Best Apps like TikTok 2020

TikTok has taken a position beside the big sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and such. All these sites have their unique role to play in the digital ecosystem. TikTok is a video sharing site and it is immensely popular. People love short clips and videos that they can consume quickly. TikTok is popular all over the world, but in India, it is facing resistance from the government. It has been banned here due to a variety of political reasons. But we will not talk about those, we are going to think about the TikTok users who can’t use the site anymore. So we are going to give you alternatives to TikTok which are fully Indian made.

What is TikTok?

This a social video sharing app where users can make vertical and short videos. Once you make an account, you will be able to search, scroll through, and do much much more. It is a part IGTV, part Snapchat, a little YouTube threw in along with a sprinkling of Vine. You can edit videos, take part in various challenges and such. Overall, it’s great fun. You can find a variety of content in there, some great, some odd, but all entertaining.

Alternatives to TikTok 2021

Since TikTok is now banned in India so here are some alternatives to it that you can use. The best part is that all of them are Indian made:

  • Funimate

You will be able to make any kind of video you like with this. You can make video loops, video complications, and more with this. This app also lets you access tonnes of popular songs since the app has a sizable digital-video library. Of course, you will find video effects that will help you make those viral videos. Bring your friends too because you will be able to merge videos into one.

  • Vigo Video

This app will let you make short videos for 15 seconds. You can show off your comedy, dancing, art and other skills with this. This is like Snapchat but it also comes loaded with other special effects and such features. You will be able to fix your makeup, blemishes, spots, and other such features in real-time with this while you are recording. In this app, your followers will also be able to stream with you. Your likes, comments, and such are shown using a flame-sign. These flames are like an in-app currency. You can even exchange these to get real-world cash.

  • Cheez

This will let you lip sync to music videos but you will also be able to engage with other kinds of video categories comedy, fashion, and such. Users even get rewards if there are enough likes, comments, and shares. You can even get prizes watching and commenting on videos. There are in-app editing tools for videos that will let you trim and cut your videos. Cheez will let you make personalized and amazing content. Of course, there are hundreds of visual effects, filters, and such. This app will let you challenge others as well. You can start battles, display your creativity, and do a lot more.

  • Triller

Here all you have to do is record up a video. Then rest because there’s an auto-editing algorithm that will get the job done for you. This makes the app very easy to navigate through and use. There are tonnes of filters and cutting or trimming options. Not to mention that you will be able to draw on the videos too. Want to bring in friends too? Don’t worry. There’s a collaboration feature as well that will let you make some great videos teamed up with your pals. But do keep in mind that this isn’t a full-fledged networking app. You will be able to just edit your video, but there’s no way you can start a community.

  • Smule

This app is for those who love making their music. Sing duets, make music and have fun with your favourite singers. You can also use video filters, audio effects, and such when you are belting out your fave songs. Have an audience? Then you can sing live too.

  • Lomotif

This is a great app for iOS users. With this, you can make montages, collages, add videos, join up video clips, add photos, music, and more. There is an already built-in editor for videos. With this, you will be able to cut, crop, zoom, duplicate, and trim your videos. There is also a hyper-lapse and slideshow feature which gives you extra features to work with. In the community section, you can find friends, upload videos, and collaborate with them. You can also share these on other social media platforms.

  • Firework

Here you will get a variety of tools that will help you merge, cut, and trim your videos. You will be able to make music videos, lip-sync ones as well as dance ones. You can personalize your feed to check out content from others. Get on with all the viral challenges and trends. Here quality matters more than followers. If you believe in that principle too then this is just for you.

  • Roposo

This is an app where people will be able to share their homemade videos as well as photos. You will be able to express yourself visually. Browsing in this app is like browsing a TV, but with user-generated stuff on the channels. There are editing tools that will help users for sure. Along with this, there’s also a chat option where sellers and buyers will be able to talk directly. You can add music, voice-overs, gifs, and here.

  • Dubsmash

Many must have heard of this app. This is a pretty old video music app. But this is indeed a good alternative to TikTok. This app will let your lip sync and there are tonnes of music and TV materials that you can indeed lip sync too. You will be able to add text overlays and stickers on the videos. The news feed is designed here a little differently, but it’s done so to keep you thoroughly entertained. You will be able to track and keep updated on your friend’s activities as well as check on the latest trends.

  • Rizzle

Here you can talk about anything you want. Really! This an app where you can make short videos and can talk about anything. There are no filters here, just real people talking about what they like. Since there’s no artificiality so the content here is more authentic and thus more relatable. People bond, according to what they like and then create video responses. If you too want no filters and no flashiness then this is the app for you.

If you are feeling down about the ban on TikTok, then try out some of these above apps. You might like some that you can further try out. Have fun with friends and sing, lip-sync or dance your heart out.


Here are some questions which are generally asked about TikTok as well as its alternatives:

Can these apps get banned in the future?

Since none of the apps here are Chinese made so for now they are safe from any bans. You can use them with ease.

Will you lose your TikTok account once the ban takes place?

The ban will work on two fronts- one is that the app will stop receiving maintenance and updates and two is that you will lose internet connectivity to it. So you won’t be able to access it. You can keep the app, but it will essentially be a skeleton. You won’t be able to access anything or do anything.

Do you have to uninstall TikTok after the ban?

You don’t have to. But do remember that you won’t get any security updates on the app as well. This can expose your phone to cyber attacks. So it’s better to delete it once the ban has gone through. Also, it will be sitting on your phone collecting dust and occupying space. Delete it and install something else that you can use and have fun with.

Will this ban last forever?

There is no definitive answer to this. This ban can get lifted next month or it may take several years. There have been times when TikTok was banned since it was accused of being a place to share pornographic content. But those bans were lifted very soon once some checks were put into place. The main issue is that the reason for this current ban is political and not because of any such above reason. So it can very well take time for the app to come back again. For now, you need to find a different home to share your content.

Will all of your TikTok content disappear from the app after the ban?

It’s advised that you remain on the safe side and download as well as save up your videos. So even if the content gets deleted due to the ban, you will have a back up of all your hard created videos. Don’t leave it up to fate.