Viva Video Alternatives

As technology has evolved, smartphones have also been updated with the latest features and tools. Now, we don’t need cameras to edit pictures. Software developing companies have integrated editing tools and applications in smartphones, making it easier for users to do their necessary editing works. Although smartphone cameras have improved a lot, there are times when one cannot capture the right picture or video due to various reasons. In those times, a video editing app is extremely essential to help them edit the video as per their requirement. In this article, we would talk about the ban on the famous Viva Video app and its alternatives. Before that, we would know about the Viva Video app.

What is the Viva Video app?

Viva Video is one of the best video editing tools we had in recent times. It recorded over 800 million downloads which amply demonstrates how effective an editing tool it was. If you are new to this editing task, this app provided you with step by step tutorials on how to use the various features for your required video editing needs. Hence, this was the best app for beginners. Not only that, but Viva Video also had a premium version, to which users had to subscribe for accessing the options and facilities. It provided users with options like add music, text, stickers, emojis, watermarks, and so on. It also allowed users to crop any part of the video or trim its length. Users could even adjust the video speed.

Why is the app banned?

Viva Video is a well-known editing platform around which we had several privacy concerns and controversies. In today’s times, it’s extremely important to be sure of the app’s security and reliability because we might be editing important office information on them. Unfortunately, the Chinese app Viva Video has been found to violate certain guidelines and policies, putting the security of its users at risk. Also, because of the brewing Indo China relationships, the Indian government decided to ban this app, keeping in mind the safety issues of hundreds of Indians. However, you don’t have to worry about this. Several other editing apps provide similar user-friendly services, some of which we have enlisted below.

Alternatives of  Viva Video

We understand that it’s difficult to find a suitable video and photo editing app that provides you with everything which you need. Of course, you won’t be willing to trim your video in one app and add effects in some other app. The process would be too confusing. So, to avoid all confusion and make editing convenient for our users, we have listed the best Viva Video alternatives they can use.

  1. KineMaster

Similar to Viva Video, KineMaster also rose to fame because of its user-friendly UI and easy accessibility. The interface of this app is clean, smooth, and well designed. If you are using this app for the first time, you won’t be facing any issue with its functioning. It’s extremely easy to navigate through this app. Users get an option to add one or blend multiple layers of videos to make the video editing process hassle-free on their smartphones. The app also comes with colour adjustment features, allowing you to increase or decrease the colour sharpness, brightness, contrast, and whatnot. You can apply various colour filters or edit the existing shade of the video. Users can even use KineMaster to make slow-motion videos or add sound effects to it.

  1. Magisto

If you wish to develop catchy videos for your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Magisto is the best platform for that. It is one of the Viva Video Indian alternatives which offers a large library of professional editing tools that enhance the quality of your video editing. This makes the editing process simple for its users, the app uses AI. Users are sure to get a straightforward, easy grip on how to use this app for making quick video edits, as per their choice. Magisto provides its users with endless options to choose from. The Magisto movie maker lets users create a slide show of multiple videos or a video collage. This app can be downloaded for free by both android and iOS users, but needs to be subscribed to access its pro editing options.

  1. PowerDirector

Another pro-grade video editing application is PowerDirector. It is a powerful competitor to the above-mentioned editing apps because of its wide range of facilities and options it brings to users. Using this app, one can export videos in 4k, besides editing them, as long as their smartphones cater to the requirements. Also, one gets to enjoy a handy adjustment tool with this app which comfortably allows users to regulate the motion of videos, this is they can either fast forward it or turn it into a slow-Mo video. Users also can use the video stabiliser option to edit a hazy shot. It need not be mentioned that similar to other editing apps, Power Director also comes with the basic editing options like filters, background edits, trimming, cropping, etc.

  1. Video editor 

Video editor is an all in one Indian video editing app.  You can add texts and emojis, crop, trim, add music, turn video into a snap, slow-mo, fast forward it, and do a lot of other things of your choice. This app provides you with every option you need to amend your video just the way you want it to be. You can even convert your video format to other formats like MP4, Mkv, AVI, VOB, etc. You can cut out any portion of the video if you wish to. Not only that, but you can also capture any moment of the video as a snap and turn several such images into a Snapshot series. Also, users get to add music to their videos. They can rotate it and flip it. Apart from all this, users can play the entire video in reverse using this app. Isn’t it amazing!

  1. Adobe Photoshop

 Ever since video editing came to prominence, professionals have been relying on adobe Photoshop to do their tasks. However, in recent times, a lot of better and advanced applications have come up. Yet this continues to be one of the best video editing tools we have. You can improve your paintings, add effects, illustrations, 3d artworks or recolour them as well. With this app, users can create fliers for marches and rallies, movie posters, charts, info graphs, Venn diagrams, etc. From this app, you can share your creativity and editing skills with any of the social media platforms. In short, this is a flagship product that is still considered to be one of the most effective editing tools by professionals.

  1. Lightroom

Lightroom is another photo and video editing software developed by professionals. It allows users to enjoy a non-destructive editing experience, wherein it enhances every aspect of the picture and video. In today’s time, it is a go-to option for most professional photographers. It allows you to decompress or compress any image or video as per your requirements. This app is a premium quality image and video editing tool. You need to subscribe to its pro version to use the advanced features. If you are using it for free, you get limited editing options. The best feature of this app is its cross-platform editing function. Users can transfer the video or the image to be edited across multiple platforms and work seamlessly. You can divide the video into grids, add your company’s watermark, add filters, crop, trim, and do a plethora of edits using this application.

  1. PicsArt 

PicsArt is another reliable photo editing and video mating software. It is capable of extracting anything from a video or picture. It has a premium version, called PicsArt pro which is the ultimate video editing tool for professionals. You need to subscribe to this premium version to get access to a wide array of editing options with regular updates. Not only that, but new features are also added frequently, which is why it is one of the active competitors in the market in recent times. With its advanced editing tools and options, you can exhibit your creative skills to the fullest and achieve the optimum level of artistic precision. Precisely, PicsArt is the best app that delivers the perfect mix of a user-friendly UI and a highly advanced camera app, with the latest enhancement options like filters, scene modes, stickers, etc.

  1. Snapseed

This app is developed by Google and has quickly become popular among editors due to its wide range of effective editing options. This app is extremely useful if you wish to edit your DSLR pictures or videos. The app comes with a simple layout and cool editing options like adjusting the curves and levels. You can blur out any portion of the video or picture and select other videos to blend it. You get a plus (+) mark at the top corner of the screen, clicking on which you get access to a wide variety of editing options. This app is available for free and accessible to both iOS and Android users.

  1. Pixlr

This is another great spp if you are looking for a basic, not so professional video editing app. It allows you to put in a lot of effects, borders, overlays to your content. If you are a beginner, learning editing skills, this app is enough to let you improve and enhance your video quality. Pixlr also comes with options to edit and fix the lighting of the videos and pictures. This app has a user-friendly interface, allowing everyone to use it without complications. You can download this app for free on your device and set up your account to use it further. With its neat and clean UI, it makes editing an easy process. Users can use the pixelate option to blur out any portion of the video. They can even cut out any portion or trim the length of the video. You can brighten or darken the video as per your choice using this app.

10. Instagram

If you are tired of using these individual apps for your work or cannot afford to pay the high subscription charges, you can rely on Instagram for editing purposes. Similar to other video editors, this too allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness of the video. You can also determine the saturation point of the content. You can add multiple videos and edit each of them individually. You can determine the amount of highlight, warmth, and Shadows you want to put into your content. Also, you can change the colour of the picture or video. Instagram has a simple and user-friendly layout, which us why people love to use it for urgent needs. Users can choose from innumerable effects, overlays, and filters. Also, you can share your edited picture or video instantly on Instagram and Facebook as well.

We are extremely sad to hear the news of the Viva Video app being banned. But our work cannot stop. Hence, we have listed the best alternatives you can use. Apart from the alternatives we have mentioned above, the InShot app is also a major alternative to the Viva Video editing app. However, we don’t have much information about its operation. So it’s best to choose an editing app from the top 12 names we have provided above and proceed with your work.


Are these apps accessible for free? 

Yes, one can install these apps from PlayStation and play store for free. However, some of them have a pro version too, which users need to subscribe to for accessing the premium features.

What are the most popular Mi video call alternatives? 

The most popular alternatives we have already mentioned above. However, if you are in search of the best three Viva Video alternatives, it would be Adobe Photoshop, Magisto, and KineMaster.

Will these alternatives be banned?

Since none of the above-mentioned applications is Chinese, you don’t have to worry about these getting banned in the future. You can rely on their services as they protect your privacy.

Do these apps provide similar features? 

Yes, all these apps have basic editing options in common. However, some are more advanced while some are less. Nevertheless, their editing is enough to provide you with a satisfactory editing experience in one platform.

Are these apps accessible by both ios and Android users? 

Yes, fortunately, all these apps are Android and iOS compatible. Some are even Windows compatible.