How to Login SIMPKB: Learning ID & Information for Teachers

Jakarta – The Indonesian Service of Training, Culture, Exploration, and Innovation (Kemendikbudristek) energizes the utilization of the Administration Data Framework for Constant Expert Turn of events (SIMPKB Login) with represent educators. Not all educators know how to sign in to SIMPKB or connect SIMPKB with a account.

The initial step that should pass is to ensure the instructor, as of now, has account. Cited from the Kemendikbudristek page, this is the way to get a Learning Record:

Pengertian SIMPKB:

SIMPKB is a taxpayer-supported initiative focus on instructors all through Indonesia. This program has the point of fostering the expert nature of an educator to make superior and quality training. SIMPKB learning instructors are also prerequisites for educators to get advantages like remittances.

This program has the primary goal of working on the nature of learning results and fostering the capacity of educators to adjust to the times, for instance, telecommuting.

Through SIMPKB learning instructors, understudies are suppose to have a superior comprehension and development of learning materials like applied sciences, abilities, sociologies, and others. Afterward, understudies will get quality information. What’s more, great and quality learning results can be utilized as a benchmark in expanding the position or calling of an educator.

All educators can trail SIMPKB, yet there are specific standards if you need to participate in this movement. To partake in this movement, educators should have scores from the UKG (Educator Skill Test) results with a base score of 65, going from 3 to 10 capability gatherings. If you don’t have a UKG score, then the educator should accept the UKG first.

One more prerequisite is that educators should be enlisted Locally as Instructors and Schooling Staff (GTK) nearby under the sponsorship of the Service of Training and Culture. In joining the SIMPKB program, educators should have the pledge to finish two capability bunches with the most reduced scores for one year.

Melalui Penyelenggara Satuan Pendidikan:

  1. Get the record name (client ID) and record login (secret word) from the administrator.
  2. Go to the page, then enter the record name (client ID) and record login (secret word) from the administrator.
  3. Consent to the agreements of record utilize then change your record SIMPKB Login (secret key)

Cara Gratis:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the complete name, organic mother’s name, client type, date of birth, and Public Instruction Unit Recognizable proof Number (NPSN)
  3. Click the “Really take a look at Learning Record” button.
  4. Assuming it has made sense that the record is now accessible and dynamic, it implies the document is prepared to utilize; if it is accessible but not yet active, then enact it first with an individual email; if the record isn’t found, then at that point, ensure the information is filled accurately or contact the administrator.

After the instructor has an active learning id account, the following stage is to interface the record with SIMPKB Login.


  1. Visit the site
  2. On the ‘Dashboard’ menu, track down the ‘Administration Combination’ section, then, at that point, click the ‘Following’ button.
  3. Click the Connection button in the ‘Administration Coordination’ section.
  4. The framework will divert to the login page with Google. Enter the Learning Record email (learning. id). Then, click ‘Next.’
  5. Enter the secret record key (learning. id). Then, click ‘Next.’
  6. Learning Record (learning. id) is effectively connect with the ‘Connected’ sign.

In its update, SIMPKB Login is said to have obliged the reconciliation of the Learning Record administration. Teachers are supposed to have the option to log in to SIMPKB utilizing their particular Learning Records straightforwardly.

SIMPKB Guru Penggerak:

“Whatever a person does, it should be beneficial for himself, his nation, and humans in the world in general.”

SIMPKB Guru Belajar:

  • Enter your data, such as the full name already listed in the GTK (Teachers and Education Personnel).
  • Instead of a word, you can also use the Teacher Competency Test participant number.
  • Click your domicile region, namely the name of the province.
  • Select a district or city.
  • Click the “search GTK” button to find the GTK number.
  • GTK number will be display on the screen. And also other data are also display on screen.

Thus, understanding SIMPKB learning teachers, how to register, log in, and check the UKG number for those still confused. This program helps improve the quality of education in the learning process with students.


Full form of PPG is Pendidikan Profesi Guru (PPG) or Teacher Professional Education (TPE). It is a higher education after undergraduate education program that prepares students with special skill requirements to become teachers.

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