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Investing and Trading have been around us for centuries but this business has now become a new fad these days. Since this process involves money and your precious possessions, it is mandatory to make appropriate and thoughtful investments so you don’t have to regret it later on.

While there are plenty of websites and apps available over the internet, we are here to root for Fyers. With 3L+ traders and investors in India currently using this platform, it is a sure-shot gateway to investing.

This portal is laced with user-friendly trading and investing products to facilitate the users, including Fyers App, Fyers Web, Fyers Direct, and Fyers One. It boasts utmost safety and believes in keeping transparency, which in turn makes it one of the reliable and secure portals.

Here’s a comprehensive guide covering all essential details about Fyers, including its background, login steps, and products. Without further ado, let the tour begins.

A Quick Overview of Fyers

A one-stop investing and trading destination, Fyers is primarily launched to empower new-age traders with state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class investing solutions. They offer several investing products with the intent to help active traders in the country to gain an edge in the stock markets.

This platform records the journey of its clients and helps them achieve some great milestones which are not at all possible without their support and assistance. What makes Fyers stand out is a massive range of happy customers. You will be glad to know that the daily turnover of this portal is over 15,000 Cr. and it has 3,00,000+ happy customers.

Speaking of its journey, this platform began its operations in May 2015 as a trading member of NSE with an in-house technology license. Since then, it only reflected a progressive behavior. It has become the first-ever trading platform with the milestone of 1000 clients in May 2016.

In addition to the happy customers and massive turnover, what else makes this portable worth giving a thought to is its ease of use. The website is 100% beginner-friendly so that newbies can easily use the portal without having to undergo tutorials. Moreover, it allows you to open your Demat account in under 5 minutes, making it the most convenient andstraightforward trading platform of all time.

How to create a Fyers Demat Account?

Follow the instructions mentioned below to open a Fyers Demat Account.

  • Email all the documents related to the Demat Account to the company’s id and wait for a while until the company reviews your documents.
  • Based on them, the company will then fill out the Demat Account opening form.
  • The filled form is then sent to the user either via email or through courier.
  • Download the form, print it out, sign at the places mentioned, and then send it back to the company via courier.
  • If the company approves your form, you will get login credentials via email.

Step-by-Step Guide to Logging into FYERS Account

Now that you have created an account, it’s quite simple to access the same. All you have to do is follow the guide mentioned below step-by-step and get it done with ease.

  • Open the official portal of the Fyers and go to the Login tab available on the homepage.
  • Enter the Client ID and click on the Continue button. A new page will open where you have to enter the password.
  • Once you are done with adding information, click on the Login button and you are done.
  • Users can also modify their current password with a new 2FA password for adding another layer of security.


That’s it, folks!! Creating a Demat Account with Fyers and logging into the portal is no rocket science and users can carry it out by following the procedure mentioned above. Pay attention to all steps and do not miss out on the single one to avoid any fuss later on.

Feel free to share the guide with others and keep visiting the page regularly for more such useful information.