UC-News alternatives

With so much taking place among us, it’s important to keep ourselves updated. Some refer to newspapers, some watch TV channels while others use the news providing apps available to keep themselves updated. UC News is a popular news-providing app that a lot of people used. The app collected the latest news from the most trusted sources and updated its users as soon as possible. Unfortunately, like the other 58 apps, this Chinese app has also been banned by the Indian government. Hence, people are looking for the best alternative of Chinese app. 

What is a UC NewsApp?

As we already mentioned, UC news is Chinese news streaming and sharing app. In this app, users can get the latest news of what’s happening not only in their country but also globally. The news delivers information on every field, like politics, culture, economics, business, entertainment, and whatnot. There are various categories of news available on this app like breaking news, trending news, national news, etc. The app has an extremely simple user interface, allowing people to browse through it easily. Further, this app gives you a personalised experience of news reading by allowing you to choose the fields on which you want to receive updates.

Why is UC News banned?

You must be knowing that Indo-china tensions have been brewing in the past few months, following which the government of India took a crucial decision. It decided to ban 59 Chinese apps in India from being used further. One such app banned is the UC news app. Other popular apps banned include Tiktok, UC browser, Newsdog, WeChat, and so on. The central government claimed that these Chinese apps out the privacy and security of its users at risk. Hence, keeping in mind the safety of the Indians, the government has banned 59 apps in India. However, there’s nothing to worry about. We have ample alternative Indian apps for Chinese apps that have been banned.

Alternatives of UC News

Being a UC news user, you must be searching for its alternatives. We have provided a list of the best UC news alternatives which aren’t Chinese apps. Apart from UC news, the best alternatives for Chinese apps in India can easily be found online. However, for now, let’s read the alternatives of UC news given below:

  1. Inshorts 

Inshorts is the best UC news alternative Indian app. It delivers to you the largest collection of the latest news, from top-rated sources. Every news provides us with is credible and true. The app allows you to select topics you are keen to know more about. One great feature of this app is its categorisation. News found here are categorised into various groups like Bollywood news, political news, current news, trending news, all news, top stories, and so on. Inshorts provides the links of every information, and describes the news in a few words, keeping it short. If you want to read the entire article, you just have to click on the link. You can swipe left and right to view the previous and next news respectively.

  1. Jio News 

Jio news only offers you the trending news available, but also lets you stay updated with live cricket scores, hashtags, trending videos, etc. It features more than 800 magazines and journals published in India and 250 e papers approximately. People can choose any language of their choice from among the 12 languages available. Languages that are found on Jio news include Marathi, Gujarati, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and many more. Additionally, people get the latest information collected from more than 600 publications. News from about 15 genres is available here, including sports, entertainment, politics, business, and technology. Jio news has a separate TV section, where live news from various TV channels is covered. If you are a Jio user, you can access this section for free, whereas non-Jio users need to subscribe to this app.

  1. DailyHunt

Formerly known as NewsHunt, DailyHunt is another popular Indian alternative of UC news app. Similar to the other news apps, it brings the latest news from various sources. The best part is that you can save news if you want to. You can even bookmark it. If you have finished reading all the news on your feed, you have to refresh it, and within seconds will your feed get filled with freshly updated information. You can even get the latest gossips and stories related to celebrities and sports personalities. Users can also share their favourite news on their social media accounts from this app. Not only does this app furnishes you with national updates but also provides the most important international news. The news app publishes news in Hindi and English, allowing everyone to read and understand them easily.

  1. Way2News

Way2news is a short news app version of Inshorts. The only difference is that it lets people read the news in 8 different languages, Tamil, Hindi, English, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Telegu, and Gujarati. Just like other news reading apps, this app too allows people to choose the sections they are most interested in. It has different sections allotted to different fields. You have to select the field about which you want to read. Besides movies, this app allows its users to have access to horoscopes, birthday, contests, motivational quotes, and WhatsApp statuses. Overall, this app has a simple and easy UI. Everyone can browse through this app’s collection.

  1. NDTV

NDTV is a well-reputed tv news channel. The same channel has an app, known as NDTV. It’s the official app of this news channel. NDTV never fails to bring to people the recent stories, updates, and information. The app lets you have access to cricket news, Bollywood news, other entertainment news, fashion news, trending videos, live cricket scores, etc. This app is somewhat similar to Inshorts. Just like Inshorts, this app publishes the news precisely, in not more than 100 words. This makes it easier for people to know what the news is all about in short and concise, thus not wasting their time. However, keeping in mind the interest of the users, it publishes the source’s link below the published news. Users can even get updates about food, bloggers, gadgets, business, lifestyle, and whatnot.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is a great news reading app. It provides short stories that you can share and save. You can create your magazine on this app and save your most liked stories there. Upon installing the app, you will be asked to choose the topics according to your preferences. Also, you can choose your most preferred language. Once you save the settings, the app would display the most recent news on the chosen topics. What Flipboard does is that it collects the most relevant news of the day from various sources and complies with them comprehensively. Even users can share news and stories within the app. Undoubtedly, Flipboard is one of the best apps that people can prefer to stay tuned with the latest happenings.

  1. CNN Breaking News

CNN breaking news app us another popularly preferred news providing app. CNN being a credible news source doesn’t collect the latest news from other sources. People like using this app because of its easy interface and vast collection. Also, its categorised collection of news has made it easier for people to choose the category of their choice. You get several types of news, articles, blogs, and other pieces of information. You can filter out the ones that you want to read from each section and save them for reading later. You can also get selective news about the countries that you choose. Not only does this app provides users with the latest news, but it also with videos to demonstrate it better.

  1. News Republic

Another news-reading app that would provide a quality news reading experience, with its simple UI and a vast collection of news, is the News Republic. Its various categories of news available let’s users select any news category of their choice, assuring you a satisfying experience. Because of its varied content, its user base in increasing with every passing year. Not only does it provide people with information and news, but also quality articles and blogs. This is just a digital newspaper. Reading news from this app is just as convenient as is reading from a newspaper. If you are done reading your feed completely, you can refresh it to get updated news. Similar to other news reading apps, News Republic also allows people to save, share, and bookmark their favourite pieces of information.

  1. Smart news

If you want to cover the most relevant and updated news from every major journal, newspaper, magazine, and other various sources, Smart news would be the best option. Here, users are sure to get the most important information and news on display. If you want to further streamline and personalise your news reading experience, you can choose the topics on which you want to receive further news. You can even follow other news accounts or pages found on this app. Users can even share news on their social media accounts and can even save them. To go over to the next news, you simply have to swipe right. In addition to all these, this app even has categories of news available on its home page. Categories include trading news, recent news, breaking news, national news, and many others. You can click on the category that you want to read.

10. Bundle News

Another reliable UC news alternative that you can try out is bundle news. Providing you with news that covers a plethora of fields and topics like sports, entertainment, economics, culture, business, technology, and others, this app is sure to give you the best news reading experience. You are sure to get the most recent and updated news from this app. Not only does it has a varied collection of news, but also takes news from a lot of sources. The collection of information that this app comes up with is commendable. This app allows people to choose their region of interest. It can be a particular place, region, or even a country. The app would then display the relevant news related to the selected region.

Our search for the best alternative apps for Chinese apps is ongoing. We have provided the best alternatives to the UC news app. You must have understood the quality services they have been providing so far. With their varied sources and a wide range of information available, they are the most preferred and credible sources of news available nowadays. Hence, without brooding over the ban of UC news anymore, go check out these apps. The best part about them is they all are available for free!


Do these UC news app alternatives charge subscription prices for accessing their content? 

No, most of them offer services for free. However, to access the premium contents, users need to subscribe to the app. They can either do a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

What are the best UC news app alternatives that people can prefer? 

Apps like Inshorts, NDTV, DailyHunt, CNN breaking news, news Republic are some of the reliable sources of information. They collect news from varied sources and provide people with the best news reading experience. People can choose the topics on which they want to receive news, thus personalising the process.

Will the above-mentioned alternatives get banned too? 

There’s no chance of the alternatives getting banned because none of them is a Chinese app. Hence people can use them safely, without worrying.

Do these apps have the same features? 

Yes, as all these are news providing apps, overall their functionality is the same. Some provide news in categories, while some don’t have categories. Some allow people to choose the language they prefer. However, all of these apps allow people to choose their preferred topics.

Can android and iOS users use these apps? 

Yes, these apps are accessible to both android and iOS users.