Alternative To Cache Cleaner DU App

If you own an Android phone, you know how hard it is to have a smoother performance when you have a 90% full RAM with the cache. The Cache Cleaner DU App studio was a boon for Android users, especially in optimising the performance and speed of the device that you are using.

With the application banned, now is the time to find good alternatives for the same. Since these are cache cleaner applications, mainly for Android, we have listed out the best ones that you can download and install on your Android mobile phones.

It is not necessary that you brush up your phone every day. But, it is necessary that you do so every once in a while.

What is Cache Cleaner DU App Studio?

This is an application that helps clear out the stored cache in the phone and even helps optimise the RAM management in the device.Additionally, it also works to enhance the battery performance of the device and alongside, it also gets rid of the junk files that require no more importance in your device.These types of cleaning apps are quite helpful, especially when it comes to cleaning out the cache.

Why is the app banned in India?

In case you have been using this application and can’t use it suddenly, it is because the application has now been banned in India.

The main reason behind the same is because of the Indian government banning the majority of the Chinese applications in India. It doesn’t matter how good the app is, it was banned to protect the privacy of the Indian citizens, as per the claims made by the government officials.

Best Alternatives for Cache Cleaner DU App Studio

Now that we have walked you through the basics, it is now time to focus on the alternatives of the Cache Cleaner DU app. We have listed out some of the best ones for you.

  1. SD Maid

Just as the name of the application suggests, it optimises your storage and SD card. It is quite an underrated option but works effortlessly in cleaning out the Android devices from the depth. Aside from the CPUs and RAM management, the app also provides a number of extra tools that allow you to manage additional files.

Not only does it clear out your cache, but it also inspects through the device and gets rid of duplicate files, and manage the applications. It also has a separate storage analyzer that comes in handy for the users.The app has a very clean and easy user interface that you wouldn’t mind using on the daily.

  1. CCleaner

You can’t go wrong with this one. If there is one cleaner application in India that millions use, it is this one. This is a staple not just for your Android device but also for your Windows laptops. It optimises the RAM of the phone and helps clear out the junk files and cache that your phone doesn’t need.

The application also has a separate function that allows you to uninstall multiple applications at a time, making your work a lot easier. In case you don’t want to fill up all the space in your device, running this app every once in a while, does wonder.

  1. Norton Clean

Another good alternative with similar functions is the Norton Clean. Developed by the leading security solutions developer, Norton, this application works day in and day out to keep your phone working optimally without any kind of hindrance.

Not only does it delete the unnecessary data, but it also helps analyse the excess junk in your phone and alerts you of things that you could get rid of. It also removes the backup files and the preinstalled apps on the device that you don’t use.

If you want extra features apart from removing the residual junk, this is hands down your safest bet.

  1. Files by Google

Now, you might be confused by this mention. This is a trusted phone cleaner application for Android devices. The best thing about this application is the smart features. It analyses everything on your phone and then advises you with the things that your phone can do without.

The one striking feature about this app that stands out is the separate file manager. This allows you to sort the important and the needed files and multimedia and deleting the rest of them. The user interface of the application is also pretty good.

The only downside is that its proficiency as just a cleaning app for Android is not the best. But, it packs in a lot of accessory features that you wouldn’t find in the remaining options.

  1. Ace Cleaner

Just like the name of the application, it ensures ace cleaning of the junk files and folders, cache, and the duplicate files that you don’t need anymore. Not just the RAM optimisation and CPU boost, the application harbours a lot of features that can further boost your phone’s performance for the better.

It saves the phone’s battery and maximises the overall performance too. It can clear out any excess duplicate photos on your phone, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about having unnecessary junk that could be slowing your phone down.

It can also work on preventing automatically starting applications with ease. It also features a DND mode to prevent unnecessary notifications from popping up.

  1. Go Speed

One of the common reasons people have RAM cleaners and optimisers on their phones is because of the low storage. The last thing you want is to download a CPU booster that occupies 100MB space on your phone. Go Speed is an extremely lightweight application that works effortlessly for a smoother user experience.

It is touted to be 50% better than several of the other performance boosters in the market. It is also designed with a number of advanced monitoring features that can clean up the junk and the sneaky applications in the background that you have no idea about.

  1. AVG Cleaner

Next up on the list of the best alternative for Cache Cleaner DU App studio is the AVG cleaner. Like the previous ones, even this one cleans your device’s junk effortlessly without any hassle. Aside from the CPU boost and RAM cleaner, the application also works as a file manager, enabling better RAM management.

The intelligent photo analyser in this one further removes the duplicate pictures that you likely don’t have any need of. It also optimises the battery life of the phone. It also kills the unnecessary background applications that play no role other than draining out your battery life.

  1. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

Even though the app has a big name, it is everything that it claims. It cleans your cache and junk and boosts the performance of the device and at the same time, allows you to manage the remaining installed apps on the phone for optimal performance.

This multipurpose cleaning app on Android has over 30 tools integrated into it that serve various purposes. It also lets you uninstall the applications you don’t need and even install a few new ones depending on your phone’s requirements.

One of the unique features of this app is the photo compressor. This helps save space and ensures better user performance.

  1. AvastCleanup& Boost

Another popular cleaner app for Android is the AvastCleanup& Boost. Developed by popular anti-virus developers, this app is available on Android for completely free. It has a very basic user interface and tools available in it.

It comes with a separate photo analyser option that allows you to check through the device and find the duplicate options and the low-quality ones that you likely would delete.

Aside from these basic features, the app supports some unique tools and functions, the cloud storage being one of them. It also has a photo optimiser that compresses the pictures for better space-saving.

  1. Cleaner for Android

If you are specifically looking for a RAM optimiser and cleaner for your device, this Android Cleaner is the best pick. It comes with a number of varied features. From cleaning and optimising your RAM to getting rid of the cache and junk from your phone, this device keeps track of everything.

Like several of the options above, even this one comes with the app manager option that allows you to keep a check on the applications that you no longer use. It also comes with backup options that come in handy, especially when you have important files that you don’t want to misplace.

  1. 1Tap Cleaner

Just like the name of the app suggests, this takes just a single tap to clear out the excess junk and cache on your phone without any hassle at all. This is also one of the easiest cleaners available for Android.

Aside from the one-tap cleaning, the app itself harbours a number of amazing features that you can check out once you launch the app. It can clear out your history and the call and text options, depending on what you want to see and what you don’t.

It has a separate widget that lets you optimise the CPU of the device for enhancing the performance of the device unlike anything else.

  1. Phone Cleaner

Developed by Super cleaner Studio, this is yet another application that serves as a good alternative for Cache Cleaner DU App studio. In case you don’t want a complicated UI and want to indulge your time with something simple and efficient, this is the app you need.

For an application with 4.7 stars out of 5, this is unlike any other application on the list. It can clear out the junk and cache and cool down the CPU to further optimise the overall performance of the device.

The power clean feature in this app clears out the unnecessary junk and helps optimise the battery life of the device.

If you have been using Cache Cleaner DU App studio till now to get rid of the cache and junk from your device, now is the time to make a switch. With the app getting banned, it is important that you do rely on these Indian Cache Cleaner DU app that we have listed out for you. Always ensure that you read through the reviews and choose one that suits your phone’s needs the best.


Do the cleaner apps do work for Android?

Yes, the majority of the cleaner apps that are available on Android do work effortlessly in getting rid of the excess junk and the cache stored in the phones. These tend to affect the overall performance of the device and using these applications further ease the process for the better.

Why did Cache Cleaner DU App studio get banned?

As we have mentioned before, the Cache Cleaner DU App studio is a Chinese application, hence it is now banned in India as per the government rules. It is extremely important that you do uninstall the application from your device in case you were using it before.

Do the cleaner apps impose a threat to the device?

All the cleaner applications available on the Google Play store are considered safe enough for downloading and installing. In case you are worried that they do impose a threat to the device, we’d suggest you read through the reviews and get a real-time understanding of things and how they work.

Is Cache Cleaner DU App studio going to be available again?

Given the kind of argument that the Indian government banned these apps for, it is not likely that it will be available again. But, it is important that you do uninstall the app now and instead use one of the alternatives from the list above.

How often should one use the cleaner apps?

Cleaner apps are not required to be used daily. But, there is nothing wrong if you do. Aside from that, it is always better that you run these apps every once in a while, especially once every two days to optimise the space available on your phone.