WoW is one of the most popular and interesting projects in the MMO RPG genre, which essentially began the development and popularization of this format for players.

The project is constantly evolving and your WoW boost will never stop due to regular updates, the latest of which is called Dragonflight and opens up new territories and opportunities for free flights and new raids.

Complete quests

Many players who start developing and boosting in WoW through the quest system quickly stop this format, switching to grinding and raids, forgetting about the most stable type of experience gain, especially for supports.

You will complete story quests that are interconnected, bring a lot of experience and various rewards and move you through the main points of past updates and lead you to the most current addition released at the moment.

Don’t forget to combine story missions with secondary ones, which all major cities are filled with, regardless of the faction you prefer at the start of your gameplay.

The thing is that most of the quests tied to one city and update are carried out in general locations, and it is much more profitable to simply complete them all and only then return to the peaceful zone to receive a stable Dragonflight boost and other rewards and gold.

Be curious

Remember that the developers of any MMO RPG and Blizzard are no exception here, they post many options for leveling up and character development, but the main task is to launch your adventure path, where the path itself and the method of developing the hero play an important role, and not the main result, which will end in the capital dragon island as part of the current update.

You can find many short and long different tasks and activities that will be interesting to complete not only for the sake of levels, but also for resources, weapons and armor.

Go to dungeons and raids

World of Warcraft has its own system of dangerous dungeons, inhabited by difficult bosses – enhanced monsters that are distinguished by enhanced attacks, unique skills and a system of their own defense, which you will have to recognize and find weak points in order to receive a reward.

Raids often bring a lot of game experience, because a strengthened monster requires a lot of time to destroy it, and for this the system rewards players who win first of all with WoW boosting and a unique reward, in which something falls from the potential drop list, depending from luck.

Raids are divided by difficulty level and the higher the rank, the more players are required to enter and the more advanced equipment is required. But the efforts are rewarded and if you win, then you will have a chance to knock out really valuable items and weapons.

Difficulty levels are divided into normal, heroic and mythic – whereas the difficulty level increases, the requirement for the number of people that must be present to admit a raid group also increases.


You can always move away from the quest format and switch to regular grinding to independently regulate the time you allocate to your gaming session.

This frees you from being tied to specific dates and events, and you simply get Dragonflight boosting until you get tired of it, or you run out of space in your inventory for resources and other valuable trophies.

The main thing is that if you like the grind format, then bet on weapons – armor will be important to a greater extent for contact players and only then for everyone else. Mage is also important, as it increases the overall mana pool and allows you to cast more spells before going off to regenerate.

Grind is not well suited for support classes, but with good weapons even they can provide themselves with an increase in experience without the help of other players. It’s better, of course, to play in a squad – this way leveling up is faster, more stable and safer, because you will always have a chance to encounter a group of opponents.

Create builds and use skills

Many players do not fully study all the branches and builds of the characters they play and, as a result, cannot reveal their full attacking potential.

It is important not only to hit from your hand, but also to use skills, including AoE, which will speed up the overall boost of World of Warcraft simply due to the simultaneously dying targets.

This primarily applies to physical classes, such as warriors and archers, who can attack enemies with a series of skills, or use regular sword strikes and bow shots. It can be effective either way, but thanks to skills you can attack a large number of targets at once and accelerate your grind if necessary.

Collect resources

If you are careful, then in the territories of Azeroth you will find collecting resources that open the way to the study of professions and their development in large cities.

Collecting herbs, skinning and processing rocks will also bring you experience and gold, because such resources can be sold to other players, or stored until you decide whether you are developing professions on this hero or not.

Explore the cities

This is useful not only for the sake of boosting WoW, but also for finding new and important quests, interesting NPCs, and simply for studying the intricacies of the world that the developers from Blizzard have recreated for you.

Look for experience bonuses

Regular rest, various dishes and buffs from other players are a great way to get additional growth and a bonus to pumping by several percents.

Pay attention to group leveling

If you play in a group, then you provide yourself with more stable leveling in World of Warcraft.

It’s simple – you divide all the experience among all group members, but due to a stable gaming composition, you effectively and quickly kill a large number of monsters and get a noticeable advantage if you level up for an hour or more without spending a lot of resources.

The tank will keep the monsters on itself under healing and buffs, and various attacking heroes will kill enemies and bring experience for all participants in the hunt.