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Free Fire MAX OB37 Update APK Release Date, Early Patch Notes, And More

You can download Free Fire Advance Server APK here: The release date for the Free Fire OB37 update is coming to an end, and fans are waiting impatiently for the latest content. Even though the game doesn’t come out for a few more days, players can see how good it will be on the OB37 Advance Server.

The new Advanced Server programme will be online from November 3 to November 11. So, there is more than enough time for candidates to look through the OB37 content. They can also look for bugs and tell the game’s creators about them to get free diamonds. If you’re looking for the Free Fire Advance Server APK Download link, you’ll be able to get it through the Free Fire Advance Server at from November 1, 2022, to November 7, 2022.

Free Fire OB37 Update Release Date And Time

Garena has said that the Free Fire MAX OB37 update is now available on the Indian server. With the release of the patch on November 16, 2022, the long wait will finally be over. The developers have also given a detailed look at the features that are coming.

Since both versions of the battle royale game get updates on the same day, you will also be able to play the new version on November 16, 2022. Once the update is out, you can get it directly from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

On the day of the patch, maintenance will happen as planned, and the game won’t be playable during this time. Even though the developers haven’t said for sure, the maintenance is likely to start at 4 a.m. (UTC +0) and last until 11:40 a.m. (UTC +0).

But there will be an update in the time between these breaks. So, you can expect the Free Fire OB37 update to start rolling out between 6 am and 8 am (UTC +0). Before the maintenance is over, everyone will be able to use the update.

You can get the update from the store, but you won’t be able to play the game until the servers are back online. During this time, anyone who tries to play the battle royale game will get an error message, and the only way to fix it is to wait until the break is over.

Date And Time Of The Free Fire MAX OB37 Update

Free Fire MAX OB37: One of the most popular games in India is Free Fire Max. The people in charge of the games are very good at keeping people interested in the game. Almost every month, different updates are put out by the official to keep the game interesting. In August 2022, the game will have been around for 5 years. To mark the anniversary, the authority has something special planned for their users.

It is a multiplayer game about staying alive. The official took their Instagram handle and posted this month’s schedule of events. The thing that caught the users’ attention was the “New update login rewards.” It said that the new update to the game might come out on November 16, 2022, if the authority is in charge of it. In the next article, you’ll find a lot of information about the Free Fire MAX OB37.

Changes To Free Fire Max OB37

Here is a list of the updates you might be able to see on the FF MAX OB37:

So, a new character is one of the most important changes in the Free Fire July Session. The authority has already told everyone about their project with Justin Bieber, who is one of the most famous people in the world. So, the J. Biebs character will be added in the new update. Silent Sentinel is the character’s unique skill.

  • The game’s graphics are the second most important change. The people in charge have tried to make the game’s graphics look more real and smooth.
  • Heroic and Grandmaster-style ranks will be added to the game by the people in charge.
  • Users will also get things like guns, tickets, and so on as rewards.
  • If the users are lucky, the new map could come out with the new update.
  • The game will also have the Free Fire updates that are on the advanced server.
  • The game’s new logo has also been made public by the people in charge.

How Do I Download Ff Advance Server Apk?

Follow the detailed steps on this page to successfully download the Free Fire Advance Server OB37 APK.

  • Go to to visit the official site for Free Fire Advance.
  • Use a platform like Google, Facebook, or Twitter to sign up.
  • Give an email address you can access that is correct.
  • You will be given an Activation Code, which you should write down and keep safe.
  • You can log in by giving the right information and the Activation Code.
  • If you have any questions about how to download Free Fire Advance Server APK, you can ask us in the comments.


When OB37 Update Will Come?

According to the in-game news section of the Free Fire MAX Indian server, the OB37 update will be down for maintenance on November 16 between 9:30 am and 6 pm (EST).

What Is The Date Of Free Fire Update?

It said that the new version of the game might come out on July 20, 2022, if the authority is in charge of it. In the next article, you’ll find a lot of information about the Free Fire MAX OB35.

What Is OB 29 Update In Free Fire?

The new 1v1 game mode, a new map, two new characters, a new gun, and three attachments for weapons are all important changes.

What Is The Time Of Free Fire New Update?

During this long maintenance break, which starts around 9:30 AM IST (GMT +5:30) and lasts until about 5:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30), the update is usually released.