Denton Hac

HAC(Home Access Center) is a platform for all parents as well as students to check out the necessary details related to school. It’s an easy way to get through the schooltime of your kid even when you are not with them. Getting confused? Ok! So let’s move into the details of what Denton HAC is and how it is beneficial for a parent and a student.

The old times have gone when parents have to visit schools to keep an eye on Kids’ activity, to talk to teachers, etc. In the era of digitalization and hectic lives, Platforms like Denton HAC is very useful for parents who do not have time for regular school visits. In brief, It is a platform for Denton ISD parents and guardians to view their kid’s report card grades, daily assignments, attendance, schedules, etc.

Denton Independent School District

Denton Independent School District was founded in 1882 and since then it has been providing quality education to children. This Delton ISD is located 25 miles north of Dallas and Fort Worth. It contains 18 cities, 186 square miles of different communities and developments.

Denton ISD includes

  1. 4 comprehensive high schools
  2. 8 middle schools
  3. 24 elementary schools
  4. 2 early childhood centers
  5. an alternative high school
  6. an advanced technology complex
  7. Other specialized schools and center

Apart from this, higher education places include:

  1. University of North Texas
  2. Texas Woman’s University
  3. North Central Texas College

Despite scattered over a large geographical area, the school faculties, teachers work together as a cohesive team to bridge the gap between 19 different cities and respective institutions in those cities. The areas include Argyle, Aubrey, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Corinth, Cross Roads, Cross Oak Ranch, Denton, Double Oak, Lantana, Little Elm, Oak Point, Paloma Creek, Prosper, Providence, Robson Ranch, Sandbrock Ranch, Savannah, and Shady Shores.

Benefits of Denton HAC

Using the Denton HAC platform, parents can view the following very easily on a single click.

  • Every day’s Attendance information
  • Report cards and Grades
  • Student demographic information
  • Daily schedules/ Online Classwork progress
  • Discipline information
  • Transportation information

Apart from this, Current Denton ISD student registration information can also be checked. Moreover, Parent requests updates to student information online.

How to Login to the Denton HAC platform?

To login to the Denton HAC platform, the parents would require username and Password.

You can obtain this username and password from your Kids’ school.

After getting a username and password, follow the steps below to login to your kid’s account.

Denton Hac steps

  1. Go to the Denton HAC login page.
  2. Enter username
  3. Enter password.
  4. Click Sign in button below.

That’s all! Now you can access your kid’s account easily.

What if you forget username and password?

Now the process depends upon one thing that whether you have created challenge questions while you were using the account or not. If you have created challenge questions, you can easily recover your account by simple giving answers to those challenge questions. But if you haven’t created challenges questions before, you can either reset the password or you can contact customer care for the same.

  1. Go to the same sign-in page.
  2. Click on the link “Forget my username or password”.
  3. Now you would see a screen like one shown below.

Denton Hac steps

  1. Choose one option from the two, username or registered Email address.
  2. Follow further guidelines and recover your account.

The other method is to contact Customer care in case of any issues.

The customer care number is 281-897-4357.

Dear Readers, this is all about login details. Now I am proceeding to details of how to check Grades online on Denton HAC and other related information.

How to Find School by Address?

If you are new to this and want to find a Denton School by its address, then follow the steps below:

Denton Hac steps

  1. Go to the School Finder tool link.
  2. Enter address in the address tab
  3. Choose a grade.
  4. You can choose a program or not, it’s optional.
  5. Finally, click the Go button below.
  6. As you click on the Go button, you would get the list of schools.

Check Student Details on HAC

In this section, I am going to share how you can check various information related to your kid. One can simply browse and find, but this guide would give you the exact page where you can go and find the information.

How to check Attendance?

By analyzing the Attendance month view page. To get Month View page, click Attendance on the HAC menu.

The months will be displayed with dates. If a student an absent on a particular day, it was marked! So you can easily check if your kid went to school on a particular day.

Press >> or << button on the calendar to change the months in the calendar sheet.

How to check class assignments dates and events?

Head to the Calendar page to view the assignment, events, and activities dates.

To display the Calendar page, click Home on the HAC menu, then click the Calendar tab.

Use the Filter icon to include and exclude various things from the view.

To change month, week or day, click on < or > to move forward and backward in a month, week, or day tab.

How to check Grades online?

Now here comes the actual topic of discussion. To check out grades you have to move to the different pages. But why so? See, grades differ like unit test grades, overall progress, etc. So, move to this section to check any kind of grades, marks, and progress. Following is the list of ages and their information to display.

Classwork page- CLASSES

Go to the Classwork page to check your student’s assignments for classes. This page contains assignments and scores that lecturers have decided to publish.

To get the Classwork page, click Classes on the HAC menu.

There are two views on the Classwork page: Quick view and Full view.

In this page, a parent can view assignment according to different needs such as:’

  1. View assignment by class
  2. View assignment according to competencies
  3. View assignment by the due date.

Apart from this, check course details, course attachments, and assignments details here.

Transcript page

The Transcript page shows various information like:

  1. Student’s academic information like courses, credits, grades, and GPAs.
  2. Personal information such as an address, phone number, and birth date.

To view the Transcript page, click Grades on the HAC menu, then press the Transcript button.

Report Card page – GRADE

The Report card page shows your kid’s most recent Report. The page shows various things such as:

  1. student’s courses and descriptions
  2. class periods
  3. Teachers
  4. Rooms
  5. credits attempted and earned
  6. rank information
  7. Attendance
  8. Grades
  9. comment codes.

To look at the Report Card page, click Grades on the HAC menu, then press the Report Card button.

Here you can Check Report card grades, View previous report card grades and you may even print report card from this page.

Interim Progress Report – GRADES

If there is any Interim progress is observed in students, it is displayed on the Interim progress page.

To view the Interim Progress Report page, tick Grades on the HAC menu.

The report includes information about

  1. student’s courses and descriptions
  2. class periods
  3. Teacher
  4. Rooms
  5. interim progress marks
  6. comment codes

Test score page

This page shows students’ standardized test scores. The other information includes

  1. the test
  2. test date
  3. Subtests
  4. Scores

To view the Test Scores page, click Grades on the HAC menu, then click the Test Scores tab.

Before you Go…

What are the challenge questions and how to create them?

Challenge questions are set to authorize account information if you need to reset your password or in case you forget your password.

Suppose you forget your password, The login page has “Forgot My Username or Password link.” When you click the link, an email including a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address provided to the school district. When you click the link in the email, you will be prompted to answer your challenge questions. Answering those questions you can easily reset your password.

Challenge questions can be easily created.

The first time you log into HAC, you will be asked to enter challenge questions and answers.

Either choose a question from a given set of questions or set your own questions and Answer. This question-answer process is not case sensitive.

Click the continue button.

Dear readers, I hope you would like this guide to Denton HAC. Check the progress of your kid without any hassle. Keep track of your kid’s activity easily.

Share your feedback.  Mention in comments if you need to know more.

Thanks for reading!