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The NSU stands for Northwestern State University. MyNSU is an educational website. This application provides various services to their students and teachers as well. Using MyNSU Login will give you access to all website services. The list of services offered to you in the list given below:

  • My Course
  • Office 365
  • Purple Portal
  • Purple Alert
  • IncludED
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Student Services
    • Academic Success Center
    • Career Services
    • Counseling Services
    • Health Services
    • NSU Cares
    • Title IX
  • Password Management
    • Forgot Password?
    • Change Password
    • Setup Password Reset
  • Help
    • Don’t Know the Username?
    • Student Help Desk
    • Staff Help Desk
    • Library Services
    • Electronic & Continuing Education

MyNSU Sign Up:

The MyNSU provides you with the Username and password format you need to enter for logging into your account. After completing your admission process, students can first log into the account. The structure in which you need to log in for the first time is fixed, which we have provided you in the list below:

  • Username Format: First initial + last name but only 13 characters at max + last six digits of Campus Wide ID
  • Your Password: Your Password will be your last name but only 13 characters at max + your six-digit date of birth.

MyNSU Login:

MyNSU Login is a straightforward process. We have tried to explain the process in a step-by-step format, which is given below:

  • First of all, go to the following link to login
  • There first, enter your Username.
  • After that, enter your Password.
  • Then if you have Forgotten your Password then, click on that link.
  • If you know both of them, click the “Sign In” button.
  • MyNSU Login for Blackboard:
  • The steps of MyNSU Login for Blackboard are easy. The Blackboard consists of Online classes. They are given below in the step-by-step format:
  • Go to the following link to Login into Blackboard.
  • After going to the following link, enter your Username.
  • Then enter your Password.
  • After that, click on the “Sign In” button.
  • You can also log in with a third-party account, which includes NSU SSO.

MyNSU Self-Service:

There are various services that MyNSU provides. But there is only one problem. The problem is that the students must fill out their forms, fees, assignment, account balance enrollment, grades, approval, etc., by themself. The list of all the self-services is given below:

  1. Go NSU: It is a self-service for students and employees, including personal information, grades, and enrollment.
  2. GreenMail: Access your NSU email, calendars, and presentation.
  3. BlackBoard: Online Classes.
  4. Course Catalog: Current and past undergraduate and graduate catalogs.
  5. Course Schedule: All schedules for exams, meetings, etc., are included.
  6. Degree Works – Degree Audits: These show your progress towards degree completion.
  7. Virtual Private Network: Off college and Wi-Fi.
  8. Password Manager: Reset your NSU password.
  9. Make a Payment: You can make payments.
  10. Library: Articles, books, research guides, and more.
  11. Employees: Currently working employees.
  12. Current Students: Currently studying students.
  13. HawkLife: Student organization management portal.
  14. Book Event: Reserve your rooms or space to have meetings.

MyNSU Housing:

MyNSU housing provides their student with a housing website. From there, the students can book their accommodation and keep the house for rent. It helps students who have moved out of their houses for the first time. They help their student to get a proper house-like facility. Some homes are given on lease, and some are offered for rent.
They also try to provide Handy Housing Guides on their website. These guidelines will help the student understand the policy of the house in which they are staying. This will help them in preventing them from running out of pocket. They have tried to give them guidelines for being safe from future problem that is provided below:

  • Tenancy Deposits Guide
  • Tenancy Checklist Guide
  • Do’s and Don’t for the Tenancy
  • Disrepair


Thank you for reading. Furthermore, If you have any queries about MyNSU Login or another post, let us know in the comment section.

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