If you are regular on the Internet and are available on the popular social media platforms, you must be aware of making money from your content. Various social media personalities are making a fortune from their YouTube channel’s content ranging from different tutorial videos, travelogues, comedy vines, short films, and whatnot. 

You must be wondering if all of them have millions of subscribers, and it took them a lot of time and hard work to reach that level to enjoy such success and popularity. However, you are worried as you don’t fall into the “a million” subscribers category.

So, we have some good news for you. It is always not necessary to start earning from online video platforms like YouTube only after you gain a million subscribers. Today we will talk about the various ways you can earn with less than a million subscribers. Also, you must remember that you cannot be successful without working hard and without proper dedication to what you are doing.

Before jumping into the details on how to earn from YouTube without a million subscribers, let’s look into some of the points that can stop you from earning even if you have more than a million subscribers.

What can stop you from monetizing your content on YouTube?

  • Sexual contents, full or partial nudity in your video is non-advertiser friendly for YouTube, and your content will be demonetized irrespective of the views and subscribers of your channel.
  • The promotion of drugs and other narcotics and illegal substances will also demonetize your video. Promoting, selling of any illicit substance is a direct violation of YouTube’s user policy and terms and conditions.
  • Featuring controversial subjects like political issues, war-related controversies are not welcome by YouTube for monetization.

Now, as we’ve covered what can stop you from earning through your videos on YouTube, let’s discuss the ways you can monetize your content with less than a million subscribers.

If you are a YouTube editor, here are 8 ways to earn from YouTube with fewer subscribers

  • YouTube partner program

Once your channel reaches the milestone of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within one year, you would be eligible to be a part of the YouTube partner program. After you sign up, you would need to create an account with Adsense (you will not get paid without an Adsense account). You are all set after that. Whenever your viewers watch a full ad while viewing your video, you will start earning irrespective of your number of subscribers. Add a YouTube end screen with CTAs so that more people subscribe to your channel and ultimately increase your subscription base.

  • YouTube premium

It is a paid subscription, along with getting paid from the ads watched while watching the videos, the creators also earn from the views they get by the YouTube premium members (ad-free) too. So the money the creators earn from the YouTube premium members has no connection to the number of subscribers they have or the ad views.

  • Sell merchandise

Earning from selling merchandise on your YouTube channel is another great way to earn money irrespective of the number of subscribers you have. There are a lot of YouTubers who earn handsomely by selling various merchandise like- t-shirt, caps, hoodies, and other accessories. 

Selling personalized merchandise also helps to promote your brand. You can step up a bit further by designing and manufacturing your merchandise. Use a YouTube online video editor and carefully promote your products in between your video contents.

  • Crowdfunding

If money is the factor that is coming between your vision and your content, then crowdfunding is a great way to generate money to fund your project. There are platforms available online that will allow you to create a campaign requesting your audiences to support your new project. Use a good video maker like InVideo and create an exciting video giving details of your next project and engage with investors. This is a great way to arrange funds for your creative endeavors. 

  • Fan-Funding

Similar crowdfunding, this is another way for you to earn from your fans through your unique contents. There are platforms where you can request your fans to monetarily help you in return for the content you create for them. A lot of fans happily donate according to their capacity to support their favorite creators. You need to create value through your content for your fans for them to feel that it is worth investing their money on your content. 

Moreover, there are various sites like- YouTube’s Super chat that creates a virtual tip jar when you go live on YouTube it lets your viewers tip you according to their wish. Make sure you create value through your content after all your work needs to deserve to get paid.

  • License your content

If you manage to create a video that has the potential to go viral, you can always license it to various media houses for them to telecast it on their platform. There are multiple websites online where you can list your videos for people to buy in exchange for money. Perhaps you shot some funny antics of your pet dog through Instagram video editor and received numerous likes and positive reactions, go ahead and list it to license out in return for money.

  • Influencer

Some of the most prominent marketing minds consider Influencer marketing in the future. If you have managed to create a niche with your content, you can earn generously by becoming a brand influencer. Depending on your popularity, the demography of your followers, and views on your content, you can make a good amount of money. The biggest of the brands prefer to market their products via social media influencers these days.

  • Call for Action

This is a great way to gain expected actions from your viewers. Record an appropriate CFA at the end of your video and request your viewers to do it. Mostly the viewers follow the requests made to them in a personal note. You can always utilize this opportunity and divert your viewer’s action towards a monetizing opportunity

For example, you can request your viewers to check out the merchandise you are promoting, or request them to subscribe to the platform where you share your premium contents.


So get ready to earn enough through your videos without worrying much about your number of subscribers. Be creative with your content and offer value to your viewers through your creations.

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