virus removal for android

If your Android device is getting slow and you think your phone is intact with the virus, then you should study more about how your Android device get infection before you move to virus removal for Android. This Android OS is the world’s most popular and running platform that changes the way of technology. This Android OS is designed and builds with programming languages such as Kotlin (cross-platform) and Famous Java (general purpose).

The way to identify malware from Android device is much different from computer virus. In Android, there are third-party apps with rang from spyware to collects personal data from Android device. These data may get leaked to different hackers that can easily access your Android device from anywhere.

So now you get the bright idea of Android virus. It will help you with virus removal for Android any threat that you are getting from other source apps. Do you know what happens to your Android device when a virus attacks? We found some issue that occurs when the virus infected Android device.

How to Identify That Android Is Infected with Virus: Virus removal for Android Tips

#1: Apps crash regularly:

It is common when your device processor is already divided into different apps. These apps are working in the background. During this heavy processor work, any app that uses open can be crashed. If the crashing process goes continuously without any process hard work, then it’s a sigh of virus-infected some of your device app.

#2: Increase in Bills:

There are some hackers hit users personal bills by attacking through premium rata SMS. So Android users believe in those bills and pay without any further investigation.

#3: The Battery Life Goes Down Quickly:

Using a third-party app on the Android device, also allow the virus to drain the power of the device battery. It makes the virus grow fast if the user didn’t take any action on it.

#4: Mobile Internet Data Usage Out Of Control:

If you notice that your internet data usage is getting high day by day. It means that the virus is stealing your data by working at the background through the internet. You should take serious action to control the increment in data usage.

#5: Malware popup:

Using the internet on Android device, you have noticed that ads popup on the screen, sometimes user eaglet but sometimes there intact with the attractive advertisement. Once the user tab on those ads the virus spread into your device and hackers can easily steal personal data. Now a day there is an ads blocker available to web browser extension which helps to block those malicious popup ads that come with the infected virus.

#6: Unexpected installed apps:

If you notice that there is an app in your Android app room which you haven’t installed. Then these apps are virus and infected your data to leak. So immediately remove such app that is not installed by your side.

#7: The device is overheating:

If you are an Android user, then you should know that during heavy gameplay device sometime heat. It is also common in some Android model when the display turned on for more enough time can heat the device. But if your device is infected with malware virus, then device overheating is also possible.

How To Identify Malicious Apps From Android Device

It is very common on Android play store to find a proper anti-virus; you can also get one from this platform.

Step #1: To identify any malicious app, you need to download & install the AVG Anti Virus on your Android device.

Step #2: After downloaded, Tab to AVG icon to open the app and scans the whole device by a tab on “Scan” button.

Step #3: Once the scan completed you get the results of threat, then tap on “Resolve” button.

Step #4: In this way, you identify those apps with are infected and thread to lose your data; you need to remove that app from your Android device.

How To A Virus Removal For Android

Whenever Android user installs any app from a third-party source, then there is a chance of infected virus to an Android device. To get rid of this virus app, follow these points.

  • Your Android device should be on Safe Mode.
  • Remove Administrator status of your device. (Optional)
  • Identify the infected apps installed into your device and removed it.
  • If the problem remains the same, then go for the “Factory Reset” option.

NOTE: Make sure that you have a backup for the important app and data.

  • Go to setting from your Android phone.
  • In setting tab on system > Advanced > Reset options.

You will get three options:

  • Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth
  • Reset app preferences
  • Erase all data (factory reset)
  • Tap on Erase all data, and once the process completed, restart your Android phone/tablet.
  • When you restart your device, you can now go with the backed up data restore process.

Final Words:

If you are looking for virus removal for Android, then the simple solution we provided in this article. Before you go with the conclusion, identify the virus through symptom mention for you. We hope that you will avoid third-party apps which create more threats on Android device. Share this information to your family and friends, so they also know how the virus infected Android device.