Backpage Alternative Websites

In this giant tech world, we often see some posters, short ad clips, and a lot of promotion events everywhere around in order to expand the market and get a minimum return. To do that, there are various online platforms available, and one of them was a “Backpage”.

There is no doubt that Backpage was the great classifieds advertising platform for advertised anything from automobiles to electronics, jobs, events, and reselling of items. But after some time, some people used the sites illegally for human trafficking and prostitution of children. Therefore, the US Department of Justice took the step on April 6, 2018, and shut down the site lastingly.

But millions of people used to use the site for some good branding. What about them? If you are also the one who is looking for some other backpage alternative websites to grow the brand name, then you are lucky today as we have combined some top backpage alternative sites which help you to promote your brand with ease.

Right now, if you visit the, you will get a page that says “ and affiliated websites have been seized”.  So, don’t waste your time by visiting this classifieds advertising platform as here we can go for other backpage alternatives website.

Top 5 Backpage Alternative Sites Of 2021 

#1: Craigslist


Craigslist is considered one of the great backpage alternative websites of 2021 since the websites is organized properly to post ads in a different number section to reach more public. While posting an ad, you can select different options like community, services, jobs, housing, for sale, discussion forums, and many more. On the Craigslist, there is no option to date anymore as it was closed in 2010. The website also has some tips to avoid scams and fraud. Since it has easy to use interface like the backpage, people would love to use this backpage alternative. It also has the search filter to help users quickly find the required stuff.

#2: Free Ads Time

Backpage-Alternative-Websites Free Ads Time

In the advanced tech world, isn’t it amazing to get ads for free or post ads for free? Of course, that’s a great deal as many platforms take charges for the advertisement. And the “Free Ads Time” one of the great backpage like websites where you can easily post ads for free. This website is very popular in some countries like the USA, Europe, Australia and many more. It’s the great place to advertise your product with a number of categories like Automotive, local places, jobs, Services, Buy/sell, real estate, and so on. The user-friendly interface of the site will also let you use the website efficiently.

#3: Instagram

Instagram business

With more than 1.3 billion users around the world, Instagram considered the biggest social media platform. Therefore, people often use this platform for advertisement purposes as anyone can simply make the Instagram business account and start marketing about the product according to the areas. These days, Instagram is one of the most used platforms where you can see ads while scrolling through the feed and stories. So we can say that Instagram is one of the best backpage alternative websites of 2021.

#4: Facebook

After Instagram, we don’t want to forget the biggest social media platform, which has been used by millions of small and giant companies to advertise their products with ease. Just like Instagram, Facebook also has more than 2.45 billion active users. So, Facebook has a broader range compared to every other platform. Facebook also has some different sell and buy groups as well as boost options to promote your product according to location, area, gender, and age in Facebook Business option.

#5: ClassifiedAds

Backpage-Alternative-Websites ClassifiedAds

Just like Backpage, ClassifiedAds is also well-known for its classifieds advertising option for creating free ads. This Washington-based company has a simple interface that allows you to post ads and delete ads with ease as per your choice. Since the design of the site is easy, you can quickly and simply choose the categories from Vehicles, Real estate, community, jobs, and more. This Backpage alternative is very popular in the USA, but every country uses it to sell and buy thousands of products. Also, the is very known for its safety and scammer free service.

Final words

Among the above five best backpage alternative websites 2021, which platform are you going to use? Whatever you choose, every next platform has its own great advantages. If you want to focus on a nearby area, then we suggest you go with Instagram and Facebook, but if you want to expand your business in a wider range without spending money, then you can go with other backpage alternative sites like ClassifiedAds, Free Ads Time and Craigslist. Once after using any of the above backpage alternate, please do share your feedback with us in the comment box.