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Microsoft SwiftKey is the savvy console that learns your composing style so that you can type more quickly. Utilize your customized console to type and send emoticons, GIFs and stickers simply in the manner you like. Microsoft also provides its Users with SwiftKey iOS APK so they can easily download it. The Microsoft SwiftKey swipe console is continuously learning and adjusting to match your unique approach to composing – including your shoptalk, monikers and emoticon.

SwiftKey iOS APK for Android:

The Link for Downloading the SwiftKey iOS for Android is given here. The Main benefits of SwiftKey, is the Typing, Automatic Suggestions with Hard Sentence Framing Systems, Customisation of Sentences, Multi-Language etc. This App will provide you with the Custom Keyboard you can set as you want. This method will help you to make your Keyboard always Match your style.

SwiftKey iOS MOD APK:

The SwiftKey iOS MOD also provides a Download Link for its iOS Users. We have provided the Download Link of SwiftKey iOS MOD APK here. https://uz.vnmod.net/app/microsoft-swiftkey-keyboard-modhack/, The List of information is also available here. We have tried to provide most of it. The List of information is given below:

  • Price – Free
  • MOD – Free
  • Category – Work and Productivity
  • Installations – 1000000000+
  • Version –
  • Content Rating – Everyone

SwiftKey Keyboard APK:

The Users can get the App directly from the App Store or go into their Browser for Searching the App APK, or the Users can Download the SwiftKey Keyboard APK from our Website. But there are various Pros and Cons for the App. The List of both Pros and Cons is given here below:


  • Smooth & Fast
  • Perfect Predications of the Sentences
  • Self Learning
  • Users can use Multiple Languages


  • No Tutorial
  • No Emoji Support

SwiftKey Keyboard Pro APK:

The SwiftKey Keyboard is a brilliant Keyboard that tries and understands the Type of Writing and helps you write your Sentences Faster. The Keyboard provides an excellent and personalized Keyboard to type and send emojis, GIFs and more which they can send to any other Users. We have tried to provide the Download link for SwiftKey Keyboard Pro APK. It also provides 400 + Languages. The Users can save the Nickname; on the other hand, they can Save the Emoji on the Currently Used Emoji. The Keyboard is always Learning your sentence framing and adapting to match the Unique way of your Typing. The Users can also send their Emojis on the Message and React to their Message with the App.

SwiftKey iPhone 13:

The Users can get the SwiftKey iPhone 13 through the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. The Users can type fast with the help of its Fast Swipe Tying. This App is also available for all iPhones and iPads Versions. This App will help the Users save time in Typing with the Help of the Sentences you use in regular Chat. It will slowly help you in giving Suggestions. We have tried to provide you with the Download Link for SwiftKey iPhone 13, so you can directly Download the App on your Phones from our Page. It also provides the App Privacy, which is given below:


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Can you use SwiftKey on iOS?

Yes, the Users of the iOS System can use SwiftKey. It also allows us to change the Language in a very speedy manner.

How do I enable SwiftKey on iOS 15?

To enable SwiftKey on iOS 15, you must select it for your Default Keyboard. To do such, you must go into your Settings, select Language and Input, and Choose SwiftKey from the List of Options.

Can I get iOS Keyboard on Android?

Yes, The Users can Download the iOS Keyboard on Android. But in some cases, the User needs to Download the MOD Version or get the APK of the iOS App, which works in Android. Then Select it for the Default Keyboard.

How do I get a real iOS keyboard?

The steps for getting the real iOS Keyboard are that you will need to Go to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboards, tap Full Keyboard Access, and then turn on Full Keyboard Access.

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