Irrespective of age, People love to watchcartoononline. The cartoon is not stuff for kids only, It’s an all-time entertainment for different age groups. As we all know, we stuck at home because of COVID-19 and everyone needs some source of entertainment. Hence, searches for the best site to watchcartoononline have been continuously increasing. To Fulfil the need of people around the world, we come up with an article on the best cartoon sites.

Cartoon during holidays is a great alternative, no teary emotions, no hatred, only Fun! If you want a single answer for all kinds of entertainment and videos then none is better than youtube. But Free Youtube doesn’t provide free videos sometimes and hence you have to take subscription but wait! Here I am going to share the best sites to watchcartoononline for free and legally.

Is Watchcartoononline a website?

YES! Watchartoononline is an anime streaming website where you can watch English dubbed in HD format. It has a user-friendly interface and cartoon lovers love to watch cartoons here.

Watchcartoononline provides a mobile application for users and its online interface is too mobile friendly.

To use the platform, Sign in required! If you are a new user, you have to register yourself to watch videos online. Read the next section to know more about sign in and registration details.

How to Register on watchcartoononline?


  1. Go to the watchcartoononline website.
  2. Scroll down the page.
  3. Click on the “Click to Sign in” link below. You will see below the window to sign in details.
  4. Watchcartoononline
  5. If you are a new user, click on the Register link below.
  6. Now you will be navigated to the registration page.
  7. Watchcartoononline
  8. Enter required details here such as user name, email address, password, first name, and last name.
  9. Click on the Register button below. And now you are a member of the watchcartoononline
  10. As soon as you complete registration, you will be navigated to Sign in window.
  11. Enter the username and password there and click on the sign button.
  12. Enjoy watching your favorite cartoon shows.

Mirror websites of Watchcartoononline


Is watchcartoononline a free platform?

YES! or NO!

Watchcartoononline is free as well as available with a premium membership. You can watch free stuff with ads. But if you opt for membership then you get many other advantages like no ads(you won’t see any ads on the website anywhere), Video quality difference, etc


  • 1 Month – 2.99$ (Subscription for monthly)
  • 3 Month – 8.97$ (One Time for 3-month access)
  • 6 Month – 17.94$ (One Time for 6-month access)
  • 12 Month – 35.88$ (One Time for 12-month access)

First, go for a 7-days free trial pack and if you like the platform so much then you may go for a subscription. Thousands of cartoons list is there on watchcartoononline. Woah!


Live those cherishable childhood days once again with your kids!!!


Watchcartoononline is one platform and below int his article I am going to share a huge list of such platforms. So, you can watch entertainment anywhere anytime. We won’t let you get bored in this lockdown period, rather make these holidays cherishable.

Alternatives to Watchcartoononline: Best Sites To Watch Cartoon Online Free Legally 2021

1) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the greatest platforms to watch anime online. It’s completely free of cost and the best cornet if you are a hardcore cartoon lover.

It is an American platform that is licensing many other platforms to watchcartoononline. A completely legal platform that is enough for your entertainment is Crunchyroll. Its app is also available on google play store with pretty good ratings.


Its features include, free downloads, HD videos, no ads, and good streaming. The platform is available free as well as premium. The premium features include no ads and early access. The premium account has charges of $7.99 per month which may change if you take bundled pack.

2) Disney Now

No one could ever forget about “Disney” when it comes to watchcartoononline and here we are going to talk about Disney now platform. A very appealing website interface with tons of cartoon shows is complete in itself.


Personalize your experience with Disney now. When you go to the website, you have to pick a character you want to look like then you have to enter your date of birth and then pick your favorites. What’s next? Enjoy watching tons of cartoon movies and shows with each episode around there. I would suggest you to at least visit the website once.

Disney now the app is also available for android and iOS phones with highly good ratings of 4.3 And above.


3)  Toon jet

Toon Jet is one of the best alternatives to watchcartoononline and one of the best websites to watchcartoononline for free. Go to the website, got o cartoons corner. Select a cartoon of your choice and enjoy watching.

You may signup or register on the website as well to get notifications related to new releases. Moreover, without signing up you can watch only a few cartoons.

Give feedback on each and every video clip and rate the videos as well.

Its app is also available on Play store for android phones.

4) Youtube

Do you use youtube? Then you must know that youtube is an ocean of videos, a huge sea! You can watch and find any video on youtube. For cartoons, youtube has a separate channel called youtube cartoons that provide you full-length videos to watch in HD format.

5) Cartoon network

Who forgets cartoon network? I guess you, I, and all of us are highly addictive to the Cartoon Network channel. Next to Disney, Cartoon Network is the best platform for watchcartoononline. A very clean platform with a good easy-to-navigate interface.

Let me tell you the platform is Huge!! All the shows and cartoons that you used to watch on cartoon network channels are available online on the cartoon network website.

Before you Go…

Before you would proceed to watch a cartoon on watchcartoononline, I would suggest you use a VPN(a virtual private network). In many countries, its use is banned, so you may use a VPN and access the website safely.

Final Note

Hey friends, finally the is over. Watchcartoononline with these great platforms. These sites work very well, and you would love watching stuff on these websites.

If you are a teenager, indulge your parents with you to watchcartoononline.

If you are a parent, Go crazy with your kids, and embrace the beauty of childhood. Also, invite your parents to watch with you, Have a great fun!

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!