PrankDial is calling tools that allow the user to make a prank call with his friend and family. Prankdial has the voice recognition software build-in, which enables the person to think that he/she is talking to the real person. There are maximum choices for the prandial scenarios, into which you can put your prank dial. It is free for you to send to your friends and afterward you can listen to their reactions. There is a limitation of daily three free prankdial for each user, for free prank calls unlimited requirement there is a token purchase option available.

I first knew about PrankDial, in 2016, when my cousin made the PrankDial on my number from Canada. The voice was similar to Taylor Swift and asking for a date. That PrankDial ask me Instagram ID and convenience to give, so I did. And when I received the install image message from that prankdial, it was my cousin that made me smiley, because of it just a joke which down not harm me.

If you want to have some fun with your friend or loved ones, then Prankdial is the best way to do a prank. Although some places like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Washington, Connecticut, Montana, New Hampshire, California, Nevada, Maryland, Illinois, and Michigan where Prankdial is considered as illegal. It is against the law that you record telephone calls at the other end of the line (all parties) without the approval of the individual.

New Features: Prankdial APK App

  • WAY enhanced customer experience and design.
  • Comment on your favorite calls and responses. This update is what you want.
  • Free consumers can save their calls to the history of their prank call.
  • New calls have been adding.

How To Download & Install PrankDial For Android Phone/Tablet

Step #1. Open the Google Play store app from your Android device.

Step #2. Search for “PRANK DIAL – Prank Call App” in the search bar and tap on the search icon.

Step #3. You will see the relevant search result, open the page and tap on “download” button.

Step #4. Now the installation process is started, wait until the downloading and installation process completed.

Step #5. From your Android device, go to the app room where you will get the PrankDial app icon, tap on it to open.

Step #6. If the PrankDial app opens without any problem, then you can enjoy this PrankDial application with complete features from your device.

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Best Way To Get Rid Of Pranks By PrankDial

In this method you can stop a prank caller, if you have the harassing or threatening call, then you can follow these steps to get rid of PrankDiall.

Step #1. It may violate local or state legislation if the call is threatening or harassing. To report if the request is threatening, contact your local police department. Harassing calls to a cell phone may also be covered in your state by legislation on harassment of electronic communications.

Step #2. The prank caller’s phone number should be displayed on your mobile phone. Don’t respond to that number’s calls and you won’t have to speak to them.

Step #3. Contact your phone for the amount of the prank caller. In the contact list, many mobile phones have choices to alter the outcome of an incoming call, including assigning another ringtone or directly sending voicemail calls.

Note: If your phone does not have an option to send voicemail calls from a contact, set the ringtone to silence the communication of your prank caller, so your phone does not ring.

Step #4. While mobile phone companies are not offering the same Call Block or Call Screen services that landline phone businesses are offering, you may still be able to block calls from a specific amount. Many companies give services to parents who want to limit the use of their child’s mobile phone, including the capacity to avoid calling the phone with particular numbers.

Step #5. Search for call management in your app store and call blocking applications. The available applications will rely on the type of phone you use, but many free applications can block calls from a specific amount.

How To Block Call Using Android Phone

From the Android phone, you can easily block private callers effectively.

Step #1. Using Android device, open dial screen.

Step #2. Tap on setting option.

Step #3. Tap on the Call Block, from the setting option.

Step #4. Now tap on block list where you get the option of the specific number to block.

Step #5. Tap on “Block Anonymous calls” and you able to block those call which is not essential or disturbance.

Final Words:

In this article, we discussed the PrankDial and the reason for how you can consider PrankDial as a safe app for the Android platform. We also talked about how you can block the unknown prank dial number, or you can verify the number belong to whom. If you think that this app is safe or not safe, then share your point of view in the comment section. You can also share your experience of Prank Dial to our other viewers through the comment box. We hope that this article provided you the valuable fun time to spend information, we do not allow any illegal activity made by PrankDial app.