If you have an Android phone from Xiaomi/Redmi/MI or Realme, Samsung, Oppo, or Vivo, you must have been using the Glance smart lock screen. It’s the best lock screen feature in MI, Redmi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo etc. where you can watch entertaining live shows with celebs & creators, play games & get amazing shopping deals.

We’ll show you how to disable Glance in MI Phone, if you really want to know how to disable Glance. But before that we would like to tell you how amazing the Glance lock screen is.

Glance makes your phone’s lock screen, A Smart Lock Screen! This means your smartphone is equipped with a lock screen that is also smart, rather than what you might think of as just a wallpaper. Glance lock screen enables you to do all of this right on your smart lock screen, eliminating the need to unlock your phone and navigate through various screens and apps. This can help you save time and make keeping up with things simpler.

You can personalize the lock screen with Glance and choose your favorite categories like trends, sports, etc., so that every time you lock your phone, you are guaranteed to see something that will excite you, intrigue you, or make you smile. To view more of your favorite content on your phone. All of this is also available in your chosen languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and many others.

Not only that, but your Glance Smart Lock Screen enables you to interact with thousands of other users and celebrities while watching LIVE entertainment shows on your phone.

Yet there’s more—without unlocking your phone, Glance Smart Lock Screen keeps you up to date on the newest fashions and news as it happens. And if you enjoy sports like football, cricket, or others, you won’t miss another thrilling event. You have the opportunity to see sports legends LIVE in addition to staying current on your favorite sports!

If you are a gamer and are reading this, you will never disable Glance in MI phone because Glance Smart Lock Screen has more than 500 free games available to you without the need to download any of them. As a result, you can enjoy yourself whenever you want and save data without ever having to unlock your phone.

You like to go for shopping? With Glance Smart Lock Screen, you can then find the newest fashions, the hippest merchandise, and make direct purchases from the most well-known designers, including EK by Ekta Kapoor, Dcraf by Rana Daggubati, and a plethora of others.

Now let’s dispel some myths that might lead people to inquire about how to remove Glance wallpaper without realizing that it is in fact a Smart Lock Screen:

Myth 1: Glance is a battery-sucking wallpaper app.

BUSTED: False: Glance is a smart lock screen, not a wallpaper app.[1]  The fact that you can activate a battery-saver feature on Glance to drastically reduce your battery consumption while still utilizing all of your smart lock screen’s features puts an end to this myth.

Myth 2: Without my consent, children or anyone else who finds my phone can use the Glance wallpaper app to play games.

Glance has a special child-lock feature that prevents someone from using your Smart Lock Screen without your approval and permission. So that you can relax about this matter!

Even after reading the information above, if you still want to disable Glance, here are the steps to disable Glance.

 Disable Glance on MI :

 Glance for Mi can be turned off under Settings > Lock screen > Glance for Mi.