When listing the most dangerous careers one can pursue, music is probably the last that may pop up in your mind. Music is hardly regarded as a risky career, especially when juxtaposed with law enforcement, armed forces, or even chemical engineering. However, going by the number of musicians who have ever gotten injured while performing onstage, it is clear that not even music is free from safety risks. Here are a few musicians who got injured while performing onstage.

Some of the Musicians Who Got Injured While Performing

1. Dave Grohl (2015)

After his onstage accident that led to a broken leg in June 2015, Dave Grohl can be defined as the embodiment of hardcore. The Foo Fighters frontman fell off the front of the stage while performing in Gothenburg, Sweden.

What is most amusing about his injury is that he continued performing even with the broken leg. He only went offstage long enough to get medical attention before getting back on stage to finish their show. The picture of him being brought back on stage on a stretcher and performing from a chair is one that will probably remain unforgotten by his fans.

2. Michael Clifford (2015)

5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford suffered severe burns on his hand and face after walking into some pyrotechnics in the 5 Seconds of Summer show in June 2015 at Wembley Arena, London.

The burns he sustained were so severe he could not continue performing. He was, however, back on stage performing the next night. The burns were still severe, prompting him to ask fans to refrain from taking any photos of him till he was fully healed.

3. Lady Gaga (2012)

Lady Gaga has often had minor accidents on stage. However, one of the more serious ones was at a show in Auckland, New Zealand, back in 2012. One of her backup singers accidentally bashed her on the head with a metal prop. This accident forced her to leave the stage first to assess the damage, after which, she got back to the show.

She expressed her apologies to her fans, explaining that she feared she might have a concussion. She, however, reassured them that she would still perform till the end of the show. True to her word, she further performed sixteen songs. Fans were thrilled by the kind of dedication she depicted by doing so.

4. Enrique Iglesias (2015)

Famous singer Enrique Iglesias can attest that technology is not quite impeccable. This is after he suffered severe injuries to his hand during a show in Tijuana, Mexico, in 2015. It was more of a stunt gone wrong as Iglesias reached out and tried to grab a flying camera drone in a bid to film his audience.

Having done this stunt several times before to please his audience, the singer probably saw no harm in doing that. However, the stunt went terribly wrong as he grabbed the wrong part of the drone, instantly cutting his fingers on the metal propellers. The impact was so severe it immediately fractured his hand. He, however, braved his injury and performed till the end of the show. The incident forced him to undergo reconstructive surgery later.

What to Do if You Get Injured While at Work

Regardless of where you work or what sector you are involved in, you can not overlook that safety risks are present in all workplaces. If you get injured while at work and are unsure of what to do, contact an injury lawyer. A good injury lawyer will know how best to handle your situation and guide you on how to get compensated for your injuries.