Traveling is an understandably appealing prospect for many of us. Seeing the world is a rare and unique privilege, but it does come at a cost. Besides the financial requirements, you may also have to go without your favorite devices sometimes. If you plan on camping or traveling cross-country, you will likely be worried about how your smartphone will survive.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. We’ll take you through a few easy ways to boost your phone battery life. By the end, you’ll be more ready than ever to get out there and explore!

Use Portable Solar Panels and Chargers

Solar panels aren’t what they used to be. When they first hit the scene, you could imagine them on the roofs of buildings or used in solar farming. Thankfully, we’ve moved on since then, and now you can use portable solar chargers! Bring a flexible, portable solar panel with you, and you can store energy in a generator to keep your phone going for longer. It’s easy and efficient, not to mention a renewable energy source. 

Be More Mindful of Your Screentime

If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, we all spend too much time staring at a screen throughout the day. By reducing how often your screen needs to light up, you can seriously minimize how much battery you’re losing. 

If you’re traveling, only use your screen when needed—your phone will go a lot further!

Restrict Apps that Use a lot of Battery

Some apps drain your phone battery more than others. You can see how much each app uses by entering your settings (usually under the ‘apps’ tab). 

Shut down the heavy hitters ASAP unless they are absolutely vital for your journey. Some apps can drain your battery without you even noticing, so checking this tab often is an excellent habit to develop.

Leave It in Battery Saving Mode

If you know you’ll be away from civilization (or at least a charging port) for an extended period, leave your phone in battery-saving mode. It does exactly what it implies and can keep your phone going much longer. 

Most phones automatically kick into battery-saving mode when you hit a lower percentage, but you can turn it on manually from the settings screen. 

Make Sure Your Phone Screen Turns Off When Locked

Finally, ensure your phone screen turns off when you lock your phone. For some reason, some phones will stay lit up even when you aren’t using them. It’s a colossal waste of battery. 

If your phone screen is always on, check your settings and try to disable it. You might be surprised by just how much this small change can save your battery life in the long term.

Keep Going for Longer!

No one wants to be without their creature comforts, even when exploring the wilderness. Even if you want to disconnect for a while, it’s always good to have a phone on hand for safety purposes. With our handy tips, your phone can keep going for longer.