Limetorrents is one of the best sites to download and watch movies from all languages. The website is flocked by a lot of people owing to the quality and the speed at which the movies are uploaded on to the site. If you are looking forward to downloading movies from this site but sometimes you are unable to find the site, then there are options of proxy and mirror sites for the site. Every year, the proxy and mirror sites keep changing. This is the probable list of sites you can look out for when you are unable to see the website or find that it is blocked.

What is Limetorrents? 

Limetorrents is a torrent site where you can find movies from Indian languages, anime, cartoons, web series and other types of videos being uploaded on to this site. All the files uploaded on to the site are checked completely for viruses and you don’t have to worry regarding the safety of the device at all. Also, no adult content is uploaded on to this site which makes it one of the best sites ever to access along with family members. The download time on this site is one of the least when compared to the other sites owing to the top-quality servers being used in this site. This is also the site where you can find movies with subtitles. There are a lot of issues when movies are uploaded on to the site without adding subtitles. You can never face that issue with this site. Also, all types of video resolution can be found on this site.

Ways to unblock Limetorrents 

Limetorrents is a site that hosts top-notch content but it is illegal as well. There are few countries across the world where this site has been blocked stating reasons like piracy. India is one of those countries as well. There are ways to unblock Limetorrents. Speaking of unblocking, why it has been blocked in the first place. The Internet Service Providers in India after obtaining certain instructions from the government, need to operate as per the norms and regulations laid down by the government. So, when the site doesn’t comply with the norms, the site gets blocked. One of the major steps taken by the site owners is to provide mirror sites or proxy sites in the countries where it has been banned. If you are wondering as to whether Limetorrents safe or not, you can even read about the reviews posted about the site by the other users.

List of Proxy/Mirror sites for Limetorrents 

Before you get to know what are the various proxy/mirror sites of Limetorrents, it becomes very vital to understand what a proxy site means in the first place. Limetorrents movie proxy site list is aplenty in number.

The proxy sites are used to hide the IP address. If the URL of the site gets blocked in the servers of the country you are living in, then you can use the proxy site’s address. The site owners would have uploaded and registered the proxy site address in a proxy server of a different country. The proxy would act as an intermediary between you and the internet. So, when the website is blocked in the server of your country, you can type in the proxy site address so that you would be redirected to that site. So, when you are unable to find the site, you need not worry as to what happened to Limetorrents and instead start looking out for these sites.

Using VPN for Limetorrents 

VPN is one of the safest ways to access blocked content. Even the governmental bodies cannot spy on you when you are using a VPN. There is a lot of VPN available in the market for free of cost. You either download them from the app store or you can also buy the VPN for a particular sum of money. Certain web browsers are using which you can directly access the sites without even having to add an extension to it.

It is imperative to know what a VPN means as well. Various devices are connected to a private network using the data provided for the public network but it gives you the feel of having connected directly to the private network instead of the public one.

Some of the best VPN for downloading movies from Limetorrents.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Cyberghost
  • Private Internet Access
  • Windscribe

Certain applications can be downloaded from app stores like Limetorrentsunblockit pro using which you can access the files on the site and then download them hassle-free without having to face any issues.

How to download movies from Limetorrents using a VPN? 

Downloading movies from Limetorrents is one of the easiest things as the files are uploaded in Torrent’s format. When you have the uTorrents application installed in your computer or the device where you are planning to download the movie, then downloading movies from Limetorrents using a VPN becomes a cakewalk. If in case, you google for Limetorrents 2021 and you don’t get to see the website, then use one of the above-mentioned VPN to access the site. Also, you need to know about VPN and the usage of Proxy sites interchangeably to get through the download process.

Limetorrents app is available in the play stores and if you download it, and also, you have auTorrents app on your phone, then downloading movies from the site is one of the easiest tasks ever.

Step by Step procedure to download movies using VPN 

  • Open the web browser in your device. You need to enable the VPN in your web browser. You can add it as an extension to your web browser.
  • You need to type in the link of the Proxy site of the website, Limetorrents.
  • The site will open and you can see the various movies and other shows listed on the homepage.
  • You need to click on the movie and initiate the download process.
  • The movie will get downloaded on your device if you have auTorrents application.

Best alternatives to Limetorrents 

If you are unable to download movies from the Limetorrents site as you are unable to access it, you need to be aware of the alternatives for the site. Some of the best alternatives are listed below.

  • TamilRockers 

This is one of the notorious sites for watching and downloading movies. This site has been under the scanner for several years by the government due to the content it keeps uploading on its site. If a movie is released today, then you can find the movie on the site on the very same night that too in great quality. A lot of actors and other technicians have tried their level best to bring down this site. But, nothing has proved to be fruitful. Never go by the name and assume that this site only hosts movies from the Tamil language, the site is known all over for hosting movies of languages from all over the world. The best part is that all the files are uploaded on to this site in Torrent’s format. If you have the torrents application installed on your phone/device in which you are downloading, then downloading becomes such an easy task.

  • Ipagal 

This is a site where you can download the movies hassle-free. One of the best things about downloading movies from this site is that you need not pay even a single penny. You can download and watch as many movies as you wish completely free of cost. Also, another exciting feature of the site is the excellent User Interface structure of this site. The UI used in this site is very top-notch that all the movies are arranged in a clear format so you need not keep searching for the movies as to where they are. Another plus point of the site is the categorization of the movies on the website. All the movies are categorized according to the language, genre, and other types of classification. One column is dedicated to movies of a particular language. Also, a search box is provided where you type in the name of the movie and it appears on the list.

  • MyDownloadTube 

As the name goes, you cannot just download movies of Indian language from this site, you can download the movies of the languages from the global arena as well from this site. You can find umpteen subcategories under the main categories listed under that site. So, you need not put in a lot of effort while you are trying to download movies from this site. The website is designed in such a manner that even those who aren’t aware of how to use a website can download the movies from this site. Also, another plus factor of using this site is the very few advertisements that pop up while you are trying to download movies from this site. You can get redirected to a site without having to face the trouble of having to wait until the advertisement stops playing.

  • WorldFree4u 

This is one of the movie sites that is maintained by a team of professionals who are working on constantly uploading content on the site. As the name goes, name any movie that was released in the world cinemas, you will be able to find it in the site. Also, the same video with the different resolution is uploaded on to the site so that you can choose the video to be downloaded to keep in control the download time.

Also, you can watch and download movies from this site using the Virtual Private Network. The VPN helps you to download movies from this site in an even quick manner and you can see that there are a lot of times when these sites are blocked, you can make use of VPN without any second thought. Also, you need not register yourself in this site if you wish to watch movies, you can straight away log on to this site and watch the movies or even download them.

  • Movie Night 

Everyone loves to catch up on a movie on Saturday nights. Those who wish to do so can watch out for this site. All the latest movies are uploaded on to this site and you can make the fullest use of this site. You need not worry if you don’t know the language as all the movies uploaded on to this site have the option of enabling the subtitles in it.

All the movies uploaded on to this site have the IMDB ratings in it. So, based on that, you can decide whether you need to watch the movie or not. Also, the feature of the IMDB filter is provided in this site where you can rank the movies based on the IMDB either in the ascending order or the descending order. This site gives you the feel of watching movies in a theatre.


Limetorrents is one of the best sites to watch movies but it is illegal. While you are watching movies from this site, you need to keep in mind that you are taking for granted the hard work of the technicians who had worked day and night to produce a film. You are doing justice to the filmmakers only when you watch the movies in the theatres. These days, watching movies in theatres is not a huge deal as you can watch movies at INR 10 tickets and INR 300 tickets as well. Moreover, the number of OTT services is growing at an exponential rate these days. If you wait for about 30 days minimum for a big star movie, you can watch it from these sites itself. When you are using illegal pirated sites to watch movies, you need to recall the fact that you are indirectly supporting piracy. Though you won’t is booked under the law for watching movies, you are creating damages to the profits of the film industry.