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What Is MCU Paperless Statements?

Please carefully read this document and print a copy for your records. You can always get an online copy by going to your Account Homepage and clicking on the “Manage my Settings” link. This will take you to the “E-Communication Preferences” section.

This Online Account Enrollment and MCU Paperless Statements e-Statements Services E-Sign Disclosure and Consent Agreement (“Disclosure and Consent”) applies to all communications for products and services you open or sign up for through this Online Account Enrollment Service. It also includes your agreement to receive your periodic account statements and notices electronically by accessing them through the Credit Union’s website and online banking system (as part of e-Statements Services.)

How To Use The Internet To Handle Your Bank Account

Online banking and mobile banking make it easier than ever to keep track of your money. Even things you used to do in a branch can now be done at any time, any place.

From your computer to yourMCU Paperless Statements tablet to your phone, you can always get to your bank account. Use online and mobile banking to keep track of your budget, send or schedule payments, and manage your savings goals whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Here are all the ways that Online Banking and Mobile Banking from Marine Credit Union help you manage your bank account online.

It’s Easy To Handle Multiple Accounts.

With MCU online banking, it only takes a few clicks to change the way you see your accounts. If you have more than one bank account, you can change their order, names, and even colors. You can even change what you see when you first log in by changing your snapshot view.

Keep An Eye On Your Budget And How You Spend Your Money.

Making a solid spending plan can help you keep track of your budget and stay on track. Our online banking tools show you how much and where you’re spending and help you keep your spending in check over time.

With One Click, You Can See How Much Money You Have Left.

Checking your balance online is a quick and easy thing to do. It’s easy to forget to make a payment or lose track of how much money you have in your account. You can keep a closer eye on your account and see your balance and pending transactions in real time when you bank online.

Mcu Mobile Banking

With the free Mobile Banking app from Municipal Credit Union, you can bring the ease and reliability of a credit union to your phone. You can check your accounts and manage them, make deposits, find ATMs, and do a lot more.

Make Deposits

Check the books.

View account details

Mcu’s Automated Service-How It Work

MCU Paperless Statements Here’s how MCU’s Touch Tone Teller automated service works:

1. Call 212-693-4900 in the five boroughs or 800-323-6713 outside the five boroughs or Long Island from any phone.

2. After greeting you, MCU’s Automated Service – Touch Tone Teller will ask you to choose the right option. For example, if you are already a member and want information about your account, choose (1).

Then you’ll be asked to enter your account number, followed by the # sign. (Don’t put in the two-digit account number.)

4. If this is your first call, you will need to enter your date of birth (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY), your Social Security number, and a four-digit PIN. You are now part of it.

You will only need to enter your account number, PIN, and the last four digits of your Social Security number when you use MCU’s Automated Service – Touch Tone Teller in the future.

Your Phone Is Now As Close As Your Nearest Bank Branch.

You have everything you need to do your banking on the go if you have a cell phone. You can check your balance, see a history of your transactions, transfer money, or sign up for alerts. Click the button below to set up Mobile Banking. After logging into Virtual Branch, choose Services, then Mobile Setup, and then Add New Device. The app can be used on an iPhone, a Blackberry, or an Android device.


How Much Money Must Be In An MCU Savings Account At All Times?

The opening deposit must be at least $10. No minimum balance charge.

How Do I Notify MCU Of Travel?

You’ll be able to send us a secure message with information about your trip. Phone: Call 212-693-4900 to reach the Contact Center.

How Do I Pay My MCU Bill?

With Online Loan Pay, you can pay your monthly MCU loan payment with a debit card, credit card, or account from a bank outside of MCU. If you want to use your MCU account to make the payment, you can do so for free through our online banking service.

Is There A Fee Every Month For MCU?

If the balance falls below $15.00, a $3.00 service fee is added each month. There are limits on account transfers. * You need a Regular Share Account.