Software as a Service (SaaS) is essentially a software delivery model that hosts the software in the cloud (done by a third party), and the same is accessed by users over the internet.

Put simply; SaaS refers to the applications that are hosted in the Cloud by third-parties. Among some of the Software as a Service product in everyday life include-

  • Online News:  The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times
  • Email: Yahoo Mail, Gmail
  • Video Streaming: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
  • Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud
  • Entertainment: Xbox Live, Nintendo Online, PlayStation Network
  • Google Apps: Google Sheets, Google Photos

Software as a Service (SaaS) CMMS

CMMS or computerized maintenance management system refers to a comprehensive software package that helps to maintain a robust database of information pertaining to an organization’s maintenance operations.

The introduction of the SaaS delivery model has made CMMS software a possibility for almost every organization, irrespective of its size.

SaaS-based CMMS software solutions are low-cost, low-risk plans that are primarily designed to accommodate the needs of everyone, including beginners in CMMS usage and experienced maintenance management software companies.

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is considered as ideal for a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) primarily because of data security, the low total cost of ownership, and accessibility from anywhere.

Reasons to Choose SaaS CMMS

Unlike a CMMS hosted on a locally maintained server, SaaS is perfect for Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) for multiple reasons. Some of these are discussed below-

  • Fast deployment

The primary advantage of using a SaaS CMMS is its quick deployment. Unlike a traditional CMMS software that takes very long to install, a SaaS solution gets ready to use within a few minutes.

A robust SaaS CMMS solution hardly requires any kind of training for maintenance teams, unlike old and traditional CMMS software. They are typically designed on the model of everyday applications and are extremely easy to learn and use.

In short, the SaaS CMMS setup is almost instantaneous and requires just a few clicks to import its data, invite users, and start using the software and all its functionalities.

  • Offer frequent updates

SaaS CMMS applications offer excellent work order software solutions that are updated on a regular basis. Upgrades, in this case, are a completely hands-off process and happen automatically at regular intervals.

With SaaS, you can be assured of new features being added in real-time. The other benefit is the fact that all these latest features and innovation are available to all users at no additional costs.

  • Low cost of ownership

The low cost of ownership of SaaS CMMS is another benefit that helps maintenance departments in any organization to keep their costs under control.

Further, since SaaS CMMS systems are hosted by a third party and are readily accessible from any Internet-connected device, they give you the benefit of improved real-time collaboration and mobility.

For instance, when a technician is done with the work and updates a work order or reports an issue, the same information is made available across the CMMS.

  • Access to best features at a low price

A SaaS CMMS allows you to access robust features and a range of excellent tools on a subscription basis. Cloud-based CMMS offers various advantages such as the ability to add video and pictures to work orders for better communication, AI-driven Intelligent data analytics, tracking and tracing all internal communication among team members, and more.

The best part is that everything, including the CMMS software, maintenance, infrastructure, software updates, support, and data backup training and security, are packed into the price of a monthly subscription.

Based on the vendor you choose, you can either have a user per month basis plan or go for a flat fee plan for a certain amount of monthly usage.

  • No hassle of acquisition or maintenance of expensive servers

SaaS CMMS software is available almost immediately from your web browser without the need to download anything. It saves you a great deal of time and makes it easy to have all the functionalities at your disposal.

This is primarily because a cloud or SaaS CMMS is built on multi-tenant architecture where multiple users share the same CMMS app with the same patches, upgrades, security, and features.

Among the devices you need are only those that will connect to the CMMS via the internet. There is neither any need for servers or backup equipment nor dedicated software to be installed on any device.

  • Scalable solutions

Another benefit of using a SaaS CMMS is its adaptability as your maintenance department grows.

Based on your specific needs, you can easily add or remove users, and there’s no requirement for investing in additional servers as your needs change.

  • Robust data backup and security

Irrespective of what happens to your work computers and systems, your data remains secure and always available. Since SaaS businesses prioritize security, all the data stored on a SaaS server is better protected from instances of file corruption, malicious hacker attacks, and sudden data loss.

In short, SaaS or cloud software is much more reliable, secure, and affordable. Since the application is stored on multiple devices on a virtual server, even if any part of the hardware fails, another kicks in effortlessly without any loss of service.

Additionally, you do not need to wait endlessly for your IT person to come and change out hardware and re-install the CMMS from a recent backup.

In Conclusion

The last few years have seen a gradual transition of traditional CMMS software solutions being replaced by a SaaS CMMS, used remotely with a subscription.
CMMS in SaaS mode is the cumulative result of various advantages it offers and the considerable technological progress in recent decades.

Organizations choosing SaaS CMMS enjoy a host of financial and practical benefits. By outsourcing this IT tool, they free themselves from the risk of a heavy and engaging investment while enjoying more agility and mobility as compared to their older CMMS software.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the SaaS CMMS solution also allows organizations the advantage of significant productivity gains and developing a commitment towards continuous improvement.