When you receive a mail subjecting to text representing “Credit card activated”, it really gives you a cloud nine feeling. Isn’t it? Yes, getting your first credit card really interesting. The era of pockets full of money has gone and now we have entered into an era of pockets full of Credit cards. Scroll down to Know more!

You must know this…A Point to NoteDown

Having a credit card represents your personality(at least in today’s scenario) but remember a Credit card comes with a lot of responsibilities.

First, Each Credit card has a credit limit set according to your monthly income. You can spend up to that limit only! Any purchases done over the Credit card limit will be declined while you make payment for the item.  Also, you have to pay back credit money to the bank and in case if you don’t pay Credit money on time, then you will be charged interest accordingly.

Second, suppose your credit card limit is 5lac rupees. And you are crediting the money from it a total of 5 lac every month, (doesn’t matter you are paying back on time), will decrease your credit score. So there is a rule that you should spend only 10%-30% of the Credit limit money.

Thirdly, it is very important to make a good credit score. A good credit card score shows that you are a regular and consistent user.

Fourth, You may request the bank to increase your credit limit. They will check your documents, salary, past transactions and then only decide whether to increase the credit limit or not.

What are a First Premier Bank and Credit card?

Premier Credit card is issued by First Premier Bank, headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is the 13th largest issuer of MasterCard brand credit cards in the United States. The Bank gives a variety of products and services such as checking, savings, and loans to Treasury Services, Trust and ATM Vault Cash Services.

How to Activate Firstpremiercard?

There are various ways by which you can activate Firstpremiercard. First is every company/banks have online sites as this is the era of the Internet. So you can apply online to activate your card. Second if, every firm has a customer care service that helps you with some basic problems. The third method is Through Mobile apps.

Method 1: Through the Online Process

Step #1: Go to the First Premier bank official website.

First Premier bank official website

Step #2: Scroll down the page and go to Enroll Now under the Credit Card section.

Step #3: Now you will be navigated to another page.

First Premier bank official website

Step #4: Enter your username and password there.

Step #5: Click on Sign in button below.

Step #6: Your now have full access to your account.

Step #7: Go to option “Activate credit card” and that’ all!

After days, you will receive your credit card via mail/courier.

Method 2: Through Customer Support

Step #1: If you are not comfortable with the online method, go for this method.

Step #2: Just call customer support on 1-800-987-5521.

Step #3: Listen to the instructions carefully, you will find an option to activate your card through the self.

Step #4: Enter Information carefully and agree with terms and conditions.

And you are good to go!

Step #5: If you are not able to catch up with recorded instruction, navigate to the customer care representative who will help you for the same.

Method 3: Through Mobile apps

Step #1: Download the Mobile app on you phone from Google Play or App Store.

Step #2: Log in to the app by entering your account details.

Step #3: Click on the activate card option.

Step #4: And you are done!

Method 4: Through ATM Machine

You do not have the internet, no issues. You can not call customer care, no issues. But this is the most simple method, activating through ATM.

Step #1: Go to the Nearest ATM branch of First Premier Bank.

Step #2: Now insert your Firstpremiercard in the ATM.

Step #3: Then Select Language.

Step #4: Press the option “Activate your Card”

Step #5: After that, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Step #6: Enter that OTP and Hurray! Your card is activated!

What if you forget your username and password?

Step #1: Go to the official website.

Step #2: Now go to the credit card section on the page.

Step #3: Click on Enroll now.

Step #4: Now you navigate to another window where you have to enter username and password. So rather than filing this information click on the link just below saying “forget username/password”

Step #5: Now you have to Enter your Account Number and Social Security number to access the account again. Refer to the image below.

Step #6: Then click n Forgot Username or Forgot Password option and you will be navigated to another window where you can set a new password. This is all!

First Premier bank


Reading the benefits and services, I think that the bank services are pretty recommendable. So, if you do not have a credit card and wanted to buy one you can go for firstpremiercard issued by First premier bank.

So this is the complete activation guide that will help you to activate firstpremiercard.

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