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India loves movies, and that is why primary online streaming services are making millions from the Indian market. However, along with premium services, many free movie sites are popular among users. Most Indian users want free content, and that is why free movie download websites and free movie streaming websites are popular here. JalshaMoviezHD is one such website where users can download Indian movies and series for free.

The collection on JalshaMoviezHD is really amazing. From Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, South Indian Movies to Punjabi Movies, Marathi Movies, and Bengali Movies are available here. You can download them in multiple resolutions. From 480 to 720p HD quality video are available here. You just need to select the titles and navigate to the download link. Since TV shows are also popular among the Indian audience, you will find a decent TV series collection here.

Is JalshaMoviezHD the Best Indian Movie Downloading Website?

The competition in every business is getting tough. Thus, you would find a number of websites that offer movie downloading platforms to their users. However, each website offers different services. JalshaMoviezHD is one of the best websites because it has a simple UI and an easy navigation system. Instead of using the title thumbnails, it shows the name of the movies according to the latest uploads or alphabetical orders.

Nevertheless, many free movie streaming websites can be alternatives to JalshaMoviezHD. Here, we will show you the best JalshaMoviezHD alternatives to watch and download movies in India.


This is a website cum an application that offers you a subscription service where you can enjoy the largest catalog of Indian content. Here you will not only find movies, but you can also find series of different genres where comedy stands out, documentaries produced in the country, and much more content. On this platform, you will find Indian as well as Hollywood content, as that is its objective, in addition to providing accessibility from any device you have. Hotstar has no limits in terms of accessibility to any communication equipment. And, also, it is not limited, it is also not limited to the Indian region, but you can access it from anywhere in the world.

But we remind you that this is a subscription service, for which you must pay an amount of money that will give you access to this platform. But Hotstar also allows free streaming services. Here, users can watch many of its content free along with live TV channels. It has a lot of content for free, while VIP content is available for a VIP subscription.

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Now we bring you an option through which you can watch movies online and completely free. On this site, although it does not have the most attractive interface, you can be sure that you will find quite a few classic Indian movies from this country. A genre that stands out a lot among South Indian, Punjabi, Marathi, Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies are available here. Although it does not have as extensive a catalog as the previous option offers, this is a good option if you want to spend time watching HD movies here. You can also find a recently released feature film on this sire, which is quite convenient if you don’t want to miss out on the latest released content. Thus, this can be among the best alternatives to JalshaMoviezHD.

You may come across some ads while browsing this site. That kind of thing happens because those who maintain the site need to advertise and thus be able to continue offering the possibility of watching Bollywood and Hindi dubbed movies online for free.


FilmyGod is another website where you can find a wide variety of movies to watch for free online. Similar to the last two options, FilmyGod is a trusted option that offers an amazing collection of Indian movies and series. However, you can find an intelligent search engine on this site, which will help you find any movie title quickly. The first thing you should do when entering this website is to locate that search engine. Immediately, you will find a list that contains the best films so that you can enjoy them without complications.

In FilmyGod2, you can enjoy many all the movies and series in HD quality, and the best thing about this is that it is completely free. Here you will also find the most recent releases of movies and series, so you can always keep up to date by visiting this website.


This is another one of those websites that can be the top JalshaMoviezHD alternatives. However, as its name indicates on this, you can find movies only. It is dedicated to the movie devotees who reside in India. Within this site, you will not only find movies, but you can also find popular TV series. Also, if you want to watch some other type of movie, you can find it here. Here you can find all content in Alphabetical order, so when you select a letter, you will be sent to a page, and you will see all the movies whose names begin with the letter you selected.

If you want to watch a specific movie, you just have to put its name in the search engine that the page offers. Or maybe you want to search for movies by genre, which is also possible with this JalshaMoviezHD alternative. In addition, you can be sure that you will find movies of excellent quality, so you do not have to worry about a bad steaming experience here.


This is an excellent platform for those who enjoy watching movies in HD quality on their smartphone. On this site, you will find a large number of movies, which you can enjoy with your friends. You will find new movies and also some classic movies, all of them are very good and of excellent quality in both resolution and sound. And, of course, on this page, you will also find Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed South Indian Movies, and other Indian regional movies. Of course, it is not like any of the options that we have previously presented, which are exclusively dedicated to productions from this country. However, you have the advantage of being able to watch other types of movies if you feel like it on the way.

To be able to enjoy Hindi movies, you must first enter the site and find the search engine. Once you have done this, you just have to enter the words name of the movie or series and press “search” to see the list of movies related to your search. 


This is very similar to JalshaMoviezHD as it allows users to download movies and series on their devices. Along with Indian movies and regional movies, you can find several films. Follow the same process as the ones we have mentioned in JalshaMoviezHD. The first thing you should do is find the search engine at the top of the web page.

Once you find it, you must put the title of the movie or series. To be able to do the search. Later you will find a fairly extensive list of the best-known results. But this is not all; remember that they will always be available to you within this platform if you want to see some other type of film. You just have to find the right download link, and you are good to go.