In China, there is a technology company based in and headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian, named Meitu Inc. It built smartphones and at the same time some great selfie apps that you could use to take some awesome pictures. Meitu is one such app that helps us take amazing selfies and edit them to our hearts’ content with the trending features before posting them on social media. However, due to some recent disputes between the Indian government and the Chinese government, the app is now no longer available for the use of Indian citizens. But that will not and shall not stop us from posting our best-edited pictures online right? So here we have some of the alternatives that you could try in place of Meitu.

What is Meitu?

We always want to show our best version on social media, to other people. Even though we may be messed up in our lives, we want the image that we portray to the other people to be the most perfect versions of ourselves. Meitu helps us to do just that. The technology firm in China has many such apps and those apps are installed on the phones of millions of people all over the world. Meitu is one of the best amongst them. It has all the trending edits and filters that you would need to make your pictures look awesome on Facebook and Instagram. But it is now banned in India. We do have some alternative line up for you though, that you can use to make equally great pictures. To know all about it, you must read on.

Why is Meitu banned?

Let us start by the first understanding why a great app such Meitu banned before we go on to take a look at the alternatives that could be used in its place. Following up on some disputes between the Indian government and the Chinese government, many apps of Chinese origin were banned in India. The Chinese apps were believed to be transmitting user information to bases outside the territory of India. In such a situation, the Indian government banned the apps that were thought to be a part of this agenda. Our government had to take the step to protect the security and sovereignty of its citizens and it did it as efficiently as possible. Alternatives for the apps that were banned were already in the market before they were banned. You can keep the applications on your phone, but it would henceforth not receive updates or use them either.

Alternatives for Meitu:

Even before the apps were banned by the Indian government, it was ready with various alternatives to the app that the people could use. These alternatives include Indian apps as well as apps based in other countries. These apps too give their best to their users and surely would be viable enough as apps to be used in place of Meitu. Let’s scroll along and take a look at some of the best Meitu alternatives in the market right now.

  1. Cymera:

If you are an android user and now need a photo editing app, then this is the application you could turn to for help. It is all that a good camera and photo editing app must-have. The application is a free app that anyone can download from Play Store. It can be used to edit a variety of pictures in a variety of ways. It is not of Chinese origin. It is a Korean based application and thus has no fear of getting banned anytime soon. You can continue to use the app to your heart’s content and keep posting your beautiful selfies online!

  1. B612:

Another one of Korean fantastic apps, B612 is another app that you can use to take and edit amazing selfies. This is sometimes confused with being a Chinese application, but it is not. The app comes under the SnowCorpcompany which is based in South Korea. The application is free to use. The best thing about the application is of course the many filters and editing provisions that the app provides its users. Along with that though, B612 is very easy to understand and handle. The moment you open the app, it would become completely apparent to you as to how you are supposed to use it.

  1. B623:

Another version of the B612 app, B623 can also be very well used as an alternative for Meitu. With a total of 4 stars rating in the Play Store, it is a great photo editing app for android users. However, unlike B612, this version of it does not have as many filters as B612 does. Furthermore, there are often some glitches reported by some users that state how there is sometimes a problem with the smooth running of the app. At the same time, it is not a very prevalent or predominant problem amongst the millions of users of the application. On most occasions, the reviews state that it is safe and easy to use app that promises to make your pictures better and fitted for social media.

  1. Indian Selfie Camera:

It is now time for some Meitu Indian alternatives that one can use instead of Meitu. This application has no chance of getting banned in India. Indian selfie Camera is an Indian alternative for Meitu that was introduced by the Indian government and in no way is any short of various other photo editing apps. What makes the app stand out are certain filters that are specific to our Indian cultures such as turbans and jhumkas. Moreover, the app is free to use and does not take up much space on your device either. It is however more suited for an android system than iOS ones. The interface is easy to use and handle and makes the app an all the more viable option for its users.

  1. Photo Lab- Photo Editor:

Another one of the Indian apps that gives you amazing photo editing effects, Photo lab is one of the few photo editing apps that has been able to keep its name and position in the market for a while now. The application has many conventional effects such as black and white and sepia and blurring, but what distinguishes it from the other photo editing apps is the fact that it has some editing effects that makes your pictures stand out. You can download and install the app from the Play Store. Another fact that helps it in keeping its position is the ease with which it can be used. The user interface of the app is quite easy and simple to understand and hence becomes a more viable option for the masses.

  1. Roposo:

This is an Indian application for sure and it is easy to use as well. However, it is more concerned with videos than with still pictures. It is a short video making and editing app of Indian background. But that does make it devoid of any editing effects for still pictures. In times like these, it is best if we stick to Indian alternatives as much as possible. The app makers of India could use some positivity right now and using applications that are of Indian background could be a lot more worth it than it feels otherwise.

  1. Picsart:

This is one of the best and top-notch photo editing apps in the history of photo editing apps. It has all the latest filters that one could need for editing their pictures for their social media handles. Starting from blurring your pictures or their backgrounds, to putting up filters that make you enhance the beauty of the photos, Picsart can help you achieve it all. Sometimes the app suffers some glitches. But that on more occasions depends on your device and the load that it can take. The app is more suitable for Android users. It does not take up much space on your phone either. What is a major problem is thought that it consists of various ads and that may sometimes interfere with the service that the app provides?

  1. LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects:

LightX photo editor and photo effects have a total of 4.5 stars in the Play Store. This tells you a lot about the app, doesn’t it?! The application is easy to use and easy to install. All you need to do is to visit the Play Store and download and install the application on your phone. You will get a lot of features and effects on the app that will make your pictures look much more perfect and beautiful than they already are. The application may sometimes contain ads, but they are not so many that would disrupt your photo editing sessions.

  1. Photo Collage Maker- Photo Collage and Photo Editor:

The specialty of the app is apart from editing pictures it can even put them together in one frame in the form of collages. Many times we are confused as to which images we are to upload on social media as all of them are too good. Well, this is your solution. You do not need to choose. Just put them together in a proper collage and post it online! The app is free and easy to download and does not take up much space on your phone either. It also has many types of collages starting from grids to freestyle. This app too contains many ads.

10. VSCO:

This application is like the father of all photo editing apps. It is a perfect balance between the perfection of Adobe Photoshop and the ease of use of other photo editing apps. It is free to install on your device. The best part of it is that it can be used for both iOS and Android systems. It is hard to get an app that is easy to use, gives the perfect effects for your social media pictures, does not take up much space, and is available for use on both iOS and Android-based platforms. When you get hold of such an app the only wise thing to do is to download it and install it on your device asap! VSCO is an app that is not just an alternative to Meitu, but rather way better than it in many aspects as well.

It is said that when one door gets shuts, multiple ones open on various other sides. Meitu might have been banned from India. But at the same time, there are so many more apps to explore! Let’s start exploring then, shall we?!


Is Meitu illegal in India?

Meitu app is an app of Chinese origin and as of recently, many Chinese apps are now banned from India. You can still keep the apps on your phone if you want to. However, no new downloads can occur and neither will you receive any updates about the applications. They will be rendered useless and just take up the space in your device. It is hence best to shift to another alternative, preferably an Indian alternative.

Are the apps provided as alternatives safe?

The applications that we have provided in the list above are sage and secured enough for users to use. We have tried to keep the list free of any Chinese apps. The apps provided in the list, hence, have no threat of getting banned shortly.

Is YouCam a Chinese app?

Yes, YouCam is a Chinese app. It hence cannot be used as an alternative for Meitu. You can instead take a look at the list above for apps that are safe enough and can be used in place of the Meitu app.

How much space does VSCO take up?

It has a rating of more than 4 stars in the Play Store and takes up about 52 MB of space on your device. It is at the same time a very useful and easy to use application that helps you edit pictures with ease and make them look trendier to match up with the latest craze on social media.

Is Picsart safe to use?

Yes, Picsart is a safe enough application that you could use. The only drawback that the app has is its consistent and deliberate ads and pop-ups that sometimes compromise with the users’ photo editing experience on the app.