Looking for fun to have with your friends or love once? If so, then we have a platform to make fun of your friend without harming them. Yes, that’s possible with the Prankowl website. This website allows people to call a friend or any family member for free without showing your number. You can also have fun calling any unknown person, but make sure others are not that much annoying. Well, if you won’t get satisfied with the Prankowl site, then we also have some Prankowl like sites.

Prankowl works great when it comes to get rid of tiredness and make feel happy by making a prank call. Well, there are limited option to make a call and also your caller ID is a hoax from your friend. So, you are free to call your friend without showing your real number. Prankowl allows the user to with more possibilities that add more fun to the moment and allow the user to use Prankowl every time for fun/entertainment.


  • Allow calling from more countries
  • Handcrafted green name
  • Ad-free calling
  • Higher priority for making calls
  • Earning Tokens to make more call

So go on and listen to the reaction of your prank call from Prankowl website and have a wonderful fun moment. If you already have the experience with Prankowl website then you should try the alternatives of Prankowl which provide some similar features along with now update features to add more fun in your laughing moment.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that your prank call should have a limit, which does not hurt someone that you cross the line of Law and get in trouble. Also never talk about the personal life which will also turn Prankowl and its alternative website into something else.

If you are getting the unknown call and you have no idea of how to block a number on iPhone then we have the solution in the description link which will help you to get rid of “No Caller ID” or you can RECORD YOUR PHONE CALL.


1#. Comedy Calls:

Parody Calls offers a wide scope of amusing calls that can be sent to anybody which make comedy calls comes in a list of Websites like Prankowl. This site intention is to make amusingness and abstain from irritating calls that may exasperate anybody. The interface of the prank site is basic and simple to utilize. You need to pick an entertaining call from its database and enter the collector’s telephone number to make a free parody called. Different highlights incorporate farce your guest ID, time to require a later time and access a promotion-free interface.

2#. Wacky Prank Calls:

Wacky Prank Calls is another site like Prankowl for tricks; it offers a wide scope of prank calls. Wacky Prank calls offer you one of a kind element that it doesn’t expect you to dial any number from the site yet rather it offers a particular number to be dialed from your telephone. Simply enter the injured individual’s number to make the prank call and adhere to the IVR directions. The rest work will be finished by Wacky Prank Calls. This instrument does not require downloading any kind of programming.

3#. Phone Losers:

One of the best Prankowl like websites is Phone Losers which belongs to America as another prank considering a site that contains a database loaded up with silly, clever and ludicrous prank calls. This site sends calls as mp3 documents. This site is the best site to pester somebody.

4#. EasyPrank:

EasyPrank is one of the best Prankowl alternatives that offer a scope of amusing calls that you can use to troll your companions or relatives. In spite of the fact that EasyPrank does not offer any guest ID satirizing highlight like different sites. However, you can utilize an assumed name number for making a call. This site gives the client the opportunity to make your calls whatever you like.

5#. Foxycall:

Foxycall gives its clients a chance to call, send messages and parody your guest ID and content from any Sender ID. Different highlights incorporate alter your voice, record the calls, utilize some other number to give a prank call and prank content. This website is similar to Prankowl, so if you are familiar with the Prankowl then this website is easy to operate.

6#. Prank Call Nation:

Prank Call Nation is Prankowl like sites and it is one of the widest pranks consider stations that is intended for the US and Canadian inhabitants. It offers its clients a massive database of prank calls and prank clippings. The site subtleties each prank call before sending it to your companion with the goal that you can deal with which call you to need to make to what sort of individual.

7#. KDK Prank Calls:

KDK Prank Calls is on the last of the list which does not mean this website is not good enough for fun and alternatives to Prankowl. It isn’t just a site yet one of the biggest web radio show highlighting live prank calls and comedy (parody). It includes an immense database of prank calls that can be utilized free and can be exclusively downloaded as an MP3 record. This site is the best site on the off chance that you need to send unique prank calls that sound genuine to the beneficiary.

Final Words:

There are many websites like Prankowl but the alternative list of Prankowl I add in this article are mostly running prank call website. These websites are only to make yourself comfortable by calling unknown opposite gender person that can comfortably talk to you without having any question on your personal life. If you have experienced any of the above websites then share your experience that it was good or bad, so our other viewers to whom this prank website is new can get idea from your experience. You can also ask any question related to this topic in the comment box. We are not responsible for any cause from this website; the appearance of this article is only because of public demand.