Alternative to QQ Mail

Remember the olden times when he would have to take out a pen, go to the desk, take the paper, write a letter, and then post it to contact someone? That too was just half of the process. After you had posted your letter you would have to wait for days and months to get a letter back. We have come a long way from that phase on the wheels of technology. Now there can be a lifelong debate as to if the technology is actually a boon or a curse. But that would just derail us from the topic we’re about to discuss here.

Mails have enabled us to contact other individuals on matters of official, professional, or even personal interests in just a few seconds of time. In just a few clicks or taps on your device, you can send huge amounts of data of various levels of importance do anyone you want across the globe. The idea is fascinating, isn’t it? There are various applications that make this idea take the form of actual activity. Amongst many such applications was the QQ Mail. The use of the past tense, “was”, must have caught your eye. Well, the word has been put there to show and signify the existence of the app in the past. Is it not in existence now anymore then? What happened to it?

Well, the application is there no doubt. It is just not available to us Indians. It was an app of Chinese origin. It has been recently banned from our country, following a series of disputes between the Indian government and the Chinese government. But does that mean that we are to refrain from the transferring and receiving of emails altogether?! It is indeed as absurd as it sounds. That is technically impossible and keeping that in mind, we have come to you with some of the best and safest alternatives that you can use in place of QQ Mail. So if you were a user of the app, then here are some alternatives for QQ Mail in India. Here is all that you would like to know, enlisted, and jotted down in the most compact way, ready for you to scroll your way through it.

What is QQ Mail?

The QQ Mail is a mailing application. You can send and receive emails via this application. It makes the process of receiving and sending emails way more efficient and easier than many other similar apps. It helps you receive notifications of the emails that you receive immediately as they reach your device. The application was easy to handle and did not take up much space either. It was quite efficient when looked at from many angles. However, due to the disputes that the two governments had been having, the app is now not available to us. Instead, we are provided with some of the other efficient and smart applications that help us to get the work done.

Why is the QQ Mail banned?

The QQ Mail no matter how efficient it was is now banned in India. When the government takes such a drastic step so as to ban 59 apps, including the one that we are discussing right now there is quite a good set of reasons to back up this decision of theirs. The 59 applications that were banned were all China-based. It was suspected that these applications were misusing the personal information of the users of the apps. The information that the user would put into the application was apparently then being transmitted to bases that were outside India.

Thereafter, to protect the security and the safety of its citizens the Indian government had to take this step. It did cause a wave of shock and surprise to pass among the crowd that was frequently using any of these applications. Especially the ban of the apps such as the QQ mail and some others that are needed for a daily basis heavily upset some. But the annoyance was soon done away with when some alternatives, equally good or even better than QQ mail was provided in the market. There are some alternative Indian apps for Chinese app QQ Mail as well.

Alternatives of QQ Mail:

Sure the ban on the Chinese applications had brought about a lot of problems in many of the people’s lives. The list of the applications that were banned consisted of applications of daily use out of which QQ Mail is one. However, our government did not take the step out of the blue. It was prepared with precautions that would help them cope with the upcoming situations. Alongside the news of the banning of the Chinese apps came the news of a list of alternatives that we could use in place of them. We have brought to you some such alternatives that you can use instead of the QQ Mail. If you were a consistent user of the app, then this would be what you are looking for. There are also some QQ Mail alternative Indian app that has been provided as an alternative to QQ. Let’s take a look at the list, then shall we?

  1. Microsoft Outlook

With the brilliant security that the system of Microsoft provides its users with, Microsoft Outlook is without a doubt one of the many and most able alternatives for QQ Mail. The app does not require any of your intimate details to be shared. All you need to do is to sign in your account and then you can enjoy a disruption-free service. It is fairly easy to use and hence can be operated by people of all ages and aptitudes.

  1. Gmail

This is one of the apps that everyone irrespective of the fact that if they are the owner of a smartphone or not have heard the name of. There is no way that one could raise a finger against the security system that the application has. Its policies regarding user satisfaction and the users’ safety regarding the information they provide are quite uptight and unbreakable. The application is one of the very broadly used apps for mailing apps and not without good reasons. It is easy to use with a user-friendly interface and is marvellously efficient in the job it is assigned to. The best part of the app is that it can be used in every device, irrespective of the operating system they have. They can be used for iPhones as well as androids.

  1. Samsung email

This is another one of the alternatives that you could choose to use instead of QQ Mail. If you are a Samsung user then there are chances that this application is already installed on your device. However, if you are not a Samsung user then do you can download this application from the play store anytime you want. It is quite easy to understand and use and Is a safe choice for any and every individual.

  1. Yahoo mail

Another one of the very highly secured apps that you could use in place of QQ mail. It sends your emails and shows the notifications for the received mails immediately as they reach you. The additional options about archiving emails and saving messages as drafts are all available here too. Furthermore, unsent emails will also be displayed if you want to check the list. This again is available for both iOS as well as android systems. This was in fact one of the most and almost the only other mailing apps before Gmail had come along. This surely speaks a lot about its credibility, doesn’t it?

  1. Type app

This may be an application you have not heard of before. But that is not what matters in this case. This is truly a well-built application that will help you send and receive your mails. No matter personal or professional, you can trust Type app to perform the job neatly and efficiently. It does not take much of a space in your device either. With over a million downloads on playstore and equally many reviews, this application is surely one that you can count on.

  1. Aqua mail

This application is quite easy to understand. It’s easy to understand instruction helps everyone to understand its working processes quite simply. Mail is something that everyone of every age group requires. It must, hence, be easily accessible. If that is your demand, then Aqua mail is where you go. Like QQ mail, it works efficiently enough whenever you want to ferry information between whichever stations. The app has a total of 4.3 stars and over 5 million downloads across the globe. If that does not tell you enough about the app, then what will?

  1. Pro mail

This app is quite a good alternative for QQ mail. Many people would not consider it as it is less popularly known. However, it is in no means an inferior application to the ones we have discussed so far. It requires a minimum of personal data to get you started. The most general information that it requires is a contact number and an account on the app from which you would be going about the job of transferring data.

  1. Spark

It is one of the most underrated apps of all time. People do not use it as their craze cannot be heard over the already well-established applications. But this particular app has got itself 4.5 stars on Play Store with millions of downloads all over the world. It is easily accessible and can fit into the operating system of your choice. The application has an easily understandable interface that it uses to send and revive data and is hence a great alternative to QQ mail.

  1. Mail. ru

This application is known for the simplicity of its use. It can be easily downloaded from your Play Store. It does not take up too much space and hence can easily be downloaded on your device. It works on almost any device that you would want to run it on and hence accounts for easy use too.

  • Nine

This app is a bit different than the others in the sense that this is mostly preferred for business or professional dealings. It is quite an intuitive email app that supports IMAP. Nevertheless, it is very easily accessible. All you need to is to visit your the play store, download it, and then wait for it to get installed on your device.

Technology has indeed given us gifts that the humankind at a point could never even imagine of having. However, it’s something that must be dealt with care and sincerity. No matter how safe the applications are, you must be aware of the information you are putting out on the virtual world. With the entire world just a few clicks away from everyone of us, life has become easy but tough as well. Be careful not to share any of your personal details, pictures, or other information on the virtual platforms. After all, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.


Is QQ Mail banned in India?

Yes, the application is banned in India. 58 other applications apart from QQ Mail that was of Chinese origin were also banned.

Can we still keep the application of QQ Mail?

The application is banned from India. Nevertheless, you can keep the application installed in your device if it was installed previously. However, you will not be receiving any updates regarding or from the application. It would be in the end misuse of the storage of your device.

Is Gmail better than QQ Mail?

Gmail is without a doubt better than QQ Mail. It is much safer provided that it falls under the security of Google. It is much more efficient as well.

Are the alternatives safe?

The alternatives provided above are save enough to be used. We have tried to keep the list free of any applications that could be of Chinese origin.

Is there a chance of any of the alternatives getting banned?

The alternatives and listed above are not of Chinese origin. Hence, do not have much of a chance to get banned in the near future either.