For any enthusiastic gamer out there globally, the name CS: GO is undoubtedly not a new word since it is probably one of the most popular video games worldwide as of now. Significant changes have gone through the game, developing it as a professional esports game. The game has given rise to CSGO gaming which has become popular within the esports betting market.

The latest CS: GO seems to be an upgrade to the previous SC 1.6. With the new version, new features are bound to be there. If you have been wondering what all the hype about CS 1.6 is about, then you are at the right place.

CS: GO is mainly known for its skin betting, but there are more licensed sites for CS: GO that you can bet with to get a chance to make lucrative esports real money wins. CS: GO has become popular, attracting millions of fans to watch professional CS: GO esports events and competitions. As they watch, it is evident that more than half of them will be betting to get a chance to win as they enjoy what the platforms and the game has to offer.

For most CS: GO players, the difference between this and CS 1.6 is evident as soon as you start your experience in the gameplay. For a start, the new CS: GO doesn’t require players to buy a license to unlock the multiplayer online content. Having no restrictions on the server is also an added advantage for many players.

CS: GO has also seen significant upgrades with corrections on any flaws from the CS 1.6. Compared to CS 1.6, the graphics are also enhanced, giving all players a very high-quality gaming experience. The graphics make it more realistic, making players feel like they are in a whole new universe with an immersive experience. The gameplay is also advanced in its own right and has become very easy to play on any online servers from any geolocation you are.

Scaling is a vital part of any player’s dream and with CS: GO, you can easily rank up. With being able to scale up with no major hurdles, making customizations is a feature that every game wishes for. CS: GO makes it possible to customize your gun, an experience that is usually very enjoyable for many players. There are also many maps for your gameplays and even options to download more customized maps to enhance your gameplay. Even the aiming seems to be better than the aiming in CS 1.6.

The gameplay is competitive, and that’s a key reason players keep coming back as it is enjoyable to try to get to the top. If you put in as much effort, you have the chance to participate in tournaments too. Through these tournaments, you can earn some perfect money.

CS: GO Betting

As much as CS: GO may seem like a complex game, most players enjoy the uniqueness that comes with it. The dynamics, reflexes, and strategies are some of the features that attract thousands of gamers to CS: GO. CS: GO has different types of bets that you can choose from. With these varieties in betting types, you have multiple options which increase your chances of winning every time you select betting on CS: GO as your go-to game.

CS: GO Team betting is one of the top options most players choose. The play is relatively straightforward as it mainly involves making predictions of up to 2 teams to win the rounds. You can always add round scores, handicaps, and much more to enjoy the diversity of the game. You can bet on the team that you think will most likely win the match through the match lines. With the map lines, the best is places on the team which will win the map. For the round lines, the bet is placed on the team that is predicted to win the most rounds. Winning the most rounds will be with a + or a – for the handicap.

According to many players who have played both CS: GO, and CS1.6, the betting experience in CS: GO is way better. Though it can be a severe challenge, especially as a new player with little experience in CS 1.6, there are a couple of tips that you can utilize to make accurate predictions.

For a start, you need to watch the pros. Follow esports streams or any other games getting played. You can also check the statistics, which you can use to make decisions on the odds. Through this, you can clearly understand the teams and the players before you make any decisions. These tips work well with CS: GO, and so you have an added advantage over other players if you take these into considerations.

Final Words

When betting on CS: GO, make sure the platforms you are using are reputable and licensed to ensure you are safe when placing your bets. It might still be a debate for some players about which is better; the CS: GO or the CS 1.6, but it is evident that most players prefer the CS: GO solemnly due to the numbers.