much can I earn from Scribie?

The Average Annual Salary for an Employee working in or with the Webiste is 2.5 Lakh INR.

Is Scribie real?

Yes, It is a Real Platform which pays its Transcriber every day via PayPal.

How much does Scribie pay per minute?

The Average Payment that Scribie Pays is $5 to $25 Per Audio Hour (PHA). In that Context, the Per Minute Pay will be $0.12 to $0.42.

How do you withdraw money from Scribie?

The User must click the Request Transfer button, which is provided below Current Balance to your PayPal Account. Then the Users will need to click on the Submit Withdrawal Request, so the App will automatically Withdraw the money within 1 Day.

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