Vault-Hide alternatives

At some point in time, you will surely have some pictures hidden away in your phone gallery that you don’t want anyone else accessing. It could be some intimate pictures or even some important documents that you have screenshotted.

Whatever the reason be, the Vault app was an application that was a go-to for such privacy needs. This application was trusted by millions of Indians before it finally got banned.

But, every closed door opens a new one. Even with the application banned, there are quite a few alternatives to it that you can take a look at.

What is Vault-Hide?

Vault-Hide is a privacy protection application that enables you to hide and encrypt some of your private images and documents from your phone gallery into a safe space with better security, password, and encryption.

In case you are wondering why this application is not available on the Google Play store for purchase, read on.

Why is the app banned in India?

For those who aren’t aware, the Indian government has banned a number of Chinese origin apps, Vault-Hide being one of them. This privacy protection application was available on both the Google play store and the iOS App Store for download.

The application was so popular that it garnered over 10 million+ downloads. But, with the ban of the application in India because of the Chinese developer, GalleryVault Developer TeamVideo Players & Editors, behind it, the app is no longer available.

Best Alternatives for Vault-Hide

Now that you know the reason behind the ban, it is time you move on and find better alternatives for the best vault app for iPhone and Android.

We have sorted out a few for you to look into.

  1. Easy Vault

One of the best alternatives to the banned Vault-Hide application is Easy Vault. It allows you to hide your media and files, depending on the kind of security that you want for them.This is an all in one application, mainly because of the fact that it protects your multimedia along with the documents that you have lurking around in your phone.

The app works seamlessly and even aids you save your important files and passwords in one place. It also has a number of other features and tools available that make using this app quite easy.

It also allows easy private browsing, which comes in handy if you are looking for information that you don’t want to get out.

  1. Private Photo Vault

Just as the name suggests, this application is only for your images. So, if you are looking for an all in one application, this might not be it. But, it does what it claims and keeps your important images hidden as per instructions.

Developed by Legendary Software Labs, this free security application is available for download on both the Android and iOS platforms. All you need to do is select all the images and videos that you want hidden and then secure everything with a password. The app also provides password protection for individual photos and for every album that you keep concealed from the prying eyes.

  1. Folder Lock

Now, this is a little different than your traditional privacy protectors. It allows you to conceal the multimedia and at the same time, conceals the unnecessary bout of files and documents too, making this a very versatile option.

If you are extremely conscious about the security of your files and multimedia, this application takes care of all your needs. It includes a number of features and tools including password protection, decoy mode, data recovery, and secured wallets.

Aside from that, the application is easy to use, has a minimalistic UI, and is available on both Android and iOS.

  1. Cloud Gallery

To be fair, this is a hit or miss among several people but Cloud Gallery is hands down one of the most underrated alternatives for Vault-Hide that you can opt for. The app is developed by Genien9 LTD and is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

It is an extremely lightweight and small application that doesn’t occupy much space on your phone. This is not for hiding your important files on your phone but to create an online backup for the files that you don’t want cluttering your phone.

It has a very easy interface and works effortlessly in keeping all your files and folders safe and secure.

  1. Gallery Vault

Next up on the list is this one developed for hiding and encrypting all your videos, images, and multimedia, in general. It is not meant for documents, so that can be a downside for some individuals.

Like several of the other privacy protection applications, even this one allows you to hide the icon from the home screen or the app drawers if you want more protection. It provides a very smooth browsing experience that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.This also allows you to hide unlimited pictures and files, without charging you any kind of money.

  1. PRIVACY Vault

Meant for hiding your photos, videos, and files, this application is a very close alternative for Vault-Hide. The app has been developed by FourChars and is an advanced level privacy protection app that allows easy protection of your files with the tap of a finger.

In case you are worried about the risks of cybercrime, this application takes care of everything for you. It encrypts the files, keeping them away from the prying eyes.

Every last file that you upload to the vault is kept away from the public eye. It is only accessible with a password or fingerprint. Given how effective this application is, it is mainly used by professionals to secure their files and important documents.

  1. Video Locker

While there are several applications protection images and some protecting the files, this one is specifically for protecting the videos that you don’t want people accessing. Aside from videos, it also does protect your photos, if that is something you want.

Developed by Handy Apps, this is available for both Android and iOS. It also comes with a plethora of feature-rich options that allow you to deliver the best privacy for your device.

It uses the 128bit AES encryption and provides a very personalised user experience. It also has a number of user-friendly features, enabling you to even choose between several available themes or customise your own.

  1. Calculator Vault

Don’t get deterred by the name of the application. It protects your photos, videos, and files. Developed by Green World Inc., this is an application that every individual needs as an alternative for Vault-Hide. They do have a lot of similar features that make this a worthy option.

The reason why it is named the way it is because the app is designed like a calculator. It protects your hidden data even when you uninstall the application.

It works with password protection, which again is a pretty good reason why you need this. It also has a number of other additional features and tools that enable you to have a better user experience.

  1. Photo and Video Locker

Just like the name suggests, this application protects more than just your photos and videos. It works to keep your documents safe and secure. It is one of the most efficient ways to protect your important documents and files.

Not just your files, it also secures your location on the photo. As for the protection, it is either protected with a PIN or a pattern, depending on what you prefer.

The option of a private gallery allows you to stack away from the images and files that you don’t want reminders for. In case you want to keep some important documents away from prying eyes, this takes care of that for you.

  1. Photolock App

Another privacy protection application like Vault-Hide that is available in India is Photo Lock App. Developed by Donna Danley, this one works effortlessly for protecting your images and videos from the cyber threats.

Additionally, it uses password protection to secure your images and videos. It also lets you save unlimited images and videos without charging any kind of money.

The app also supports a number of additional protective features and tools that allow you to keep your device secure and encrypted from the prying eyes. Even this one uses a PIN or pattern, depending on what your preference is.

  1. Keepsafe Photo Vault

Next up on the list is the Keepsafe Photo Vault with over 50 million downloads and users now. It is hands down the most popular photo vault and file locker that is available for both the Android and iOS platforms.

The best thing about this device is likely the protection that it provides. It is enabled with military-grade encryption, keeping your device secure with a PIN or pattern, depending on one’s needs.

Aside from the photos, it also does work effortlessly for saving your videos too. It also has advanced video editing tools in the app that you can make use of.

  1. Private Photo, Video Locker

The penultimate alternative Indian app for the vault in the list is this one from Kohinoor Apps. It provides advanced-level security and protection for your images, videos, and files. Aside from the photos and videos, the device also keeps track of the other private files.

It is enabled with the password protection features, enabling better encryption for your hidden files. It also supports a number of themes that you can play around with. Aside from the PIN and pattern theme, it also supports the fingerprint app lock for some of the compatible devices.

In case you do want to download an app made by Indian developers, this is the safest option.

  1. Vaulty

The last option in the list of best alternatives for Vault-Hide is Vaulty. Even this is a free privacy protection app with a varied number of security features to keep your images and videos protected. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Aside from keeping the images and videos safe, this also allows you to create an online backup for your images and files.

As for the overall UI of the app, it is pretty simple and straightforward. Make sure that you do make use of the security features and keep your hidden files secured with the password.

Vault-Hide was an extremely handy application used by millions in India. But, with its ban, we have sorted you out with the best alternatives that you can take a look into. Always ensure to look through the features and functions along with the reviews of the app before you end up installing them. Additionally, it is better that you get an all in one app that saves your multimedia along with your documents as well.


Why is Vault-Hide banned in India?

As mentioned above, the app is banned because the Indian government has banned a number of Chinese applications and this is one of them. The same step was taken following the riot that ensued between the Indian and Chinese troops on the Ladakh borders.

Are there alternatives for Vault-Hide from Indian developers?

Private Photo, Video Locker is a privacy protection application that is available in India and is developed by Indian app developers. This Indian vault app is also available for both Android and iOS platforms and has a very easy to use UI for effortless user experience.

Are these applications safe?

Yes, all the alternatives that we have mentioned above are all safe for usage. They are trustworthy but every single app won’t have similar reviews and might vary. While some individuals might love the app, some might not. But, all in all, every app mentioned here are worth your time.

Are there chances of the Vault-Hide being available in India again?

With the ban seeming permanent, there are lesser chances of this application coming back. But, there is nothing permanent to it. So, there are chances that it might be available again but for the most part, it is likely going to be banned in India. It is thus best to use the non-Chinese vault-app instead.

Are all the apps available on Android and iOS?

Yes, all the apps that we have mentioned above as an alternative are available for both Android and iOS platforms. You still need to check once to ensure that you download the correct app.