This is the eternal debate of many tanks who cannot decide what to focus on. At the same time, tanks, citing arguments, calculations, and reports from WWS, forget about those to whom they owe their lives – healers. And the comfort of tank healing is very important for effective play as a healer, and you can’t forget about it.

Playing a tank role in World of Warcraft can be a challenging task. Not only do tanks need to have a good understanding of the game’s mechanics, but they also need to possess exceptional situational awareness and communication skills. Tanks are responsible for controlling the flow of combat, managing aggro, and positioning the boss in a way that benefits the rest of the group. This requires a deep understanding of the encounters, the abilities of the bosses, and the capabilities of the other players in the group. That is why players are often using WoW boosters to succeed. Additionally, tanks need to be able to react quickly to unexpected situations, such as adds or other mechanics, in order to keep the group safe and the encounter on the track. All of these factors make playing a tank role in WoW a difficult but rewarding challenge for those who are up to the task. And this is where using companies come to the aid of players – they can help with leveling, proper character development, passing dungeons and raids, as well as obtaining certain equipment or cool items that your tank will need in battle.

In the article, we will analyze avoidance and HP.

Healer’s Point of View: Avoidance

Healers always have problems keeping the full HP of the tank, this is no secret to anyone. In most cases, attempts to do this result in an overheal. Tanks equipped for avoidance are extremely critical to the focus of the healers.

A series of dodges and parries can cause healers to get bored and heal other raiders instead of their assigned tank. And when the tank needs healing, they don’t have time to switch back and the tank dies.

Healer Point of View: HP

The easiest tank to heal is a tank with a lot of health. All healers need is to simply constantly heal the tank, overhealing incoming damage. Healers can heal in a certain rhythm, not particularly adapting to a series of dodges.

Overhealing with such a tank is minimal, healers are not distracted from the tank and practically cannot lose it by switching to another player. But the preferences of healers are different and each type of tank has its advantages. Both avoidance tanks and HP-equipped tanks have several advantages.

Tank Viewpoint: HP

With each hit, the tank loses a smaller percentage of its health, which means it can survive more hits in a row. An HP-oriented tank is great in cases where the fight is quite static, the healers have a lot of mana – the tank is easy to heal if the mana does not end.

But when healing such a tank, it is very difficult to save mana, because healing is almost always needed, which means that it is necessary to ensure high mana regeneration for healers. Another advantage of tanks’ HP is that they can withstand several powerful hits from the boss in a row, whereas the avoidance tank can die in a couple of hits.

Tank Viewpoint: Avoidance

The avoidance tank can dodge most of the damage by parrying or dodging. In combat, a tank on avoidance can avoid 10 hits in a row at once, and then miss the same number. This causes a lot of stress for the healers, who must constantly monitor the tank’s HP and heal it in time.

But on the other hand, with the proper reaction of healers, great opportunities open up for saving mana. The avoidance tank is great for boss fights where healers can be controlled or cast off: it will survive this thanks to its ability to avoid damage. Guardian Druid has the best damage output out of all tanks and is considered to be the best of them – try to play it.


Of course, each tank dresses as he sees fit and as he likes, but it is also necessary to listen to the opinion of the healers. If the healer says you’re too hard to keep from steady incoming damage (like Patch), you need to get a little avoidance, which will lower the amount of damage taken and make your healing more comfortable. If the healer says that you are instantly killed by 1-2 boss hits (Sartharion or Malygos breath) you need to increase your HP, which will give your healer more time to cast spells when taking damage. If healers say they can’t get the top spots in Recount by healing dealt or that they’re too bored to heal you, just smile – you’re a well-equipped tank. You can try everything in Dragonflight (the latest WoW expansion) or in previous parts.