If you are effectively conveying thought a desire to know about fixing CTF loader error, then you should know about what is ctf loader. In Microsoft programs, every type of voice recognition and handwriting is handling by the CTF loader. This program also supports Microsoft apps, and you can find this process in Task Manager. The question remains the same that if it plays an important part in Microsoft windows programs, then why users are criticizing this windows command.

Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF) is not a virus or error unless it seen in Task Manager Processes with high disk usage. While causing some error, people think that it’s a virus like other malware that slows down the PC. There is a logic of slow down PC; when any program is loading and using more than 50% of RAM, the system starts getting slow. In this way, if you try to run another program, then the system will be exhausted, and you will irritate with the slow speed of your Windows machine.

3 Methods To Solve CTR Loader On Windows PC

We have a better solution to fix CTF Loader error on your Windows and stop these problems. All you need to follow step by step, so it works perfectly and helps you to get rid of CTF loader error from windows PC.

Method #1: Stop CTF Loader Service

Step #1. In this method, we will disable the service of CTF Loader (handwriting & touch keyboard) for that, you need to open the “START” menu and type “Service.msc” or press Windows + R key and type “service.msc” and hit the “Enter” key.

Step #2. Services (Local) setting list appears on the screen, search “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service” from the list, and double click on it. Edit page will pop-up, click “Startup Type.”

Step #3. Now you need to disable it, so select and click on the “Apply” button for changes.

In this way, your CTF Loader problem is fixed and now restarts your PC, which will give you a fast speed performance as new. If you are getting still trouble, then go with the next method.

Method #2: Resolve Constantly CTF Loader Errors

Step #1. In this method, we will be deleting the executable, which impacts voice recognition & handwriting software. So open my computer and go to C:\Windows\System32.

Step #2. In windows system folder search “ctfmon.exe.”

Step #3. Once found right, click on it and delete it or select it and press Delete key and then click the yes button.

If you depend on handwriting or voice recognition software, then you must try another method.

Method #3: Task Schedule Control

Step #1. In this method, we will use the task scheduler to control ctfmon.exe, for that go to start menu and type “taskschd.msc” or press Windows + R key, “Run” program will open type “taskschd.msc” and press enters/click ok button.

Step #2. Task Scheduler table is open, here at the left of tables double click on “Task Scheduler Library.”

Step #3. It will open the task scheduler library with the inner column, click on Microsoft > Windows > TextServicesFramework.

Step #4. At last, disable “MSCTFMonitor” by right click option appears click disable.

This method is one of the simple from the list, and it is easy to set up because of Windows Task Scheduler gives a choice every time CTFmon.exe used.

Final Words:

You need to know that some viruses give a different appearance on CTF Loader and ctfmon.exe. It will only be identified when you are run a strong Anti-Virus security application on your Windows system. In this way, if any threats or infected data are present into your system can be easily caught with the virus removal software. Sometimes people didn’t get complete rid of CTF loader errors, and if you are having the same issue, then contact us through the comment box. You can also share this in-depth information to those who are connected with a Windows machine.