Internet and livelihood have become two dependent and inseparable things. Be it for education, cooking, working, gaming, or any other purpose, the Internet is always there to guide us to our knowledge destination. Need a new cooking recipe? Looking for the trendiest car in the market? Want to book tickets for the upcoming movie of your favorite actor? Waiting to take an online course in your free time? The Internet is just one click away to sort out all your daily needs. Like how tourists guide directs a tourist, a browser is mandatory to make your Internet search quick and timely. A fast-working and user-friendly browser are the must need to surf the internet instantly for any questions that pop up in your mind. APUS Browser is one such popular and the fastest user-friendly browser in the PlayStore.

What is APUS Browser?

APUS Browser is one of the popular browsers in the store. With its fast-working technology, even the users with low-end mobile phones and 2G network connections can surf the internet in commendable speed using APUS Browser. It was launched in 2014, by a Chinese company. 90 percent of APUS Browser users are from countries beyond China.

The browser works for Android phones and tablets. APUS Browser for pc is also available. The browser has features that will automatically block out ads. The user can also block out images, hyperlinks, and other elements that they don’t wish to see using APUS Browser. The browser even works on a low internet speed connection. APUS Browser extensions will allow you to personalize your mobile phone surfing experience. Apart from surfing you can also download and delete images, music, APK, and video files in the browser. You can know more about the browser features by checking for APUS Browser online. 

However, it was recently banned by the Government of India, following border tensions between India and China.

Why was the APUS Browser banned?

Amidst ongoing border disputes in the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China, the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese Apps including APUS Browser. The browser ceased to work in smartphones that it was installed in, after the official ban. The ban of these apps was a shock to Indian users, as some of these apps became an integral part of their lives. The government cited a valid reason for the ban on these apps that have its origin in China. According to the Government of India, these apps pose a threat to the data of Indian users, and they were banned to protect our privacy and security.

Looking for user-friendly alternative browsers to surf the internet? Here are 10 alternatives to APUS Browser:

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in India. Used by millions, the browser is always boasted for its fast-working technology and user-friendly process. Chrome works on basically everything. Be it PCs, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Chrome has features such as one-click translation and personalized articles for you which you’d like to read. Chrome is also one of the secured browsers in the market. It will protect your data from malicious and dangerous sites. You can customize settings as you wish on your mobile phone and laptop. You can see memory and CPU usage through the Task Manager feature in Chrome. ‘Incognito’ browsing is Chrome’s special and popular feature. Your history, cookies, and form fields won’t be saved when you browse through Incognito tabs. You can open multiple tabs in Chrome and still browse quickly for your desired information.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge offers you great speed and performance while you browse. The browser is known for its compatibility features while you visit your favorite websites. Just like Chrome, Microsoft Edge also works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Your browsing in Microsoft Edge is personalized through compatible extensions. The browser has recently added the ‘Collections’ feature, through which you can save several articles and contents from websites to read later. Like how Chrome has the ‘Incognito’ feature, Edge has ‘InPrivate’ mode to control your data. Your histories, cookies, and searches won’t be saved in ‘InPrivate’ mode. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is a default built-in feature in Microsoft Edge. It will protect you against unsafe websites and from downloading malicious files.

  1. Opera Browser

Opera is another common browser that people use across the country. It is fast and simple to use. You can work in multiple tabs in Opera, just like other browsers. Social media sites can be opened in Opera’s sidebar while you work in the main tab. This is one of the popular features in the Opera browser. You can use an Adblocker in Opera to escape from unwanted distractions while you browse. Without switching tabs, you can open chatting apps in Opera while you browse. Opera has a snapshot tool to capture your snapshots from different websites. Opera also offers free VPN for you to access different websites. The browser is also known for its battery-saving feature.

  1. Jio Browser

Jio Browser has its origin in India. It was launched by the popular Reliance group. Apart from the regular search bar, you can also use your microphone in the search bar to Google Voice Search your desired topics. Similar to other browsers, the Jio browser also supports multiple tabs and Incognito mode. Jio Browser supports 8 regional languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. This is one of the best features of the browser, as people from any nook and corner of India can use the browser with no language barrier. The browser displays daily news updates on your home screen to keep you updated on the current affairs in politics, sports, movies, etc. Like other browsers, you can save important URLs in bookmarks in Jio Browser. Jio Browser is available in the Play Store for your Android smartphones.

  1. Bharat Browser

Bharat Browser is also an Indian origin browser in Play Store. You can browse, watch videos, and shop in Online shopping apps in Bharat Browser. Additionally, it also offers you region-specific news content. You can select your region and language to view local news in your area. The app consumes less storage to save space and increase your browsing speed. Trending videos in India are updated for you to view daily in Bharat Browser. News on all topics like politics, cinema, sports, lifestyle, science, and technology are offered in the browser for pan-Indian users. The app is exclusively made for Indian users to enjoy country-specific content.

  1. Indian Browser

One more such Indian origin browser is Indian Browser. The browser is said to have fast speed and user-friendly features. The simple interface of the browser allows anyone to search for their favorite topics quickly. The homepage of the browser offers several Indian websites for you to browse. The browser has good ratings in Play Store. If you are looking for an Indian alternative to APUS Browser, Indian Browser is best recommended. 

  1. Firefox Browser

Firefox is one of the popular browsers like Chrome. The browsing speed is always considered amazing in Firefox. With features like Adblockers and multi-tab facility, it is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for an APUS Browser alternative. The browser also avails high security for your data and passwords. Firefox will suggest apt results for your browsing searches. It also gives you suggestions based on your previous searches, history, and bookmarks. It has shortcuts to popular social media websites. In Firefox, you can send photos and videos from your mobile phones to a TV that is connected with streaming facilities. Ad blockers in the browser will give you a customized browsing experience. The browser is designed in a way to provide security and protect your data from malicious sites.

  1. Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser is one of the best browsers for Android devices with multiple features. The browser has video downloading and WhatsApp status saver feature, which is highly popular among people across the country. You can download various online videos using the Phoenix browser. It consumes only less storage in your phone memory. Multiple files downloading is available in the browser. The browser also has an Adblocker like other popular browsers. The browser supports various file formats like word, pdf, excel, etc. You can also go into Incognito mode in Phoenix. During slow internet speed, you can switch to ‘No Image mode’ in the browser to get access to the website you want to browse without loading the image, saving data and time. The browser also supports translation. During the night, you can switch to ‘Night mode’ to protect your eyes.

  1. Brave Privacy Browser

Brave Privacy Browser is the next popular browser in the store that is both fast and safe. With Adblockers, you can browse without any distractions in Brave Privacy Browser. As the name suggests, the app aims to give you secured browsing experience and protects your privacy and sensitive data. The browser offers Incognito tabs and eliminates third party cookies. It will make your browsing time worthwhile with commendable speed and modern features. The browser is designed in a way to save your battery for a longer browsing time. The app can be one of the best replacements to APUS Browser.

  1. Aloha Browser Turbo

Aloha Browser Turbo is a browser with great speed and good security features. The browser offers free VPN for its users. You can browse any number of topics at any time you want. The browser does not allow any third party to track your browsing and it provides a secured way of searching. You can allocate private tabs in Aloha Browser, which will be password or fingerprint protected. You can browse your private confidential stuff here, without anybody looking at it. The browser also offers free VR videos for you to watch and enjoy. You can download multiple files in the browser, just like any other browser.

All the above mentioned alternative browsers are rated well in Play Store. You can use any of them as a replacement to APUS Browser. If you are looking for good Indian replacements to APUS Browser, browsers such as Bharat Browser, Jio Browser, and Indian Browser will be your recommended options. Speed and security are present as a constant feature in all the alternatives. So why wait? Download and install your favorite browser to begin the joy of browsing!


What are the Indian alternatives to APUS Browser?

Some of the above-mentioned browsers were developed and launched in India. Browsers such as Bharat Browser, Jio Browser, and Indian Browser are considered as a good and efficient replacement to APUS Browser. These Indian Browsers are good at speed, multi-tab facility, and data security.

Will the above-mentioned alternatives have the chance to be banned?

No. The above-mentioned browsers are not developed and launched in China. As they do not have Chinese origin, they have rare chances to be banned. Some of the alternatives were launched in India. So, they have no chances to be banned anytime soon.

Are alternative browsers free to use?

Yes. Most of these browsers are free to download and install. You can download them from Google or Apple stores.

Are alternative browsers secured and safe?

Yes. Most of the browsers mentioned above will protect your data and privacy. Some of the browsers, even have the feature to stop third parties from tracking your search. Some of these browsers will also notify you when you visit unsafe and malicious sites which might threaten your privacy and data security. Some browsers automatically block access to you from visiting malicious sites.

Do these alternative browsers use ‘English’ as the default language?

Yes. Almost all the alternative browsers use ‘English’ as the default language. Though, some of the Made in India browsers like Bharat Browser, Jio Browser, and Indian Browser have options to change your language settings. You can switch to any of the regional languages to browse comfortably.