biohack yourself

Genetic engineering has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. We now know a lot more about our DNA than we ever did. A lot of secrets have been unlocked and it’s become increasingly easier and more accessible to understand your DNA structure and study your genes. This has revealed to us a lot of information about ourselves.

The cost of doing these DNA tests have also drastically reduced. What used to cost thousands of dollars a few years ago is now done within a few hundred dollars or less. It’s truly incredible what scientists have managed to do. They’ve even managed to create what they call “programmable bio-robots” as this article describes.

DNA reports can tell you what diseases you are most prone to which can help you work out your diet and lifestyle accordingly. So if you have a gene that makes you prone to heart diseases and obesity, then you can cut down on your fat intake. The DNA reports also tell you about your ancestry which means if you have any suspicions about your origins, you can now learn with certainty about where your forefathers came from. But this development in genetic engineering has also created a new breed of people called bio hackers who have developed ways to hack your body into doing things which it otherwise won’t have been doing. While actually DNA manipulation is something that’s not recommended and best left to the experts, here are a few biohacks that regular people can do.


Sleep is one of the best bio hacks ever simply because of the ease and the zero cost. Sleep is an intense meditative state which allows your brain to enter into diffuse mode and start making new neural pathways. This will allow you to learn things faster and easier. It also allows your mind to start solving problems which you could not normally solve. This is why they ask you to “sleep on it”.

Sense of Purpose

biohack yourself

Don’t chase happiness, instead chase purpose. Happiness can be obtained with a shot of dopamine which is what you get when someone likes your Facebook or Instagram post. This is addictive and in the long run makes you crave for more. This sort of happiness is not healthy and instead one should chase a purpose in life. Attaining that purpose will give a sense of happiness that is genuine.

Be people and dog friendly

It is very important to develop healthy relations with people. Developing and maintaining social relations is hard work and time consuming and also engages the brain in many ways. Solitude is known to affect the immune system in many ways and lead to physical problems like arthritis. Isolation can also lead to suicide and general hopelessness. Having a dog in your life can engage your emotions as dogs are known to display unconditional love and also show dependency on you which can instill in you a sense of responsibility and purpose. Dog lovers are known to live longer as this article here explains.

Some other things you could do is exercise and definitely focus on your diet. It is also believed that while a lot of wealth might get you a lot of things, learn to live moderately and spend only within your means. This in itself is a great hack.