better wago or wire nuts
better wago or wire nuts

Electrical wire connectors known as wago lever nuts are one of a kind and offer a number of significant benefits over more conventional wire nuts.

When it comes to electrical wiring, do-it-yourself homeowners who use wago nuts have a number of distinct benefits. Let’s take a closer look at each of these unique advantages that the Wago lever nuts hold over standard wire nuts in order to better understand their value.

What is Wago?

Wago is a multinational corporation that was established in Minden, Germany, in the year 1951. The business provides a comprehensive selection of electrically connected items that are UL listed. These products include electrical connections and automation technologies.

All of Wago’s goods are put through a battery of tests, which includes a comprehensive battery of mechanical, electrical, material, and environmental inspections.

1.    Easier rewiring

There will likely be occasions in which you will discover that the group requires the addition of a further wire. Perhaps you are installing a new light fixture or running electrical wiring to a different room.

If you are working to remove and then reattach a huge wire nut onto a set of wires, this can be a very frustrating task. However, if you use Wago lever nuts, you can make this process extremely simple and straightforward. The new wire can be inserted into the Wago nut by simply lifting the lever on an empty slot in the nut. It is just as easy to remove a wire as it is to replace it.

The fact that the wires are arranged in a parallel fashion makes removal and replacement both fast and simple.

2.    Electrical connections are easier to see

Because it is impossible to tell from the outside whether or not the wires inside the nut are securely connected to one another, using wire nuts can be one of the most unsettling aspects of electrical work. This can lead to shorts as well as possibly increased risk of fire.

The capability to have visual confirmation of connections is one of the distinct advantages of Wago lever nuts rather than wire nuts. Wago lever nuts include a transparent housing that reveals the wire that is housed within the component.

3.    Both solid and stranded wires can be connected

Because of the way they are constructed, wago nuts are able to solve the problem of connecting solid and stranded wires. It is possible to successfully complete connections between several types of wires despite the fact that each wire must first be placed into its own specialized slot.

4.    Different wire sizes can be safely combined

When attempting to join wires of different gauge sizes using typical wire nuts, one of the most infuriating problems that can arise can be encountered.

It is not always easy to obtain a wire nut that can accommodate a larger wire while still having the teeth to capture a smaller wire. This can be a challenge. Using wago makes it easy to connect wires of varying sizes without causing any frustration.

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