What type of experience do you gain by visiting Anime websites? I don’t know what’s your experience in Anime websites like anime twist, Crunchyroll, myanimelist, kissanime app, anime frenzy, etc. However, when you visit AnimeDao, your perception for Anime streaming website will change. For me, before visiting AnimeDao, it was a good experience with some issue during the update, slow streaming, or sometimes missing episodes. However, now, when I switch to AnimeDao, I am having the best experience with fast streaming of my favorite anime episodes and movies.


AnimeDao provides easy UI, so instead of searching the whole list search name, all the contents will show in the result easily. The best part of Animedao is that it provides the English subtitles in HD & SD format. You can even run this best anime streaming website from any devices such as Smartphone, Laptop/PC, and tablet. All the currently airing movies & episodes are getting regular up to date in AnimeDao. So, whenever you see the “Ongoing” tag on any episodes title which means that this episode is waiting for the next episode to release.

How To Search Movie & Episodes on AnimeDao?

When you visit AnimeDao home page, you will see the “Animelist” option at the top center between the Home button and the popular button. Click on it, and you will get the entire list from #, A, B to Z of Anime available in AnimeDao with the English titles. If you wish to get the Japanese Title, then you need to use the search bar located at the top right side of AnimeDao page for particular movies or TV Series.

If you wish to go with those Anime series whose episodes are completed, then click on the “Poster” option. It will get the entire list of old Anime series. There is a full Genre category where you can easily pick the list of related movies & TV series.

AnimeDao Features:

  • To make it quite exciting, the developer added a Dark/Light theme which changes the page from a black background to white.
  • Ongoing feature indicates that all series listed in that category are currently getting an update with episodes.
  • There is an added feature which indicates that something new adds in old movies or TV shows folder.
  • There is a direct option to go with Movies list where you get an entire movie collection of AnimeDao.
  • Latest feature indicates the current episodes are released, where you will see the time mention in hours ago.
  • Entire titles are in English for Japanese go with the search bar.
  • Subtitle in English is included
  • Allow online streaming for fast running.

What Makes AnimeDao Fastest Streaming Anime Website among all?

There is a smart online cloud type of software that runs this anime website. In AnimeDao, you can watch entire data collection through online streaming. There is no download option because of most of the time, downloading by multiples users at the same time cause pressure to the website database. That’s why AnimeDao developer goes with the Anime online watch function.

Is AnimeDao suitable for children under 11 or not?

In every TV series, you will notice the rating feature where it indicates the age of a person is allowed to watch, such as 17+ (violence & profanity) and PG-13 – Teens 13 or older. However, as we knew that Anime movies and TV series, especially Japanese production, are not for children under 11 years because of the contents, they add in it. This thing depends on parents that which TV series or Movies from AnimeDao they allow their children to watch.

How To Download AnimeDao Video

Step #1. Copy the URL of AnimeDao video you wish to download.

Step #2. Open the Animedao downloader website and paste the URL to the provided field.

Step #3. To extract your Anime Video click “Download” button.

It might be disabled to function in your country due to the recent takedown of in Germany. If this Website does work properly with full function in your country, then you can use VPN service change the location and download the video.

Final Words:

There are many other Anime streaming websites which allow you the anime movies & Anime TV episodes. However, when it comes to AnimeDao, the streaming speed increase and the developer provides the regular update. In this way, you can never miss any episode from your favorite shows. So you need to experience once and let us know how much you like AnimeDao website in the comment section. We hope that you will enjoy this Anime streaming fastest platform.