2D Animation

As the name implies, 2D animation is when 2D art starts to move, or in other words, comes to life. The first thing that comes to mind is the old classic Disney cartoons. Their 3D remakes are now coming out so often, but cannot surpass the success of the original versions. But not only films, cartoons and advertising are two-dimensional. Vivid 2D games continue to win the hearts of players. What the meaning of this phenomenon is, what the characteristic features of the 2D animation process are and how this animating magic happens – let’s understand.

What Is 2D Animation: Basic Definition

Let’s imagine a two-dimensional space where only the concepts of width and height exist, akin to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. All objects, objects and characters of this world will also be flat – they have no other choice. And when they start to move, then the action happens that is called 2D animation. Simple enough, right?

Our introduction to 2D animation takes us back about two hundred years: it was then that this style began its triumphant path. The lack of advanced modern technology forced the animators to do extremely difficult and time-consuming work. They needed to create 24 drawings depicting gradual movement to show one second of the film.

2D Animation Today

Fortunately, now there is no need for this: a huge number of programs allow you to work in digital format, creating 2D assets and animating them in more advanced ways with specifying the first and last frames.

Creating games based on 2D animation is a separate topic. Until now, not everyone understands why 3D games fail to oust their 2D colleagues from the gaming market. In fact, this is impossible, if only because 2D is the basis and foundation on which three-dimensional worlds are subsequently built. Suffice it to mention that 3D models are created on the basis of two-dimensional concepts.

2D animation is the famous technology for creating platformers, strategies with top view and hidden objects games. The latter are especially interesting in terms of our theme because animation literally breathes life into them. Who would be interested in looking for objects in a cluttered room if it shows no signs of life at all? A light breeze swaying the curtain, dust particles waltzing in the sun and a bird flying outside the window are a completely different conversation.

For example, 2D animation services at Kevuru Games are closely related to the creation of hidden objects games. The company has a wealth of experience in diversifying and animating these types of games, so each of them is authentic and special, despite the fact that the niche is extremely competitive.

How to Animate 2D Objects? Main Tasks of the Animator

Animators are engaged in the responsible task of making the two-dimensional world move. This world is not at all similar to our real one, but it is no less beautiful, bright and exciting.

To succeed in this task, they actually need to do a lot more than 3D animators. Why? Because 3D specialists have one goal – to make objects look as close as possible to reality, or to some conceptual ideas about fictional reality if we are talking about fantasy. Reality simulation won’t help if you want to create 2D animation.

So, what do animators need? They need to be creative interpreters and great storytellers: only then can they attract players and captivate them with an interesting story, delightful environment and memorable characters. Their two-dimensionality should recede into the background and in no way look like something flawed.

A good animator knows 12 basic principles of animation since many of them are still relevant today. Nobody canceled manual drawing either: everyone works as they like.

The Best 2D Animation Service Provider: Choose Wisely

One of the top picks when choosing an animation provider is portfolio research. People who know how to do 2D animation are happy to share the results of their work so that potential clients can appreciate their style and approach. For example, Kevuru Games is very fond of working with 2D animation, and you can see it by yourself: if you look here at https://kevurugames.com/2d-animation/, you cannot deny how authentic and interesting each of these projects is. So, if you have any ideas for creating animation, you know who to turn to for advice if necessary.