Apps Like Beauty Plus

We all want to add that extra glitter to our pictures. No matter how dead against we are of picture editing apps we cannot disagree that they do sometimes help to make our otherwise boring pictures interesting. When earlier people had to wait four weeks for a black and white picture to turn into a coloured one, nowadays we can change our pictures’ colours backgrounds and much more in just a few clicks. All of these are the influence of photo editing and beauty apps.

Speaking of photo editing apps, Beauty Plus has been quite a popular one from the very beginning. It had interesting filters that made even a boring picture turn into a quirky one. In this era of social media craze, we are all always in a competitive mode about the number of likes and reactions our pictures get. In such a scenario, photo editing apps sometimes indeed act as lifesavers. Especially apps such as the Beauty plus that has such immense versatility, needs a separate mention here.

But did you know that this app just recently got banned?! YES! Several apps, 59 to be precise, including Beauty Plus was recently banned from the Indian market following a political feud between the Indian and the Chinese Governments. This indeed had come as a shock to many, but then again this whole year was a great shock to all of us. We were so accustomed to consuming shocks by now that this ban did not even affect us to that extent! We were already ready!

The Indian government was already ready with a plethora of alternatives for the banned Chinese apps including Beauty Plus. If you are someone who was quite dependent on this photo editing app, or maybe it was your favourite one, then too there is nothing to worry about. We have a set of alternatives all ready for you to choose from and today that is all that we are going to talk about here! So let’s get started and scroll along:

What is Beauty Plus?

Before we get into the discussion of why the app got banned and what alternatives are there that we can use instead of Beauty Plus, let’s take a look at what exactly is the app and how it was used when it was still not banned in India.

Beauty Plus, ever since its appearance in the market, Has been one of the most popular photo editing apps. It was wildly popular and could also be used as a camera app. While using the application you could edit your selfies and pictures through makeup tools AR Stickers and give different beauty effects to your selfies. However, there had always been a ruckus about its development and origin. It was even suspected that it was being used by the Chinese government to extract the user information of the people using the app. This is the reason that we are going to discuss this in detail in the next section.

Why is Beauty Plus banned?

It was not just the beauty plus app. The beauty plus app along with 58 other applications was recently banned by the Indian government. The reason behind the ban as it was stated was that the apps were being used to extract useful information. The Chinese apps were being used to collect and then transmit the personal information that the user inputted in the app. This data was being transmitted to bases outside the Indian territory. To curb this outflow of vital information of The Indian citizens the government had to ban a list of 59 Chinese apps, out of which beauty plus was one. It is only just to conclude that the government banned this list of applications to protect the sovereignty and security of its citizens.

 Alternatives for the Beauty Plus App: 

If beauty plus was one of your favourite photo editing apps then It surely came as a shock to you to hear about the news of its ban. But we are not going to let you dampen your spirits just because of the absence of an application In your smartphone. We are here with 10 different Beauty Plus similar apps.

Here is the list that you wished for along with some Beauty Plus app alternative Indian app enlisted too! The apps in the list are just a few scrolls away so why don’t you take a look for yourself:

  1. Snow

This Korean based photo editing application Is just for two need for her mind-blowing collection of selfies on your phone. The app is from South Korea and developed by Snow Inc. is one and first of the many choices that you are about to have. As far as the features of the app are concerned, the app is amazing for the touch-ups of your pictures in a very simple way. They have it our makeup effects that insurers update or above popping selfies. Furthermore, it has some custom beauty effects that help to give the pictures are more customized outlook. The application also has all the latest stickers in the market to make your selfies more interesting

  1. Beauty Camera

This is a fairly known selfie editing app. It may not have many kinds of filters and stickers as there are in many more apps, but it is known for its easily understandable features. If you want to edit your selfies and turn them yet more interesting, but are not tech-savvy enough to do it, then this is your app. It is great as an alternative to Beauty Plus and gives quite a good service too while taking up little space on your phone memory.

  1. B612

Another brilliant photo editing app, this one is fairly simple to use. This is a more easily accessible app. You can download it from the play store and wait for it to install itself on your phone. For its features, the app is in no way less equipped than Beauty Plus. It has interesting and versatile stickers and filters for the user to choose from. It can be used as a camera app as well and has an option to put the timer so that you can even take full-length pictures of yourself.

  1. Candy Camera

Another of the alternatives, candy camera is an app that has been tried and tested and retained its popularity in the market for quite a long time. It is mainly known for its light filters that give a feminine touch to your selfies. At the same time, it has a collection of amazing filters that can be used to bring out the beauty in any and every picture that you need to edit. The app is fairly easy to use as well, and shuffling between the filters is also quite an easy job. All you need to do is to swipe right or left to change the filter.

  1. Selfie city

Selfie City is another of the beauty photo editing apps. It has some insanely cute filters that will completely transform your selfies. The app takes up little space on your device memory and is fairly easy to use and understand. It has a plethora of filters and the latest stickers too. So if you ever find yourself at a loss of beauty apps for editing that selfie you felt like uploading, then you know where to go!

  1. Facetune2

The award-winning company, Lightricks, which is based in Israel, had come up with the idea of this app. This app may not consist of all the characteristics and features of Beauty Plus but surely has some great beauty filters. It too has AR stickers to make your pictures look trendier. It takes up little space on your phone and is quite easy and simple to use as well. It is many ways even better than the app we are trying to find alternatives for! So go ahead and give it a try.

  1. Indian Army Photo Suit Editor

The Indian Government may have declared the ban on so many apps suddenly. But it also made sure that this decision caused as little problem as possible for its citizens. The government was hence ready with some of its apps that would serve Beauty Plus similar Indian apps. This is one of them. It may not have similar features to that of Beauty Plus. But its stickers and filters and effects are surely commendable. Especially in situations such as these, using Indian apps could brighten up the spirits of the Indian app makers and encourage them to produce better apps as well.

  1. Indian Selfie Camera

One of the best Indian alternatives of Beauty Plus, the Indian selfie Camera is an alternative that you could very well go for. It has some great and unique stickers to make your pictures look unique. The user interface is also quite simple to understand and hence helps more people to use the application. This can surely be used as a Beauty Plus alternative Indian app.

  1. Snapchat

This one is primarily a social media platform. But like many other social media platforms, it has a feature that allows you to take pictures and post them directly from the app of the social media platform itself. The images can be edited while you are taking the picture and has an extensive collection of stickers. The stickers of Snapchat are one of the attractions of the app. They are quirky, easy to use, and gives a fun vibe to your adorable selfies.

  • Retrica

This may be included last but is not the least. Retrica is like the ancestor of all the photo editing apps. We all have used it at some point in time in our life. Even though it lags a bit in the collection of its stickers, it makes up for it in the plethora of filters that it has to offer. Undoubtedly one of the greatest photo editing apps, Retrica can be used as an alternative for Beauty Plus.

No matter how difficult it has been for some people to transfer from the Chinese applications to the corresponding given alternatives, we will all agree that it was indeed a great step for the Government to ensure the safety of its citizens. Banning of some of the apps such as the Cam Scanner and so on may have proved to be quite hectic for some but it was indeed a needed step. As far as beauty plus is concerned, we now have a planeload of alternatives that we could use instead of the app. rest assured these alternatives will surely make up to you for the absence of beauty plus. The alternatives provided here are quite safe and easy and simple to use. Go ahead and give them a try!


Is Beauty Plus illegal?

Yes, beauty plus is now declared illegal in India. It was an application of Chinese origins and was suspected of misusing user information and transmitting it bases outside of India. We have hence brought to you a set of Beauty Plus alternative non-Chinese app that you can use henceforth.

Are the alternatives mentioned safe?

The alternatives mentioned above are all safe. It has been our wholehearted Attempt two enlist applications that are not of Chinese origin. The fact that they are of non-Chinese origins lets us conclude safely that they are not destined to be banned or declared illegal shortly.

Do you need to open an account to access Adobe Photoshop?

You do not need to open a new account to access the Adobe photoshop. However, you do need to link your Google account with the app.

What are some Indian apps like Beauty Plus?

The Indian selfie camera is one of the top-rated Indian photo editing apps right now. It is a Beauty Plus Indian app and is quite highly rated on play store and can be used as a safe and successful alternative of beauty plus. Some other alternatives such as Indian flag photo editor and Indian army photo suit editor are two of the other Indian Photo editing apps now in the market.