Crying Obsidian

Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft has been a public favorite video game since 2011. While the popularity of the game dipped in between, things have again reverted to their original craziness. However, with Minecraft, you need to know about the elements and the tools that will make the overall game worth the while.

The use of Crying Obsidian is one of them. However, for the beginner-level players who don’t have much idea about each element and crucifix in the game, not knowing about the crying obsidian is pretty common. 

If you are here confused about what it means and how you can use it in the game to your benefit, you are in the right place. We have sorted out every last detail about this element that can help you plan your next strategy in the game.

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What is a Crying Obsidian?

The crying obsidian, like many others, is a decorative block in Minecraft. However, the function of this block is to help the players create respawn anchors in the game. They are primarily available in single-player modes and worlds. However, if two or more multiplayer worlds have the same mode installed, they will be able to access this purple coloured block.

Majority of the players looking for the crying obsidian block struggle a lot, primarily because it’s extremely rare, not to mention that only three methods are available to access it. The block has benefits for the players during the survival mode, enabling them to repurpose lives. 

More than the staple functions, the rule behind the use of crying obsidian is to use it as a crafting material. When you combine six of these blocks with 3 glowing stones, you stand a chance to craft a respawn anchor.

Besides its attractive design, the crying obsidian is also programmed to give off a light level of 10, meaning that it can be used to brighten up rooms or even to grow plants. Also, the block is extremely durable and can’t be damaged with the attack of common threats like creepers and ghasts.

How to acquire Crying Obsidian?

Now that you know what crying obsidian is, the next question that must be irking your mind is, “How do I get it?” Well, you aren’t the only one. You’d be surprised to know that the block is so rare that only three ways are available to acquire it.

They include:

  • They can be found in Bastion Remnants. You will have to barter them with piglins
  • They can be found in the Nether portal, degenerating.
  • Trade gold ingots with piglins to stand a chance to get 1-3 crying obsidian

What are the uses of Crying Obsidian?

Once you have successfully acquired the crying obsidian in the game in one of the above three ways, the next thing to focus on is the ways to use them.

As we said before, it is primarily used to respawn anchors. That is the pivotal function of this block. However, what else can you use it for? 

Well, at this point, the respawn anchor is the only major function. However, creating the respawn anchor in the Nether enables it to become extremely brighter with each charge that is added to it. However, the players need to be careful with the charge they add to the block. If the circle is full and they still keep on adding the charges, it will burst an anchor.

If the anchor explodes by mistake, the player will end up losing the block forever, putting all their efforts in vain.

How is the Crying Obsidian block created?

As we said before, the crying obsidian is one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft and is not readily available to the players. Unless you are a pro in the game, you will have a very hard time getting your hands on this purple block during the game.

That said, this rare purple block is created in the Minecraft world when water is placed on the Lava source block. Compared to the standard obsidian, the crying obsidian required lesser time to be mined. However, the player needs to have access to the diamond or Netherite pickaxe to successfully mine the obsidian.

It was made available with the Nether update. And, since it has the staple purple colour to it, it emits purple light when you acquire it, illuminating the surroundings. This feature in the crying obsidian is unlike anything else that you will likely come across.

Make sure that you are being very careful about mining and handling the crying obsidian because they are unlike any other standard obsidian that you will come across in the Minecraft world. Given how rare and precious this block is, treasure it accordingly instead of going berserk over it.

How to Get Crying Obsidian in Survival Mode?

The crying obsidian can be added to your gameplay during the survival mode. All you have to do is follow the steps that we have sorted out for you here:

  • Start by finding the ruined portal in the Minecraft world. The ruined portal looks like the remains of a Nether portal and will spawn naturally in the game.
  • Once you find the ruined portal, look around and locate the crying obsidian block. You will be able to spot it pretty easily, thanks to the amazing glowing purple design with glowing particles.
  • Hold your netherite or diamond pickaxe to then mine the crying obsidian.
  • Lastly, you then need to mine the crying obsidian as you would with the other blocks in Minecraft.
  • Once done, you need to then pick up the mined crying obsidian and call it a day.


If you are into Minecraft and have heard about the rave of crying obsidian and wanted to jump the gun before it’s too late, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you are likely looking for. Make sure that you mine and handle this block with the utmost care because not every Minecraft player gets access to it.


Is it worth mining crying obsidian?

Even though they are very rare and hard to mine, crying obsidians help with a lot of functions. They are especially amazing for respawning anchors, which helps save lives in the game.

Why did Minecraft add crying obsidian?

The primary objective behind adding crying obsidian was to introduce a block that would help with the respawn point.

Is the crying obsidian stronger than standard ones?

In terms of strength and explosion, both of them are the same. However, the functions of crying obsidian are considered superior in the game.