The AniList is the only Anime website that gives you to experience and discovers your most favorite Anime and Manga. You can track Anime and Manga with this website and even share Anime & Manga with your friend and loved once. The AniList anime site also only allows the download or online streaming Japanese anime videos.

It is the first thing that makes Anilist separate from another Anime website that anime data is taken from other secure which allow the users to signup first before going through the play option. You will get the overview, ani chart, watch characters, staff, stats, and social of every series. So, let’s get ready to take a ride to the new anime and manga world of AniList.

AniList Social

The social part of this Anime platform works as different registered login share their experience of watching an episode and discussed any particular episode. In this way, if you are new with any episode, then you can ask anyone in blog commenting where you get the answer of related T.V. series or specific episode. At this page, you will get the activated forum with recent reviews which create you more interest.


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How To Registered & Log-in To AniList

Step #1. Open the AniList into a new web browser

Step #2. In AniList home page you will get the Signup button at the top right of the web browser screen. Click on it.

Step #3. Enter your email address, create user name and password and then tick on “You agree to our terms of service” after then click on the “Sign up” button.

Note: Also tick on I’m not a robot (reCAPTCHA)

Step #4. A notification message will pop-up on the screen where it says that email was sent to your provided email address opens it and confirms email.

Step #5. Go to your email inbox, and you will get the confirmation email from AniList.

Step #6. After you click on the confirmation link, you will pop-up to Anilist page where you will be asked the following things for account setup.

  • Title Language: Romaji, English, Native
  • Scoring System: 10.0 Decimal, 100 Point, 10 Point, 5 Stars, Smiley.
  • Upload user Avatar: buy drag n drop or skip Avatar upload.
  • Profile & Lists Color: Red, orange, pink, blue, green, and yellow
  • AniList Account setup complete!: Browse Anime, Browse Manga, Introduce Yourself, View your new Home, Write your bio, Import List.

Note: The above Account setup questions appear in individual page where the answer to click appears in a blue box.

Now you have successfully registered to AniList website where you can use entire function and features that provided by the developer. In any case, if you close the web browser, then you need to login to AniList account then follow these steps.

Step #7. Open the AniList Log-in link into a new web browser.

Step #8. Enter email and password to the provided field. Tick on reCAPTCHA and click on “Login” button.

If you enter proper details, then you will successful login to the AniList page.

Type of AniList

  • Anime: In this type of AniList, you will get the popular this season data with the series episodes. There is a highly Anticipated next season; Highest rated all-time, and all-time popular Tv series are listen.
  • Manga: In this type of AniList, there is the highest-rated all-time anime list available which starts with 1989 anime videos. There is an all-time popular and popular this year category of anime list also available.
  • Studio: In this type, you will get the anime list as per the famous studio name such as Kyoto Animation, MADHOUSE, BONES, Shaft, Trigger, Studio Ghibli, A-1 Pictures, Production I.G., Gainax, Toei Animation and more.
  • Characters: This type is unique and interesting where you will get the full BIO of every single character who played a role in any anime series or T.V. shows. The details are like Age, birthday, blood type, Zodiac, height, and weight.
  • Staff: At this type, you will get the BIO details of real-life character that works in Anime videos as character voice roles in any movies or T.V. series. This type of stuff you will not get in any other anime website.

Final Words:

There are a lot more which makes AniList unique and interesting. If you think that there are other better website that provides more useful stuff than Anilist, then shares it in the comment. As per the data we get from AniList is marvelous for Anime lover. If anyone in your family or friends is very much interested in the Anime world, then share this information to them, they will love AniList.