Ixquick is the old name of Startpage where the searching system was working as a metasearch engine. Due to the latest and fast internet technology, the searching system changes to a web search engine which matches the new name Startpage. The ixquick and Startpage merged in 2016. This search engine is a single search engine which helps to control your personal information, so your data does not disclose.

In ixquick, the developer has designed the website in such a secure pattern that personal data should be the user’s date that measured in the period. Ixquick/Startpage is the best example of that specific search engine that doesn’t track the user record. None of the advertisers gets any information through the web queries because the ixquick search engine used to remove user’s browsing data, thanks to the developer.

The Functions Of ixquick

  • The inquiry could be additionally indicated through hunt administrators.
  • All the searches could without much of a stretch be refined with Ixquick.
  • Particularly the last capacity recognizes this vertical inquiry from customary web indexes.
  • The outcomes could, for instance, be time-restricted down to the day.
  • Individual settings can likewise be spared as a URL.
  • As far as vertical inquiry, ixquick and now Startpage offers its clients a particular quest for recordings, pictures, and telephone numbers notwithstanding the customary web search.
  • Startpage is accessible as a Firefox module or as an application for cell phones.
  • Specific client settings can be spared with a treat going on for 90 days.

When it comes to online search, you can’t beat Google. So we pay them to use their wonderful search outcomes to remove all trackers and logs. The result is the finest and most private search engine in the world. Only now can you search after you without advertisements, recommending products that you have already purchased.

You do not have to retrieve or share your private data with ixquick. In this search engine server, there is no information about its users. It is simply because ixquick has no information to hand over. Because ixquick cannot profile its user’s and is compelled to hand over your data to officials.


Tapping on ixquick search results suggests leaving Startpage.com’s security. It could make you introduce a flood of threats on your PC. That is the reason the developer introduced the Anonymous View work. You can visit search results in complete protection with this feature and keep perusing. They’re never going to comprehend you were there, by each search lead and you will find the capacity. So in this way, iXquick/Startpage search works, to get the anonymous view of users to search for information.

The best part of iXquick/Startpage search engine is that it provides a massive variety of search results of any content. It is because the system breaks through the filter barrier. Where if you notice in other web search engine they save the results and pretend as useful information for the users but in actual it is collecting data which easily taken by outer source.

IXquick is a proxy server search engine which is owned by Startpage BV. Around 21 years has completed for this web search engine to provide safe and private anonymous search. David Bodnick is the man behind this smart search engine that provides massive search result and never saves the presence of the user on that search content. Because of the merging process with Startpage people are again aware of this search engine. If a company made such a device like Google has Android, then this web search engine can come in the competition of Google search engine.

There are around 17 different languages iXquick; a search engine is used as a Startpage web search; language includes English, Dutch, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, and Korea.

Final Words:

According to the view on the internet, about iXquick web search engine is positive. People are very much interested in keeping their privacy while searching on the internet. If you also want such a search engine, then tell with reason in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this safe search engine information to your family and friends.