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Popular amongst millions of people worldwide, the Vigo video was one of the short video-making apps available in the Google play store. But, lately, the government of our country decided against banning this app along with 58 other apps.

It was recently discovered that the Vigo video app was gathering information for all the users and then transferring it to third party sources. Hence, focusing on the protection of the private information of millions of users in the country, the government was bound to come to such a decision. As because the people cannot use this app anymore, the users have started to search for other similar apps like Vigo video. Henceforth, the people who were enthusiastic about making videos in the Vigo video app, need to stop worrying now because we are here with some of the best short video making apps. You will be even more excited to know that some of these alternatives can provide you better service than the Vigo video app.

So, here is great news for the people looking for the top-rated alternatives for the Vigo video app. The later part of this post will take you through some of the very popular video making applications which are very safe and convenient to use. We are also going to discuss some Indian apps like Vigo video which are developed in India and you can download them from the Google play store or App store. It is recommended to download any one of these apps as it would greatly help in promoting the Indian apps and their developers.

What is the Vigo video app?

Vigo video Indian app is an authentic short video making an application that lets people share their videos as well as watch videos uploaded by other users. It also offers a lot of features such as easy editing tools, attractive stickers and filters, and unique effects for capturing different moments to share and connect with a lot of people who are a part of the Vigo app community and share a similar field of interests. The video content on this app is divided into a lot of categories such as travel, entertainment, lifestyle, food, etc. It is a great app for entertainment too.

Why is the Vigo Video app banned?

Vigo video, along with several other video-making apps has been prohibited from functioning in India. The cause behind this ban is the security issue and inappropriate content which the apps comprise of. A lot of claims have been made by the people that it is better to keep it away from kids as it can expose them to a lot of sexual concerns. Recently, this app was banned 8n our country because it was suspected to carry a lot of risk to the privacy and security of the country and its people.

Top 10 alternatives to Vigo Video:

Here are some highly recommended apps that can be used as alternatives to the Vigo video app. So, go ahead and check the list as it follows:

  1. Dubsmash

This application was widely in trend before a handful of years now. It had turned into one of the most popular apps some five years ago. Millions of people, including celebrity stars started using it because of the outstanding features it offered. It allows the users to create videos in which one can even lip-sync to the songs playing in the background. The users can even try dubbing for music from various categories like movie songs, television show dialogues, etc.

  1. Roposo

The app that we are going to talk about here is one amongst the top-rated apps in India which is used to film short videos or search for WhatsApp statuses. This application assures you an experience that will be as exciting as watching video content on the Television. It is a completely India based application that allows the users to upload their self created videos and share them with other people. It is indeed a great platform to present your qualities and find videos that suit your interest. The application is quite an older one, but it never had this fame before.

  1. YouTube

This app doesn’t need to be introduced since it is a very common app and is known to almost all smartphone users. YouTube is one such app that has been growing immensely as one of the best websites for entertainment used by people all over the world. It lets you watch and upload video content regarding almost all your fields of interest. It includes some rules and regulations which should be followed by the users. It allows the users to upload a video and also have a copyright on the videos they upload.

Unlike the rest of the apps, this app demands you to be a bit more conscious. You will have to create an account on YouTube before starting with video uploading and watching. Users can have access to outstanding videos from all over the world. The most attractive feature of this website is that it includes videos based on anything and everything which includes something as simple as ironing a shirt to how to bake a cake.

  1. Triller 

This is one of the best apps used by video creators. If you are someone who likes creating content of their own then this is just the right platform for you to let people know about your talent. You can create excellent videos by yourself and you don’t have to follow a lot of steps for sharing them over the web. Hence, the process doesn’t feel tedious at all. Another point that makes this app popular is the fact that it has an extremely easy user interface. The Triller app is therefore used by people belonging to different age groups without having a lot of information regarding video making. Hence, this app can be reliably used as an ideal alternative for the Vigo video app. This application also allows sharing all your potentials and reach up to the fields where your interest lies.

  1. Mitron

This is again a popular application that has been created in India itself and it can be trusted as one of the best alternatives for the video-making apps that have been recently banned in the country. It has a very simple user interface that can be comprehended very easily. It can be downloaded for free. Similar to Chingari, this app also can be downloaded from the Google play store. The size of this application is not much bigger which ensures that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your device. However, it is an excellent application that offers a platform for expressing yourself and letting your talent outreach huge masses of people in your country.

  1. Chingari

In short, Chingari is an application that can be used freely. It is very fast and smooth and offers a lot of amazing features for visitors. Specifically, after the government decided to ban apps like Vigo video, this app has been downloaded by a large number of people. You just need to launch Google Play Store, search for the app, download and complete the installation process. Once it gets installed, you will find a shortcut for the app on the home screen of your phone and you can use it just by clicking on the shortcut icon. The best part about this application is the speed with which it works. Once you have created your video, it gets uploaded in the blink of an eye and reaches numerous other users in different parts of your country. This app is developed in India which makes it completely safe to be used.

  1. YoPlay

Are you in search of an application that will offer you an experience similar to that of Vigo video? If yes, then we are here with a far better choice. YoPlay not just lets you create short videos of yourself, but also lets you have accessibility to a lot of games. It is an application that offers multiple benefits. It can be downloaded and understood very easily too. Talking about the gaming part, this application is truly magical. It provides the user’s accessibility to different gaming forums and games of various categories.

  1. Instagram

This too is an app that does need to be introduced much. It is more of a social media site, but lets people create videos too. Although, the videos are not very long they are very interesting. Instagram has a unique video making feature which is named as Boomerang. Using this feature the users can create videos in which the same activity will be played on loop making it look similar to a boomerang.

  1. Rizzle

For people who find collabs fun and exciting, this application can be the go-to option. It lets you get into collaboration with other people for making videos. It lets you upload videos that run for nearly 60 seconds. This is the unique feature offered by this application and also what makes it stand apart from the rest. It can be accessed easily and also functions smoothly without interruptions.

  • Brilla

This app is popular for providing users with the most recent and trending videos from day today. The users can make short videos and share them across the web. This can’t just be a great mode for your entertainment or passing leisure time, but it can also help you in bringing up your talent over to the world. This can be a very good option if you are searching for choices that can be used as a replacement for the Vigo video app.

Several Indian apps can be used to make short videos. Such apps also have started gaining a lot of popularity lately. Apart from the 10 apps that are mentioned above in this post, there are a lot of other options too, which you can try if you are a video loving person. You can take the help of a browser to search and know more about these apps. There are many apps like Vigo videos to earn money. Therefore, being the citizens of India, it is our responsibility to abide by the decision that our government has taken since it is in the favor of the people too. So, it is advised to uninstall the Vigo video application from your device if you still have it. Furthermore, you should take due note of not using any other Chinese app that has been banned in the country.


Why is Vigo Video banned in India?

Along with 58 more Chinese apps, Vigo video has been banned in India recently because all of them were suspected to pose a threat to the security and privacy concerns of our country. Hence, giving priority to the privacy protections of the Indian people, the government decided to ban these apps in the county.

Which is India based short video-making apps?

Some top-rated  Vigo video alternative Indian app that is developed in India are Chingari, Roposo, Mitron, etc.

Who can use these apps?

People using smartphones running on both android and IOS can use these apps. Although, some of these apps are not yet available for IOS. However, each one of them can be downloaded to any device which functions on the android operating system.

Is it safe to use these apps?

The ratings and reviews of these apps may differ from one user to another. However, a lot of them are completely safe and trustworthy to use. They don’t pose any kind of risk to your data. You can know more about them on the internet before downloading them.

Will the ban on Vigo Video get removed?

This is a very uncertain question and cannot be answered as of now. However, chances for the ban to get removed are very less but that doesn’t mean there are no chances at all. It will only be known shortly if the situation between the two countries becomes better.