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If you have suddenly found out about Rick and Morty, especially with the growing popularity of this show on Kisscartoon, you should also know that the show gained a lot of name and growing traffic to the website. Since Kisscartoon is a free streaming platform, chances are that you will find yourself witnessing the platform working very slow and with interruptions. This is all because of the sudden influx of traffic to the website that no one anticipated.

And, it is common for people to thus rely on the alternatives for Rick and MortyKisscartoon to view the show. If you are one of them and have been looking for some good alternative websites other than Kisscartoon, you are in the right place.

We are going to discuss everything that you need to know about Rick and Morty and Kisscartoon along with some of the best alternatives to this website that you can consider looking into.

What are Rick and Morty?

Unless you are a cartoon or animation buff, you likely wouldn’t know what Rick and Morty are. It is a popular American animated adult series that is available on Netflix for legal streaming. But, not every user that you come across on the internet is interested in streaming the show on the legal and paid platforms, hence why the sudden popularity of the same on Kisscartoon.

Rick and Morty follow the like of Rick, who returns to his daughter, Beth after missing for 20 years. After meeting his daughter, Rick asks if he could move in with her, given how tough situations are for him. Willingly, Beth welcomes her father with open arms and asks him to move into their home without any hesitance.

However, Beth’s husband, Jerry is a little skeptical about his father-in-law moving in with them, especially because he doesn’t mesh well with him and his ideologies. Rick, after moving in, starts using Jerry’s garage to conduct his science experiments, wherein he makes tools and items that are likely not safe for society.

All that aside, Rick keeps staying with his daughter and plans for multiple other adventures where he travels across the universe and involves his grandchildren in the same too. That is what primarily irks Jerry because he doesn’t want any harm coming to his children, Morty and Summer.

It is from there that the story unfolds gradually, taking the viewers through the range of adventure that unfolds one at a time.

What is Kisscartoon?

For those who aren’t into free streaming or don’t know how to download anime shows for free, Kisscartoon is a free cartoon streaming platform that makes the process a lot easier. It hosts some of the leading animated shows like Rick and Morty and other leading shows that you’d generally find on other platforms around.

Kisscartoon is one of the most popular platforms and has gained more popularity recently for hosting Rick and Morty. But, the sudden influx of traffic has led to the website not responding optimally, slowing down in turns. This is one of the primary reasons why people have been extremely adamant about finding good and viable alternatives for the website.

If you are planning on streaming Rick and Morty on Kisscartoon, know for a fact that it is an illegal platform that hosts a different range of content illegally and from different copyrighted sources. This means that you need to be extremely cautious about what you watch on this platform.

Why is Kisscartoon so popular for watching Rick and Morty?

If this is your first time on Kisscartoon and you are wondering why this platform has gained the kind of popularity it has, it is all thanks to the amazing features of this platform. Some of the most notable features of this platform that stands out include:

  • Versatile categories

One of the most important features of the website is the fact that it hosts a range of versatile categories that you can browse through. This enables you to download or stream your favorite content across multiple platforms without any hassle. Moreover, it allows you to further search for your desired content category wise reducing the complications that come along with the issue.

  • Minimalistic UI

Another amazing feature about the Kisscartoon platform that makes it a superior option is the easily navigable UI. It doesn’t contain complicated elements, which means that you wouldn’t have a hard time navigating through the website. You can easily find the desired cartoons that you want to watch without any issues at all. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you wouldn’t face many issues with the website.

  • High-quality content

If you are phased off with the bad-quality print of the shows you are watching, chances are that you wouldn’t face the same issue with the website. They host content quality in the 720p to 1080p quality, which means that you wouldn’t have to struggle with the print quality, especially concerning the new releases that happen around.

  • Updated content

With free websites, one thing that everyone struggles with is the lack of updates to the content. If you are facing the same issue, chances are that you wouldn’t have to worry about the same with Kisscartoon. The website is known for delivering the best quality content without any complaints at all. So, if you are here wondering whether you can watch the latest episodes from Rick and Morty or not, you wouldn’t have to worry about the same with this website at all.

What are the best alternatives for watching Rick and Morty other than Kisscartoon?

While you can watch Rick and Morty on Kisscartoon, we’d always suggest that you watch this show on the legal platforms that are available on the internet. While the options are not very drastic, there are a few available platforms that you can stream this cartoon on. Keep in mind that the options we are about to mention are the legal alternatives to Kisscartoon and feature paid subscription fees that you need to pay to access the content.

  • Netflix

The first and the most common platform that you can find Rick and Morty on is Netflix. It is the platform that distributes this series worldwide, meaning that you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the content at all. Netflix does have all the seasons of the series updated, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about waiting for the next series while you are watching the current one. The subscription fees for Netflix are monthly based and will vary depending on the country you are from.

  • Hulu

Another legal alternative to Kisscartoon that you can look into is Hulu. The platform is quite underrated but hosts a range of amazing content that you can make the most out of. Hulu hosts a range of latest web series along with amazing animated content that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire. The platform also offers a free trial that you can avail yourself of before you decide on spending your coins on the subscription.

  • YouTube TV

If you want to make the most out of the whole user experience, YouTube TV is a good platform to binge-watch Rick and Morty on. Unlike the standard platform of YouTube wherein you can stream your favorite content, YouTube TV is a subscription-based platform that allows you to stream some of the unique and exclusive TV shows and series that you wouldn’t find on the other platforms.

Aside from these legal alternatives, there are a few amazing illegal alternatives like Kisscartoon that host the same kind of content that you can make the most out of. Also, ensure that you always focus on the legal alternatives on priority instead of focusing on the illegal ones like Kisscartoon, especially since they source their content from copyrighted and illegal sources.

We want to clarify to our readers that our primary intent with this article is to provide the users with legit information. Our intent or objective is never to promote piracy or illegal content. We just want to educate our readers about the possible growing popularity of Rick and Morty and why it is so popular in Kisscartoon.


Is Kisscartoon a safe website to watch Rick and Morty?

Yes, Kisscartoon is backed with the best available security when it comes to malware and the risks of other viruses. So, if you are worried that streaming Rick and Morty on Kisscartoon will end up affecting your system, it won’t.

Does Kisscartoon have all seasons of Rick and Morty?

Kisscartoon has all the best seasons with updated new ones of Rick and Morty. This means that if you are worried about the platform not having all the seasons at the moment, you wouldn’t have to worry about the same in the future since they constantly update their content.

Does Kisscartoon charge money for watching Rick and Morty?

No, Kisscartoon is a completely free platform wherein you can look up your favorite content, including Rick and Morty, all for free, without having to worry about any kinds of accessory subscription fees.