The Tamildhool website is one of the most popular platforms to watch Tamil web series, movies, and TV shows. It offers movies of every genre and every category. Every person who loves exploring south Indian movies would admire this website. The website allows the user not just to watch movies but also allows downloading so that the uses can watch these shows later as per their convenience and preferences. 

If you are keen to know more about this website, then continue reading the post. The post will take you to the greater depths of this website. It will introduce you to the alternatives of the website as well. Furthermore, it will also provide insights on the list of features offered by the website to the users. On a whole, if you wish to know all this and the process of downloading the movies from Tamildhool then continue reading further with the same level of curiosity.  

What is Tamildhool?

The Tamildhool is a treasure for people who love exploring Tamil movies, web series, and TV shows. Tamildhool is a website where people can avail all categories of Tamil movies. It offers categories such as action, thriller, Hollywood movies, kids, entertainment, family movies, and many others. All the movies have been categorized based on genre. This makes it easy for the users to get their favorite content without much complication. 

The Tamildhool website is an illegal website that provides as well as promotes the pirated content. So, the users could always find all the latest movies, web series, or TV shows on this website just after the release. Many-a- times, you would also be able to watch the movies even before the release. The Tamildhool website provides a lot of interesting features to allure the users to use the platform. So, if you wish to download the latest release of Tamil movies then you can indeed give a shot to this website. It will provide you all the fun you wish for. 

Now that you got a basic outline of what the Tamildhool website is all about, we would suggest you proceed further to know the interesting aspects of this website. 

Features of Tamildhool

The Tamildhool is a very impressive and popular website for downloading the pirated content. It is an illegal website that offers a long list of features to the users while watching or downloading movies. Some of the amazingly impressive features of the same have been highlighted below. 

  • Watch offline

The primary feature of the Tamildhool website is that it allows the users to download movies and then watch them later on offline mode. You can very well watch movies on offline mode as well. This is one of the best features as you would not have to waste your internet for hours and hours, you would just be required to download your preferred movie and then can watch as per your convenience and preference. 

  • Fast speed

The nest in the list of best features offered by the Tamildhool platform is the high speed. Tamildhool provides very high-speed downloading. It is free from bugs and additional advertisements that pop up while watching the movies. The time that the Tamildhool website takes to download the movies or shows is relatively quick. The sped is very impressive on this website. 

  • Free downloading

The best and the most interesting aspect of this Tamildhool website is that it provides free content. The users are not required to pay even a penny to watch or to download movies, web series, and TV shows. The website is completely free of cost. It provides an excellent experience to the users and yet does not charge any amount for the same. 

  • HD quality 

The movies or web series that you would be downloading from the Tamildhool website are of the best quality. Generally, when you download content from an illegal source, you would be required to compromise on the quality of the theme. But, in regards to Tamildhool, you would not be required to compromise on anything. The quality of movies you would be downloading is quite impressive as it offers high-definition movies. 

  • Latest movies

If you are a movie lover, then you would always be interested to watch all the movies at the moment when they are released. You would be now able to do the same. Tamildhool provides all the latest releases. It offers every category of the latest Tamil movie. This allows you to watch movies just after they are released and sometimes even before release. 

The features that Tamildhool provides are many. These were some of the noteworthy features offered by the website. Continue reading further to understand the process of downloading content from the Tamildhool website.

How to download movies from Tamildhool?

The Tamildhool website is considered one of the best websites for downloading movies. If you are a key admirer of Tamil movies, web series, or any Tamil shows then you must be wondering how to download the movies from the website or how to go about downloading the shows. We have got you covered on this. 

Below are some of the steps that you need to follow to download or watch your favorite movies from the Tamildhool website. The process of downloading the web series, TV shows, documentaries, and movies from the Tamildhool website has been enlisted below. Follow these simple steps and you would be able to download the content without paying any amount.  

  • To begin with, you need to search the Tamildhool website on the browser. For this, you need to use the UC browser and not the other ones. 
  • Install UC browser in case you do not have it on your device. 
  • The next step that you need to follow is to search the Tamildhool website on the UC browser. 
  • Once you have found out about the Tamildhool website then visit the website to watch the movies or TV shows.
  • Now, that you have visited the website, you would land up on the homepage of this website. 
  • A lot of movies, web series, and TV shows will be displayed on the homepage. 
  • You could either find the movie you are looking for displayed on the homepage itself. 
  • In case, you do not find the movie you wish to watch then you can search it by typing the movie name on the search bar towards the top of the screen. 
  • After this, your movie will appear. You could now select either to watch the movie or to download it. 
  • You could download movies and every category of content in the same way without paying any subscription charges or downloading charges.

These were some simple and easy steps that you could follow to download your favorite content from the Tamildhool website. Now as you have understood the process of downloading the movies from the Tamildhool website let us move our focus towards the next section to the list of best legal and illegal alternatives to the Tamidhool website. 

Alternatives of Tamildhool

Tamildhool is an extremely amazing website that offers every genre of movies. It is the best platform for fans of Tamil movies. But, if you are wondering whether there are other alternatives to the Tamildhool website which you could use then you are right. There is the various alternative of Tamildhool. 

Hundreds of websites are providing pirated content just like Tamildhool. Some of the best legal and illegal alternatives of the Tamildhool website have been mentioned below for you to get a list of options to explore. The legal website, as well as the illegal website provided below, is the top most website for watching or downloading the latest Tamil movies, web series, documentaries, or TV shows. 

  • Hotstar
  • YouTube
  • Fmovies
  • Sony LIV
  • Netflix
  • Khatrimaza
  • Tamilrockers
  • Amazon Prime
  • Movie Ninja
  • Look movies
  • Movies4u
  • Sony Crunch
  • Voot
  • HDO
  • Nitro
  • Ice movie
  • MX Player

These were some of the best legal and illegal alternatives that you can access to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. The list has been finalized with the best alternatives of Tamildhool. You could watch all your movies, web series, documentaries, as well as TV shows. You would also be able to download the content to watch later with your friends and family. The legal alternatives might require you to pay a subscription amount. But, in case of an illegal alternative, you would not be required to pay any amount to enjoy the benefits. 

The Tamildhool is an illegal platform that promotes pirates content. However, we do not support or promote such a website. The above content is solely for informational purposes only. We recommend our readers be careful while downloading content from any source. It is always suggested to use precautionary steps to be dole careful on the same. The post is mainly to create an awareness of such piracy-promoting platforms. 


Is it safe and secure to download content from the Tamildhool website?

Tamildhool is an illegal website. It is hence suggested to access the website with proper care and precaution.

Is the Tamildhool a legal website to download content?

No, Tamildhool is an illegal platform that promotes pirated content. 

What are the categories offered by the Tamildhool website?

The Tamildhool website offers categories such as action, thriller, Hollywood movies, kids, entertainment, family movies, and many others.