BB Rec as the name suggests is a type of screen recording app for an android device, which allows the user to record video, image slideshow, apps you are working over your screen or any other thing a user is performing over screen in high definition (UHD, FHD or HD). It provides an unrestricted, workable or flexible and fully customizable screen recording potential for an android device. Nicely bundled into the instinctive user package.

BB Rec screen recorder works with games, any kind of video player, video calls, tutorials played, live shows and many other things. It provides a user with a powerful screen recorder for a flawless UI and highly optimized screen capturing functionality. Recorded videos can be stored using the internal memory of your phone or using a SD card or external storage device (USB). Added advantage of this app is that the videos recorded using this app can be shared or uploaded over all the social media websites via any messenger or email, external drives like Google drive, Wandriver, Dropbox, media platform like Youtube and many others.

Best part about this app is that it is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from any authentic website over the web or also from the play store. It is a highly stable app. BB rec apart from screen recording functionality provides the user with many other features such as screen video editor without any requirement of rooting, making everything appear very simple.

In modern times screen recording is one of the main features required by gamers to record their gaming videos to be shared over social media. There are many screen recorders available in the market (web), but only a few provide high quality recording without any lag. The solution to all the said problems is BB Rec screen recorder, it is one of its kind and is the best available in the market when compared to any other screen recorder.

BB Rec is a lightweight screen recorder, which will not have any effect on device performance and thus allows you to record videos without any lag. There are many android devices available in the market, which come with an inbuilt screen recorder, but in case there is no built-in screen recorder, BB rec screen recorder is the one you want to download for effortless and flawless screen recording. This app is available for both Android as well as IOS devices.


BB Rec comes in with the bundle of features. Let’s quickly have a look into some of them.

Screen Recording:

  1. This app allows as user to record a video for up to 3 hours 30 minutes continuously with HD quality
  2. Even when recording a video, you can capture a still image using the camera of your device
  3. The app provides a stable and flawless recording of many popular games, video calls and live programs.
  4. BB Rec has built-in feature to share the recorded videos directly to social media account
  5. Videos can be recorded at multiple different resolutions, also customization of frame rates according to the needs is possible
  6. Seamless UI allows user to quickly learn the aap features
  7. Upload the recorded videos directly to Google drive, Dropbox and others
  8. Video can be recorded in different orientations
  9. External sound can also be recorded with BB Rec
  10. With BB Rec a user can live stream their screen on Facebook
  11. Screen recording can controlled using the floating window or the notification bar, for frameless video recording on BB rec, user can hide the floating window as well
  12. To stop the recording, user can simply shake the device

Video Editing:

Along with screen recording BB Rec comes with a lot of video editing functions listed below, which can be used for much better videos.

  1. Trim a video from start or from end, user can even remove some of the middle part of video
  2. Multiple videos can be merged together to create one powerful video
  3. External music can be added to recorded video
  4. Volume adjustment is one additional feature
  5. Addition os subtitles is possible with this app
  6. For a tutorial video, user may add an intro to the video
  7. Background picture can be added
  8. Orientation of video is possible, also recording at different speed or changing the speed of a recorded video
  9. Crop a video and convert the same into GIF

Screenshots and Image Editing:

BB Rec can also capture the screenshots and modify images.

  1. Screenshots can be captured with just one click, without holding or double pressing a button.
  2. One can share the screenshots and or use a built-in image editor to crop the images.
  3. Multiple images can be combined together to one
  4. Lower the pixels of some areas in an image to blur that part
  5. User can crop an image to share the part they want

How to Download the BB Rec app

For downloading the the BB Rec apk, follow the below steps:

  1. Open google search or any other search engine available on your device
  2. Search BB Rec apk for android
  3. Open any of the authenticated websites listed on your search
  4. Click on download

As you have now downloaded the BB Rec apk file, let’s check below the installation procedure.

How to Install the BB Rec

Follow the steps below to install the app

  1. Copy the recorded the file to your android mobile device
  2. Go to settings and select security
  3. Select the checkbox to install apps from unknown sources
  4. Now locate the apk file in your device and click on the file to start the installation procedure of BB Rec on to your android mobile device
  5. Click on instal button to complete the installation

You have now completed the installation of BB Rec screen recorder on your android device successfully.

Steps to Use BB Rec

As we have downloaded and installed the BB Rec app, we are one step closer to screen recording and creating powerful videos. Follow the below steps to use BB Rec

Start Recording

  1. 1. Open the BB Rec app on mobile device
  2. A popup to access the devices microphone will appear on screen, click on OK
  3. You are now inside the app
  4. The first that appears will show you 4 different options
    1. Recording screen
    1. Live recording screen
    1. Camera
    1. My Videos
  5. Click on the Recording screen, here you go screen recording has started.
  6. Click on home screen performance the actions you may want to record

Stop Recording

  1. To stop record, open the app and in place of Recording screen, Stop Screen Recording would appear
  2. Select the option and the recording stops

Save or View the recorded videos

The recorded videos will be automatically saved in your device and can be viewed under ‘My Videos’ option of the app


BB Rec is one of the best known screen recorder apps available in the market, because of various different advantages it has over the other recording apps.

  1. BB Rec is a completely free app, it comes in with a bundle of other salient features which are also free of cost and no other in-app purchases are required.
  2. Just any other screen recordings apps which are filled with ads in between, BB Rec does not interrupt your video recording or UI experience by showing ads in between
  3. This app does not have any recording time limit
  4. Videos can be recorded at very high quality
  5. The app interface is in more than 20 languages


So this is all about the BB Rec screen order, if you are looking for a seamless UI and flawless recording at high definition, BB Rec is the app you are looking for. This app is free cost, provides many salient features which are helpful in making the best high quality videos, that can also be edited as per requirements.