CM Browers alternatives

The CM browser online is one of the top-notch web browsers to come out of Cheetah mobiles, a Chinese firm. The CM browser for pc works very well as well apart from the web browsers developed for mobile phones alone. The CM browser video player provides one of the best video watching quality.

The CM Browser was banned by the Government of India. The main reason behind the ban is the incursion of Chinese troops into Indian soil. The Indian army lost a few of its jawans and talks are going on to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, the Government of Indian decided to ban 59 Chinese applications that were using the data of the Indian users for tracking. All of the 59 applications banned by the Government of India have been downloaded several times in the android, windows, Linux, iOS, and any other mobile operating system as well. The CM browser ad-free is one of the main reasons why the web browser was downloaded several times. Also, with very minimal data available, the web browser can operate very well. The CM browser extensions work super fine and increase the operability of the mobile phone to a large extent.

What is CM Browser? 

CM Browser is one of the best web browsers with all the latest features incorporated in it. The web browser can load pages very fast and it became one of the reasons why it had many downloads. CM browser white list feature allows access to some of the private and secured data of the users. This feature enables the browser to operate in a much faster manner when compared to the other applications. The search engine type of CM Browser is the main reason behind its super good operation.

 Alternatives to CM Browser 

There is absolutely no issue if you are an ardent user of CM Browser, some of the best alternatives to the web browser are listed below.

  1. Puffin Web Browser 

Puffin web browser developed by one of the companies based out of the United States of America is one of the fastest web browsers available. Puffin Web browser is much compatible with many devices. However, this web browser is best suited for mobile internet. It can use the minimum level of data offered by the telecom companies and yet work very fast. The reason behind the top-notch speed of Puffin Web browser is that it can shift the heavy workload of the applications in the device you had installed it to the cloud servers. The cloud servers act as a huge backup of data and work top notch. It can work well in any kind of device. If you are an ardent user of Flash player, then you need to install the Puffin Web browser without any second thought. Any videos can run at lightning speed in these web browsers.

  1. Midori 

Midori is one of the top-notch web browsers from Japan. The browser is open source. This means that anyone and everyone can download and use the web browser completely free of cost. A lot of people who handle highly private data on an everyday basis, make use of Midori Browser. The major problem associated with these web browsers is that they load very much slower when compared to the other web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Also, the web browser tends to crash down when you install too many plug-ins/extensions. It doesn’t require much data to run. So, it is best suited for small-sized computers as well. The rendering and the interface of the web browser are top-notch that it provides one of the best customer experiences. The browser works best for Linux platforms and is available in 30 different languages.

  1. Firefox Focus 

Firefox Focus is one of the best web browsers to come out of Firefox. Firefox Focus was initially launched as an application that blocks the pages that track and monitor user activity. Later due to the best security features it provides, it was developed into a web browser itself. The web browser is one of the best available for Android and iOS devices. The application was released in December 2015 and the web browser was released shortly after that. The tracking application version of Firefox Focus is however still available in the app stores. It acts in the background of the Safari browser which is widely used in the iOS phones. It blocks all the malicious content and tracks the pages that trace user activity. For those who are into multitasking, the web browser is indeed a blessing in disguise. You can use it for works that require accuracy.

  1. Opera Mini 

Opera Mini is known for its speed and accuracy. Apart from the speed and fast browsing feature it holds, Opera Mini has so many other functionalities in-built in it. The browser provides an option of smart browsing using which you can save up to 90% of data. The web browser allows you to send files even without having enough data or sometimes even no data. Short video clippings and news links are shared often to keep the users entertained. Especially, when you are using the Opera Mini browser, one can enjoy all the content in about 10 Indian languages. An excellent video player has been incorporated with the browser. One can use the video player in the single-hand mode as well. An ad blocker is in-built into the web browser that you can enjoy surfing the pages on the web without having to endure the annoying ads.

  1. Safari 

Safari is one of the best web browsers available for iOS phones. It works the fastest for apple devices. The web browser is integrated with iCloud so that file uploading and sharing is made much easier. One can have a user ID and password for the iCloud login. So that every apple device you hold, all the data in the apple devices can be accessed from one log-in itself. The first version of Safari was released for Macitosh in the year 2003. The first version of Safari was released for Macitosh in the year 2003. After receiving rave reviews for the web browser, the company released it for mobile phones as well in the year 2007. Safari is a default web browser available for apple devices. The web browser gets updated as new models of phones are released in the market.

  1. Kiwi 

Kiwi is one of the top web browsers that make use of one of the powerful engines in the world. The web browser is made of Chromium and Webkitengines which is the reason behind the very fast operationality of the web browser. Kiwi web browser is a product from the European Union. The web browser was developed by a team of 10 people and it became a huge hit in the market in a very short period. The Kiwi Web browser has a pop-up blocker that can block any number of ads at any point in time. Also, the web browser can avoid hackers using your devices to mine cryptocurrencies. The web browser is available in night mode as well which makes it super easy to use the application. One of the top-notch specialties of the web browser is that it can play videos even when the screen is off.

  1. Vivaldi 

Vivaldi is a web browser from Vivaldi Technologies. The company was co-founded by a team that was the brain behind the development of the Opera browser. It was released in the year 2016 and it became a huge hit in the market within a very short period. Vivaldi is one of the most highly used web browsers by people who are into the technical domain. The User Interface of the web browser is indeed one of the best available. The user interface changes its background and colours based on the kind of web pages being displayed on the site. The web browser is built using some of the latest technologies like Node.js, React.js. The screen of the web browser can modify its content based on the kind of mouse gestures. One can open multiple tabs at the same time and the interactivity of the web browser with the user is damn high.

  1. Indi Browser


Indi Browser is one of the best browsers to come out of the Indian web browsers market. This web browser was released only on July 20, 2021. The brain behind the creation of this web browser is Govinder Singh Sandhu. The web browser application saw a lot of downloads within a very short period. If you are interested in bookmarking the pages of the web browser, then you need to be using Indi Browser. There are very few web browsers in the market that provides you with features like these. Be it any surfing activity online, you can enjoy it with much ease due to the high levels of storage and operable features. As of now, the web browser has been released for android phones only. One can expect a cross-platform version of the web browser to be released in the next few months. This is one of the best brave browser alternatives

  1. VC Browser 

VC Browser is one of the best browsers in the market at present for android mobile phones. The performance of the VC Browser is very well optimized in structure and it allows for effective management of the data on your phone. One of the best data optimization technology has been incorporated into VC Browser so that very little data is being used by the web browser. The VC Browser provides super-easy access to web pages so that one can access all the web pages with much ease. One can conveniently manage the files you have downloaded using the web browser. The download option works at lightning speed. The VC Web browser is very light in weight and can be used in several devices ranging from mobile phones to laptops to computers. There are a lot of features provided by the application that makes it one of the best in the market. VC Browser is one of the best UC browser alternative. 

  1. Google Chrome 

There can be very few people who aren’t aware of the functionalities of Google Chrome. Google is one of the top and best search engines in the world. Except in countries like China, any country around the world emphasises on the usage of the Google Chrome web browser only. The functionality of the Google Chrome web browser is top-notch such that it can handle a lot of plug-ins and extensions. Name any kind of Operating System, Google Chrome works super good in all of these without any sort of mishap. The application was released in the year 2008. Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers that provides top-notch privacy. The initial release of Google Chrome was in the year 2008 and it got regularly updated.

These are the list of best alternatives available for CM Browser. One need not worry at all regarding the features of this web browser as it is on par with the features of the CM Browser. The web browsers suggested above don’t consume too much data and it works fine for the various activities you do online.


What is the reason behind the ban of CM Browser in India? 

CM Browser was one of the 59 applications from China that got banned recently. The Government of India mentioned data security and sovereignty as the major reasons behind the ban on the web browser.

Are there Indian alternatives for the CM Browser? 

A lot of Indian start-ups are working on the creation of web browsers. Some of them released recently are doing exceptionally well.

Are all the CM Browser alternatives suitable for cross-platform? 

Few web browsers aren’t suitable for cross-platform. However, one can expect cross-platform web browsers to be released in the market in a very short period.

Are all the alternatives super secure in nature? 

All the alternatives are secure only. However, one can install antivirus software on your device for even more secure access.