Keka login

No matter how the office administration is, there’s still a thin line between employees and the HR department that restricts them from sharing their real-time experiences. To erase that thin line and to make employees feel inspired and safe, the Keka app comes into the picture. 

Proudly made in India, this one-of-a-kind application is launched with the aim to automate and simplify people processes so organizations can easily focus on their core asset, which is none other than employees.

Keka is a complete employee-eccentric application that is well-received and widely applauded by more than 5400 businesses across India and the world. It always takes pride in benign India’s top HR platform in the segment with the most number of new customers adopting the platform.

Unlike traditional HR solutions, this new-gen app mainly focuses on user experience and is designed with the intent to simplify complex workflows.

Are you curious to know more about the app but have no idea where to start? Here’s a comprehensive guide entailing every single detail about Keka, including its description, product offered, login process, and more. So, without any delay, let’s get into it.

What products are offered by Keka?

What makes Keka worth giving a try is the number of products offered. A few of them are mentioned here to give readers a better idea about the platform.

  • Payroll Software

This allows HRs to automate and pay employees on time.

  • Modern HR

This feature motivates HRs to go beyond the “traditional” and offer something extra to make their employees feel special and inspired.

  • Hiring and Onboarding

It lets you create a great candidate experience not just before but after the joining as well.

  • Timesheet Software

This allows HR employees to create a customizable workflow for tracking time.

  • Integrations

There’s no need to install tons of apps as all your favorite tools can be easily integrated into one.

  • Security

Keka believes in utmost security and transparency; hence makes sure that your employees’ details are always secure.

  • Performance and Careers

With this, you can check 360 reviews, manage business goals, and OKRs, and get continuous feedback.

  • Time and Attendance

Keeping a track of time and attendance is extremely simple with Keka as it allows you to manage leaves and pay employees on time.

What about the Keka Pricing Policy?

Every good thing comes at a price and Keka is no different. This HR platform is appreciated and adopted by companies with 20 to 20,000 employees, thanks to its ease of use and affordable pricing.

Keka understands that every company has different requirements and budgets; hence, it offers various pricing models so you can choose what suits best to your pocket. The complete pricing structure of Keka is mentioned here below.

  • Foundation

It is ideal for companies that have recently stepped into the automation process. It is available at Rs 6,999 per month and is suitable for up to 100 employees. If your employee chart increases, then you will have to pay Rs 60 per month per additional employee.

Essential Automation Features

Core HR

  • Employee profile and timeline
  • Employee onboarding
  • Standard access roles
  • Document storage and generation
  • Standard workflows and approvals

Time Tracking

  • Advanced leave management
  • Overtime automation
  • Gamified attendance system

Payroll and Expenses

  • Payroll automation
  • Loan tracking
  • Expense management
  • Benefits tracking
  • Statutory compliance

Employee Self-Service

  • Complete leave management
  • Signup using Email
  • Automatic attendance tracking
  • Strength

This pricing model is mostly adopted by companies with advanced automation and employee engagement and is available for Rs 9,999 per month (for up to 100 employees) and for Rs 90 per additional employee.

Includes All Foundation Features, Along With

Core HR Advanced

  • Employee Timeline Plus
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom Reports Builder
  • Asset Tracking
  • Employee Exit Surveys
  • Employee Onboarding Plus
  • Advanced Roles and Permissions
  • Slack and MS Teams Integration

Time Tracking Advanced

  • GPS/ Selfie Attendance
  • Continuous Location Punching

Employee Self Service

  • Login using Mobile OTP
  • Single Sign-on
  • Growth

This will be available at Rs 13,999/ month for up to 100 employees and charges Rs 130/ month per additional employee. It mainly aligns employees in your growth journey to get their best.

Includes All Strength Features Plus

Remote Employee Engagement

  • Employee Pulse Surveys
  • One-one meeting
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Public Praise

360 Reviews

  • Nominations
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Job Functions and KRA
  • Banding and Calibrations

OKR and Goal Tracking

  • Traditional Goals
  • Modern OKRs
  • Cascaded Goals

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make Keka Login

So, now that you are aware of the basics of Keka, it’s now time to move on to the login process so you can easily access the account and get the best out of it. Follow the simple instructions mentioned below and carry out the login process easily.

  1. Open the web browser and search for the official URL of the Keka website.
  2. Once you reach the homepage, go to the top right corner of the page and click on the “Login” button.
  3. A new window will appear on the screen, where you have to enter the username and work email address.
  4. Click on the Login button and you can now easily access your account.


That concludes with the Keka login. We hope you have enjoyed reading the guide and found it worth your time and effort. Keka is one of the leading HR platforms, adopted by organizations across 150 countries. It is introduced with the sole objective of establishing a connection between HR and employees so that employees feel inspired while working.

Along with the website, Keka is available as a mobile application as well and is supported by both Android and iPhone. You can either download it via Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on your smartphone.

So, what keeps you waiting? Visit the website, opt for a Free Trial version, and decide whether the app suits your organization’s needs or not. If yes, then choose the pricing model based on your budget and manage your core asset appropriately.