DATMAN Login: Introduction, CRM, Limited, Company Check & etc
DATMAN Login: Introduction, CRM, Limited, Company Check & etc


You can quickly login into DATMAN Login. DATMAN is a website, and Datman is a brand of MyPay Ltd, a Guernsey-registered company. Here at Datman, they have a wealth of experience in providing traditional and modern payment solutions. Unlike many other payment providers, they put you as their customer first.

What is DATMAN:

The Datman is a website with two departments; the first is the Tech Team, and the other is the Development.

  1. Tech Team:
    They sit down with their tech team that does all the complicated stuff and ask how we let our customers choose how they get paid. They rose to the challenge, and Datman was born – Getting you spent in your way.
  2. Development:
    They have their tech team doing what they do, and they take all the complex things to do with card payment and platforms and give you a simple and open solution that you can use without needing to be one of them.
    DATMAN Refund: You could refund it directly from your online account if you made an online payment. You must enter your card into the card machine and enter your security pin before you can refund the amount for face-to-face expenses (through the card machine).


There are two ways for DATMAN Login into the account.

  1. Sign In:
    You need to enter the E-Mail and Password. Then press the “Log IN” button.
  2. Passwordless Authentication:
    You need to enter the number code of your respective phone number and E-Mail address and then press the “Send” button on both boxes.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The CRM of Datman is excellent; they try to connect with their customer as soon as possible. A single platform for accepting payments anywhere, on any device. All your payment options and analytics are available anytime, anywhere. Their platform is designed for how you want the work with the Cloud-based technologies that work for you.

DATMAN Limited:

DATMAN is just a company that helps you to grow your business by giving you the tools and expertise to help. We offer a complete toolbox for your business payments needs however you want to get paid. With Datman, you are not just taking over your card processing by saving a few pounds and promising that they will do better than your last provider.

DATMAN Datsun:

DATMAN Datsun is a part of UK based company. The company is based out of Unit 1 Limberhorne Farm, Limberhorne Lane, East Grinstead, United Kingdom (UK). The Website for DATMAN Datsun is www.datman.co.uk. This company used the Technologies such as ASP.NET (Framework and Programming Languages) and Microsoft-IIS (Load Balancers)

DATMAN LTD Company Check:

DATMAN Limited Credit Report includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages and Charges, Directors & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Structure. Plus, Unlimited updates and FREE documents! No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.

Is DATMAN Legit:

DATMAN is a SCAM. The website tells you that your order has been accepted and the food is prepared when it is different. In any case, Datman has taken 24 pounds from me fraudulently. The business is not legitimate.

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