EazzyBiz login

Get tired of managing your dispersed finances and looking for a way out? Well, then your search is now over as EazzyBiz is there to help you out. This web-based solution enables you to manage your business finances at any time and from wherever you want.

The best thing about this online portal is its ease of use. The website is absolutely user-friendly and you can easily access it without having to undergo much trouble. It is designed keeping novices in mind; hence, you don’t want any of the technical knowledge to make the best out of it.

Curious to know more EazzyBiz and its login process? Scroll down the page to the end and find the comprehensive guide entailing all the essential information here. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!!

EazzyBizz – A Complete Introduction

Before you get down to the login process, let’s first understand the tool in a bit more details so you can use it appropriately and make the most out of it. EazzyBizz is the one-stop internet-based platform that allows you to manage your business finances right from your comfort zone.

It comprises a set of tools that ensure you maintain your competitive advantage even during hard times. Since it is an internet-based solution, there’s no need to download the same as it will carry out the job on its remote server.

What gives this tool an edge over others is its ease of use. EazzyBizz is designed for both beginners and professionals, keeping simplicity in mind. So, if you want to manage all your finances without stepping out of your space, then create your account with EazzyBizz now and enjoy all of its advantages without costing a dime.

Here’re mentioned some of the important features that make this online tool worth giving a try. Check them out here.

  • Easy Bill Payments

The first and foremost benefit of using EazzyBizz is that it allows you to make easily bill payments, manage salaries, and make statuary payments including NHIF and KRA.

  • Bulk Payments

Want to make multiple transactions? Fret not as this online solution is there to help you. You can make multiple payments at once to Equity Account Holders, Mobile Wallets, and other bank account users.

  • Hassle-Free Fund Transfers

If you are looking to make internal transfers, then use EazzyBizz and get the local transfer done via RTGS/ EFT and international through SWIFT.

  • Liquidity Management

The next major feature that makes EazzyBizz worth giving a thought to is nothing but liquidity management. It can easily manage credit and debit balances, automated sweep transfers, and cash flows across multiple accounts and currencies.

  • 360-degree view of accounts

Yet another prominent advantage of using EazzyBizz is its capability of showing the complete view of all accounts to avoid any trouble later on.

  • Information Reporting

Last but not least feature of this online portal is its information reporting facility, where you can access all customized reports across all analytics and products.

How to EazzyBiz login?

So, now that you are familiar with information about EazzyBizz, it’s high time to know the steps to join the portal. Registering yourself with EazzyBiz is not a hassle and you can easily carry out the process with much ease and comfort.

Follow the instructions mentioned below and get the work done quickly.

EazzyBiz login

Go to the official website of EazzyBiz and navigate your cursor to the Join option. Click on it and proceed further.

  1. Enter the asked information, like the First Name, Second Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Business Name, and Business Location. Make sure you add the correct information to avoid any trouble later on.
  2. Once you are done adding the details, you will be asked a question – Do you have an Equity Account? Depending on your answer, you can tick the checkboxes saying Yes and No. 
  3. Now, tap on the Join EazzyBiz button and it’s done.
  4. Users will get a unique username and password on their registered email address. Keep these credentials safe as they will be used further to make the login process. Speaking of a password, you can change it based on your choice to ensure the maximum security of your account.

How to log into EazzyBiz Account?

Since now you have created an account with EazzyBiz, it’s time to uncover the step-by-step guide to logging into the account. Although the process is simple and straightforward, users must follow the instructions step by step to avoid any last-minute hassle. So, let’s get started.

  • Launch the browser of your choice and access the official website of EazzyBiz either by adding the URL or initiating a Google search.
  • A home page will appear on the screen where you can locate the Login tab. Click on it and move next.
  • Now, add the Username and Password in the required fields, and be sure to check out the entered information to assure its accuracy. Remember that one type can restrict you from accessing your account; hence, take care of such silly mistakes.
  • Now is the time to enter the Captcha Code. It is a simple test to check whether the login is initiated by a human or some AI tool. Users can refresh the captcha code if they don’t understand the same.
  • Click on the Sign in button and you are good to go.

How to reset the password for EazzyBiz Account?

So, you have forgotten the password and are now searching for a way out to change it? Well, there’s no need to worry as we’ve got your back. Carry out the instructions mentioned below and reset the password in less than no time. Let’s have a look.

Reset the password for EazzyBiz Account

Go to the Login section available on the home page of the EazzyBiz website.

  • Now, besides the Sign-in button, you will locate the “Forgot Password” tab. Click on it and move next.
  • A new window will open where you have to enter the Username, Customer ID, Mobile Number, and Email ID. Adding these details is mandatory to proceed further. Also, it is advised to use the online virtual keyboard provided on the website to enter the information as it will ensure the utmost safety of whatever you are adding.
  • Click on the Submit button and it will redirect to the new page where you can enter a new password, confirm the name by re-entering, and you are done.
  • Now, again go to the login window and access your account by adding new credentials.


We hope the article has helped you learn about the EazzyBiz portal so you can decide whether making your account with the same is worth your time and effort. The instructions to log in to your account are mentioned above and users can follow them to avoid any problems later on. 

Feel free to share the guide with others and stay in touch for more information.