Increasing your phone’s longevity is all about saving you the pain of spending more money on a newer, more expensive model. Your technology should be an investment and should last you years, so make sure you’re doing everything possible to take care of your device. 

 Avoid unnecessary e-waste and take care of your cell phone with these top tips! 

1. Get A Case 

To extend your device’s lifespan, purchase a good phone case that protects your phone should you accidentally drop it. Whether you’re naturally clumsy or not, a case is a must-have to prevent excessive water or screen damage. 

It’s also essential to ensure that you get the proper case for your phone. If you have an iPhone 14 pro, you’ll need the iPhone 14 pro case, not an iPhone 14 case. Every model differs slightly, and should you get the wrong model case, it’ll be less effective at protecting your device and might not fit all the features of your device, such as the camera. 

2. Clean It Regularly 

Cleaning your device is crucial to keep your technology working efficiently. Your cell will go almost everywhere with you: work, the gym, beaches, and coffee shops. All those environments will soon result in debris and dust collecting in your audio and charging ports. 

You must clean your cell to keep these two areas working. You wouldn’t want to buy a new cell just because the charging port isn’t working anymore; it’d be a massive waste of money and just result in another piece of e-waste.

A good clean also helps remove unwanted germs, bacteria, or viruses on your mobile, so a regular dose of TLC will go a long way.

3. Remove Unused Apps

Removing unused apps is a great way to make room on your tech while helping your device speed back up. Consider removing the heavier apps that use more data and storage, and thus will make your tech run slower, such as social media apps.

If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of the social media apps, consider removing some extra apps you don’t truly need (maybe you only use them once or twice a month). 

4. Keep Your Phone Out of the Sun

Heat is a major killer of a phone’s battery and lifespan. If left in the sun, your device’s battery can overheat, get slower, and its key components could stop working. Mobiles aren’t made to withstand temperatures beyond 95 degrees Fahrenheit so be mindful of how and where you’re using your cell to keep it at an ideal temperature.

Keep your device running by limiting your usage in particularly hot periods, and don’t leave it lying around in the sun. 

Final Thoughts 

Your phone should be a reliable ally in your daily life, helping to keep you organized and in touch with the world and loved ones. So don’t let ignorance or carelessness get in the way! Keep your phone going with these tips, and your bank account will thank you.